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Flames76  +   532d ago
The PS4 being in over 55 countrys now thats not to hard to do.What amazes me is the XBox One is selling faster than any console before it besides the PS4.Why its so amazing is its only in 13 countrys how in the hell can they already hit 3.6 million sold in under 3 months?That blows my mind i cant imagine the Xbox One sales once it hits 55 countrys
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prettyboy12  +   531d ago
im sorry but are you serious or are you joking cause last time i checked ms launched in its strongest markets already,which were na and in eu.launching in other markets is not goin to help ms silly!!!
MegaRay  +   531d ago
It wont be as good as PS4s... just sayin
Just imagine all those who want next-generation console but didnt find anything except PS4, they wont rebuy a next-generation console whenever xbone released
sic_chops  +   532d ago
"The best place to play. Without a doubt."
DarthBigE  +   532d ago
reminds me of the wii when it first came out...took me forever to get one. But, i pre-ordered the ps4! so sucks for those who didnt ahahahahahah
RollinThunder  +   532d ago
But is the PS4 selling like Cabbage Patch kids?! Only time will tell.
TBONEJF  +   532d ago
bornsinner  +   531d ago
it's cheap but powerful, it may have terrible online that gets down for maintenance and get hacked all the time, and it may have no good games.. but what matters is that it's cheap.
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CAB1802  +   531d ago
and it still won't save Sony
pwnsause_returns  +   531d ago
it wont save you from bubbles either.
CAB1802  +   531d ago
LOLOLOLOLOLOL, do you really think i care?
zero_gamer  +   531d ago
Some people have the nerve to say this is the last console generation when consoles are selling better than ever.
snoopgg  +   531d ago
I haven't bought my ps4 yet,still catching up on ps3 games and the great prices that I have been getting the games for. I will buy my ps4 when a few more games that I want come out. For now, the ps3 is just fine for my gaming needs.
stanr  +   531d ago
As I've said before; the PlayStation has always been and always will be a superior console. why? Because it is designed for real gamers while having a rich history and culture among the fans base. Same controller since PS1 Duel shock which means you don't have to get use to a new controller (a la Nintendo and Xbox).
tommygunzII  +   531d ago
This generation hasn't even started. My small circle of friends and the 25+ people logged everyday on my PS3 friends list haven't even gotten a PS4 yet.

If you don't think PS4 is going to dominate this generation, you don't know PlayStation.
Geekman  +   531d ago
N4G fanboyism at its finest.
sdplisken  +   531d ago
Get em Sony!
I got my ps4 nestled safely under my 60" tv with killzone and waiting for second son

my only problem is i cant stop playing ps3 with all the awesome ps plus games!!!!
RosweeSon  +   531d ago
Nothing to do with dire stock on both ps2 and ps3 launches (something they've corrected this time but still in demand) and the fact the ps1 cost £400 on launch the ps2/3 weren't cheap in the U.K either specially not with inflation from over the years, yet ps4 has come in at a great price and I'm very glad mine turned up on launch day, not getting as much use as it should (too much of a backlog) but once thief, metal gear and a couple of others come Game on!!!.... In 1080p of course ;)
BossGamerKnowsBest  +   531d ago
This is literately insane not because of the number of sales now but how much more it will grow once it launches in japan because the Japanese are literately CRAZY for playstation can't wait to see how much more the number of sales will jump
GamersHeaven  +   531d ago
PS4 is bigger than the PS2 I expect 30-40 mil lifetime sales for the bone game over.
nzbleach  +   531d ago
With a price tage of $700NZ I can see they are selling like hotcakes
kingPoS  +   531d ago
Vote with your wallet as they say... looks like over five million people did just that. I remember when Sony had to drop features from 60gb PS3 model to reduce costs?

-Snip- Turnabout is fair play.

Gateway MT6706 2008
DoggyBiscuit  +   531d ago
There is no competition funeral service
lunatic0001  +   531d ago
good news for sony...bought my ps4 at launch...same with xbone and wii u...i want all three companies to do well so they can keep releasing exclusives and fighting for my month is gonna be sooo tropical freeze(late february) titanfall, mgs ground zeroes and infamous ss...gaming fan heaven....fanboys...fuck off
tfh74  +   531d ago
I had the xbox one and have been with xbox from the beginning. I had to swap the box for a ps4, which Tbh I am enjoying and knowing I have a very powerful machine which seems to be future prove, makes me feel a bit more secure. The xbx has let me down, after waiting years for next generation Microsoft put crappy hardware in there box. It's all about the games not the media side of things. I want to play games and maybe some Netflix but that is abt it. Microsoft you let me down and I even had 8 years as a xbox live member on my gamer tag.
Saxyboy15  +   531d ago
No joke, I work at best buy. We got a shipment of 7 or 8 ps4s around like 7 o'clock. Around 730,they were gone lol! Sony has really done some magic this current generation and it shows.
Mister_G  +   531d ago
Got loads of xbones in stock though?
RosweeSon  +   531d ago
They've sold 3.6 million Xbox ones because they launched in their home territory first, Japan doesn't even get ps4 until Saturday and yet ps4 still outsold Xbox 2:1 (in the US) nothing to do with the 30 or 40 extra countries, the big ones have been covered by both companies Europe USA uk and japan but oh wait xbox won't bother with japan and yet ps4 hasn't even started there yet.
LKHGFDSA  +   531d ago
Let's just hope this continues for the next couple years atleast.
With this much support from fans and gamers we'll be bound to get a tonne of great games.
PS4 is on the way to becoming the best gaming system off all time.
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gear  +   531d ago
Even I will by a ps4 but it depends if these games the witcher 3(i.e. if i have to buy an expensive graphic card for it well the developer as said nothing about the system requirements yet )and FFXV come on PC then I will not buy a ps4.
Ps4 is only a prince but PC is the true KING
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Mister_G  +   531d ago
Wait until next weeks sales figures are released (to include the Japanese launch), they'll look even more impressive.
DanManDantheMan  +   531d ago
This particular story is jumping the gun, kind of like Colin Moriarty did at IGN with his "PS Vita is set to succeed" piece.

DualShockers doesn't care though.
Simco876  +   531d ago
When Second Son releases, a bunch of people are going to wish they had sprung for that launch system.
Father__Merrin  +   531d ago
the shop I work in has tons of Xbox1 in fact we haven't sold any since launch!!!!!!!! I've never seen that happen before!!!!!!

beat that!
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