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Qwagy UK  +   718d ago
So is the XBOX ONE.
aondaatje  +   718d ago
Ps4 is awful as well. Go figure
Ultimax  +   718d ago
Keep saying that to yourself , Only time will tell .
Saito  +   718d ago
Woah man! Inner demons! sheesh i can't even measure your hurt level..
BXbomber  +   718d ago
Yea the ps4 is awful I mean $100 cheaper,more powerful than the xbot one I mean just awful...
NeoTribe  +   718d ago
Only thing ps4 is awful at is doing 720p. Seems to only wanna do 1080.
Kribwalker  +   718d ago
Or 800p 30fps #cough the order cough cough#
kickerz  +   718d ago
For something so "Awful" it sure is a lot of fun.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   718d ago
Mature response Qwagy UK. You guys here really put PS gamers in a positive light.
Hicken  +   718d ago
Yeah, cuz kribwalker up there is the perfect example of what an xbox gamer should be...
NoLongerHereCBA  +   718d ago
You are absolutely right. But that's cause -> effect. Qwagy UKs response is pure trolling and shouldn't be tolerated. The fact that he doesn't get any childish responses, but aondaatje does says a lot about this place and the double standards.

Fanboys are really foolish and should be marked as such. Shouldn't matter whether they are PC/WiiU/PS4/XB1.
Kribwalker  +   718d ago
I've only been such a troll on here because everyone shits on the xbox every hand they get. I buy everyconsole the last 3 gens, not gonna stop now, once price cuts hit I'll buy a ps4. The xbox is my platform of choice, and I get ragged on all the time, and it gets hated on immensely. There are just more people trolling on xbox so I feel the need to troll back
Tedakin  +   718d ago
I agree the party system is so bad I nearly threw my controller tonight trying to get a Titanfall game going. Thank God they're fixing it soon.
Pelmete  +   718d ago
They are fixing it you know... Should be fixed at next update. But no. There just has to be these sony fanboy articles.
DragonKnight  +   718d ago
So when someone has a problem with the Xbox One, immediately they are a Sony fanboy?

I don't think I want to see what your world looks like.

**EDIT** This is also in the article, which you didn't read.

"The good news is all of this should be fixed when Titanfall launches for real next month, along with improvements to the controller to make the analogue sticks more precise."
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Saito  +   718d ago
He's hurt man.
forcefullpower  +   718d ago
Why would they need more precise analogue sticks when the guns have auto aim.
DragonKnight  +   718d ago
@forceful: It has something to do with the dead zones.
MrSwankSinatra  +   718d ago
ask yourself this, why would a sony fanboy own a xbox one and be playing the titanfall beta? obviously that goes against the term "SONY FANBOY".
Tiqila  +   718d ago
I am still curious to see how MS will unleash the power of the cloud to optimize their games.
Droid Control  +   718d ago
Its OFFICIAL: God has renounced the Xbox ONE and America!
joebloggs1971  +   718d ago
Metal gear solid ground zeroes announced at 720p on the xbone. 1080p on PS4. What the hell is going on. And don't start with this hidden gpu running direct X12. Who came up with that one. The Xbox Ones gpu rund Direct X 11. End of. Book closed.
iistuii  +   718d ago
Why does than concern you so much ? You have a choice in the matter. You either buy an Xbox One & be happy with your games or you buy a PS4 & be just as happy. I don't get all the fuss. If folks were that concerned they could quite easily just buy a Playstation, but they are just happy with their purchase, it seems the only ones on here who aren't happy are the ones who don't own an X1 or have no intention of owning one. Strange...
joebloggs1971  +   718d ago
I forgot to mention i owned one and switched to the PS4 because of the last gen 720p resolution. I was happy with my Xbone until i read all the games. Ground Zeroes, watchdogs, Titanfall were going to be in 720p which is very noticable on a 60inch LED tv. So i've had experience of owning the Xbox.
NeloAnjelo  +   718d ago
What Party system?
TristanPR77  +   718d ago
Is going to be another ugly week for the xbone. So many bad news.
mhunterjr  +   718d ago
The xbl party system is screwed up, but you don't even have to use it to get a group together in titanfall. Just go to the main lobby titan fall lobby and invite your five friends from there... From that point on, you'll be grouped together, similar to how halo2 used to work.

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