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waltonboy52  +   565d ago
Who still plays this game.
thekhurg  +   564d ago
This publisher is the sole reason why I have no faith in Destiny. Bungie is amazing, but they literally signed with the worst publisher they could outside of EA.
quinten488  +   564d ago
Got stale fast, no one on my friends list is playing it anymore.
PurpHerbison  +   564d ago
snake_eater  +   564d ago
il-JumperMT  +   564d ago
Pay to Win = Bad

Buy retail + pay to win = cancer.
user9597082  +   564d ago
As much as I hate to defend cod, all of this stuff is cosmetic. Nothing here effects performance in any way. Try actually reading the article before commenting. You might learn something.
porkChop  +   564d ago
You couldn't make it any more obvious that you didn't bother to read the article or even look at the pictures. It's just a bunch of skins, that's hardly "pay to win".
gamernova  +   564d ago
I was offered this game with the DLC for 37 dollars. Still not worth it. Titanfall beta for the win!
CapsLocke  +   564d ago
Dislike is from PS user :p
yazter  +   564d ago
(this is not against you btw!)

I love how Call of Duty brown-nosed Xbox gamers and put them above all else, prioritised them with DLC, community events and giveaways, only to be abandoned and shit on by Xbox gamers once Titan Fall gained prominence.

Karma? XD
gamernova  +   564d ago
...I am a PC gamer lol I guessed I should have put that and the PS fans wouldn't have disliked it hahaha
andrewsqual  +   564d ago
I wonder does cutting out 70% of your customer base from such purchases leave a sour taste in Activision's mouth.
And then at the same time I wonder are all the Xbox fans delighted that 10s of millions of dollars are spent to keep such trivial things exclusive to their platform, money that could be spent on actual new next generation, game built from the ground up on a brand new game engine, IP.
Master-H  +   564d ago
This is what i have been waiting for, YAY ! /s
Morgue  +   564d ago
Usually I'll play a COD game and stop playing once I reached lvl 25 but on ghosts for the PS4 I quit after 7. Still own the game but don't even play it. This one is the definition of " milking a cow "
ShowGun901  +   564d ago
LOL who thought this would happen? considering it happened on Black Ops 2? very greed.

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