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Nyxus  +   743d ago | Well said
That's actually very impressive.
ZodTheRipper  +   743d ago
Yes but I think that lots of Killzone Bundles (the big, awesome ones) are included in that number. Still very impressive and I'm glad that Guerilla is successful with it please leave the Killzone franchise for awhile.
guitarded77  +   743d ago
There weren't any official KZ bundles in the US. I would be interested to see how many actual KZ bundles there were before making a claim.
abzdine  +   743d ago
impressive numbers, bravo Sony for the good marketing!
just too bad the game is boring, especially after 2 amazing killzone games (KZ2 and KZ3).
x2good4u2x  +   743d ago
There were in Europe. Normal PS4 was all sold out, I had to get the KZ bundle to get my PS4.
pedrof93  +   743d ago
Thats why BF and CoD sold more on Xbox.

In Ps4 they had to go against KZ SF
ZodTheRipper  +   743d ago
Well this announcement came from the european PS Blog and the bundle sells like hot cakes here. Also, lot's of people are selling their copy of KZ right now for about 30€.

Of course it sold tons of normal copies as well but there's a world outside of the US too.
truefan1  +   743d ago
Just because I'm all about objectivity, Does this count as spin by Sony. They know damn well 2.1 million didn't buy that game, they included forced bundles as sales. If they did sell 2.1 million that's impressive, but not more impressive than the twitter conversation on this post lol. Lastly this was like the only big ps4 exclusive people had to buy something, the problem is gamers realized their mistake and probably resold the game.

@Corpser lol only 1500 people online, but they sold 2.1 million hmmmmmmmm.
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GTgamer  +   743d ago | Well said
@truefan of xbox
Your mad because no Xone Exclusive sold that much so you come on KZ article hating on GG success :/ when Forza 5 announced they reached a million in sales did you see me screaming omg must of been the bundles -_-.
SpringHeeledJack  +   743d ago
Amazing game no matter what the haters say, you don't sell over 2 million copies by accident.

The multiplayer is very addictive and the tea time spotlight move is too funny. Just needs a patch for the ridiculous lag.
PoSTedUP   743d ago | Trolling | show
DigitalRaptor  +   743d ago | Well said
@ truefan1

At it again, I see.

You do realise that people CHOOSE to buy bundles. They don't just buy a bundle with a game they don't want to play. There were plenty of non-Killzone bundles to buy. So why would be choose the Killzone bundle? Because they wanted the game. It counts as a sale.

You are the kind of fanboy that believes every lie Microsoft tells you, whilst trying to call out Sony as the liars - when history dictates who the manipulative, deceitful corporation is who consistently lies to their consumers. Your reaction here is what happens when a person becomes insecure about the criticism that their chosen console is getting, so tries to spin it the other way to make themselves feel better about their own purchase. Telling lies yourself, we can see who your inspiration is.

Killzone: SF is a quality game, but you can't deal with the fact that PS4 still has more games available, regardless of them being exclusive or not.
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Akuma07  +   743d ago
Uhhh no, the Killzone bundles were VERY limited. Also in most countries those bundles weren't released until December.

Also, if that dude above is THAT desperate that he needs to try and downplay KZ:SF's success, then gtfo.

2.1 million KZ:SF sales, if someone bought the bundle, chances are that they chose to. Yeah SOME people may have been forced to because of the normal unit being sold out, but in all honesty how often would that have happened? Not very.
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DarkHeroZX  +   743d ago
Truefan1 is nxtgen720 on YouTube. Go watch any of his videos and hold your nose cause they stink like hot trash.
ITPython  +   743d ago
@trollfan - You don't think bundles should be included in sales figures? Why not? People obviously bought the bundles that most appealed to them, and people bought the KZ:SF bundle because they wanted KZ:SF + a PS4. If there was no bundle they would have bought KZ:SF separately. Derp much? Maybe Sony shouldn't count the consoles sold in bundles because people really bought the bundle for the games they came with. LOLOL!!

Counting a game sold in a bundle as a sale is perfectly legit. However counting consoles that were given away for free as sales, is not. And we all know MS padded their sales numbers of XB1's from all the dozens of giveaways they had going at nearly every fast food place in the US + nearly every bag of chips and soda had "Win a Xbox One!!" on it.
solidjun5  +   743d ago
"Just because I'm all about objectivity...."

And that's where I'll stop. There's no need to read any further. It's probably just tripe. I doubt you played the game.
scott182  +   743d ago
Great job Sony! Very good sales numbers for a next gen game. Congrats.
badz149  +   743d ago

wow, your ignorance and jealousy is so obvious, it stinks! so what if they included the bundles in this 2.1 mil sold? you do know that the bundle cost just a little bit cheaper than buying the PS4 and the game separately, right? or are you thinking that when a game is bundled in, they are given for free? I bought the bundle because I want KZSF and buying it separately cost slightly more so I actually save a bit by buying the bundle.

no matter how you see it, hate it if you want (obviously you already are!) 2.1 mil sold with 4+ mil console is one hell of a great achievement, no question ask! it's mind boggling even when you think that Super Mario 3D World only sold over a million copies when it's THE game that people say will save the Wii U!

give credits where it's due please. KZSF is not perfect and a lot of improvement can still be made but the MP is quite addictive and congrats to Sony and GG for this achievement.
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dale_denton  +   743d ago
troll fail
JokesOnYou  +   743d ago
Well congrats to sony....2.1 mil KZ SF games sold in just over 2 months is great.
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ambientFLIER  +   743d ago
"Amazing game no matter what the haters say, you don't sell over 2 million copies by accident."

Uh, yeah you do, when it's one of only a few launch games available for the system...

Kind of like bragging that Forza 5 sold a lot. Well, duh...
miyamoto  +   743d ago
Guerilla bet on the right horse to make a launch title and they freaking succeeded!

Having a launch title have its risks and rewards!

This is what I am talking about!

This means moar Killzone to come!

Third party devs should have launched their titles with PS4 launch.

The Future is Now! PS4
Missed opportunity for some but I hope they can catch up real quick like Drive Club and inFamous Second Son
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Ju  +   743d ago
"Thats why BF and CoD sold more on Xbox."

...but they actually didn't (and BF can prove it: )

Also, if those numbers are correct, I have the feeling Sony sells a lot of games online, too. I got only one disk version - and BF was an upgrade - the other games I bought on PSN.
HyFackingDro  +   743d ago
Killzone Shadow Fall was also the most returned/exchanged game on PS4 as was RYSE to the XBONE. That should bring back the numbers down to like 500k
PoSTedUP  +   742d ago
...and I had the Trolling comment? are you guys on Drugs!? oh wait nvm i see where i may have hurt some feels... my bad.
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badz149  +   742d ago

"That should bring back the numbers down to like 500k"

WHAT? HOW? you do know that GG and Sony only get the money from the 1st hand sales only, right? no matter how many are traded in, the money is already in the bank. the 2nd hand copies are for the likes of Gamestop to worry about, not Sony or GG anymore.

and digital copies are not returnable or trade-able, so there's that too.
Spartan119  +   742d ago

No different than MS going around defending Kinect and saying Kinect adventures was the biggest selling title on Xbox 360. It was bundled with kinect so shouldnt that take away from those figures.
uso  +   742d ago
COD and Battlefield sold more on PS4 worldwide
Prime157  +   742d ago

Because there were no x1 retail bundles, right?
reaperofsouls  +   742d ago
@ pedro93

"Thats why BF and CoD sold more on Xbox"

well that not true according to vgchartz

- cod ghosts {PS4= 1.63M} and {bone = 1.39M}
- BF4 {ps4= 1.28M} and {bone = 1.05M]
5eriously  +   742d ago
"""Truefan1 is nxtgen720 on YouTube. Go watch any of his videos and hold your nose cause they stink like hot trash.""

Oh my Goodness what a Buffoon! Now I know thanks!
Hatsune-Miku  +   743d ago
Glorious and well deserved. As the best launch fps game I'm happy to hear it sold well. I'm glad to also know that this seals the deal for killzone 5.

Ps4 is the future and the future is ps4
Omar91  +   743d ago
Can you not do that?
LOGICWINS  +   743d ago
And I suppose ull still be here in the future as well..

BlackTar187  +   743d ago
God i hope they don't make killzone 5 anytime soon. Game is very very very very very avg. Sorry for Killzone fans who disagree with me but the game is COD future mode.
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   743d ago

Are you planning something? Hatsune keep your eye on him I don't trust him.


KZ2 was amazing and 3 was ok although a bit short but yeah SF was nowhere near the quality of the previous titles.
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johndoe11211  +   743d ago

You really need to explain to me how this game is anything like cod. This game is as far from cod as the east is from the west. I have played cod non stop for the past 6 years and I haven't touched ghosts since I started the killzone multiplayer.
Please explain what exactly makes this like cod other than the fact that it's a FPS?
mediate-this  +   743d ago
Your opinion, just like my opinion is kz sold well because there is literally nothing to play on ps4, you got multiplsts n two first party,
BlackTar187  +   743d ago

Would love too. Lets see small maps overpowered weapons. Turrets flying and land based. These things im about to name arn't in COD specifically but they remind me of it. Shields , Medics that revive from across the map. Hence why i said COD future edition.

I also have played KZ2, KZ3, KZSF, COD MW,MW2,WAW,Black ops 1 & 2.
bjmartynhak  +   743d ago
"overpowered weapons" - I can't tell any. Maybe the Sickle in the Penthouse map, only, maybe.

"Turrets flying and land based" - They are abilities, not killstreaks that make an unbalanced match become even more unbalanced.

Shields - can't see the connection with COD

"Medics that revive from across the map" - There are medics in BF..., hence across the map would be BF future edition at maximum

And I will add one very important difference: damage/health
You die way quicker in COD. Therefore almost everytime you have the chance to fight back.
Prime157  +   742d ago
God, I agree with you every time until you do that ps4 future Crap... then I grow ashamed that I, somehow, get lumped in the same stigma with you.
showtimefolks  +   743d ago
very well deserved a FPS that actually delivered the next gen experience unlike BF4

I think lifetime sales could reach 4-6 million and that is great for the developer and the IP
pedrof93  +   743d ago
Actually 2 mil is already well above profit marge so.
sergons  +   743d ago
This game is crap, where is the promised 60 fps? The blurry FXAA, the super blurry sides, and the low FOV are really combining to give me a headache and I never gotten headaches playing games ever.
bjmartynhak  +   743d ago
I actually like the low FOV
ambientFLIER  +   743d ago
I'm sorry, what? Really? You think that THIS game delivered the next-gen experience just because the graphics look good but its story got blasted by a lot of people?

BF4 is the one that delivered the next gen experience. It is far more impressive to see a 64 player battle with destruction and vehicles and levolution than it is watching a killzone match..
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showtimefolks  +   742d ago

yeh i will take a game that works over a game that doesn't

also story in KZ;SF is good not bad unlike COD and BF4. Its about 9-10 plus hours long and is interesting
LaChance  +   743d ago
If I had a PS4 I wouldn't know what to buy except for KZ. That said I would have traded it in the very second I beat it.

It's the most traded in exclusive too. Funny because its also has competitive FPS online multiplayer.
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Dmagic  +   743d ago
dont know why all the disagrees killzone is nothing but a tech demo gameplay is horrible,unfun, and bland as hell did not have one oh shit moment sure was a pretty game i will say. i sold it the same week i bought it wish i got 2k instead now money wasted.
LeCreuset   743d ago | Off topic | show
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   743d ago
I guess this news hurts you deep inside huh?
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   743d ago
Ohh guess what ryse was the moat traded in X1 game
Akuma07  +   743d ago
That is probably because both games may have great single player experiences but multiplayer lacks. I don't play KZ:SF multiplayer, haven't even tried it because usually if I want to play competitive FPS, I go for BF4.

I really love KZ's single player content though. Great experience and beautiful visuals. Best looking launch title EASILY.
FamilyGuy  +   742d ago
"It's the most traded in exclusive"

It's also the highest selling next gen exclusive so that goes par for the course. The higher the number of owners, the higher the number of possible trade-ins, derp.

Keep spinning though, maybe you'll get dizzy, hit you head and leave n4g for like a year again.
HomerJDog  +   743d ago
considering it was the only next generation exclusive for ps4 worth getting it makes sense
punisher99  +   743d ago

It was the best exclusive launch next gen game period. So yeah, it does makes sense.
ExitToExisT  +   743d ago
It's probably because Killzone: SF is the only game to buy on ps4 if you played bf4-ac4-cod-nfs on old gen consoles or pc.
hellzsupernova  +   743d ago
From what I played of it, I really enjoyed it, the single player was far better then battlefield 4 (that was the only other first person shooter I played at launch), and them graphics were pretty awesome.

Made the battlefield single player look like trash if I'm honest.
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   743d ago
It is for a new system, well not if you look at Halo 3 which sold 8.1 million copies in a few months, Sorry I HAVE to keep the balance on this site, which is hard work!
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specialguest  +   742d ago
When you stated "keep the balance on this site", it would've been funny if your text character was positioned on the center underneath your paragraph to look like it was literally balancing it haha
3-4-5  +   743d ago
Killzone isn't exactly a widely known game, so for it to sell that many is pretty impressive actually.

I mean people know it, but it's not like it's COD.
jc12  +   743d ago
Im sure ill get down-voted by all the sony fanboys on this site...but honestly, this game is pretty crappy. The graphics are good, but the gun play is particularly lackluster, its really as simple as that. Whenever I put this game in my PS4, all I can think of is playing BF4. That is a really bad sign for Killzone.

As with most new consoles, I think people want to get that "flagship" game - especially when its a first person shooter - to show off their new console's capabilities to their friends. More or less, KZ is just a tech demo with minimal substance. There's a reason why its the most traded in game for the PS4 at Gamestop.
jetlian  +   743d ago
My friend rented for me after not liking it! He was mad I only played an hour. Sp is weak and same with mp

It will sell like alot of early games next we be 1 to 2 million tops
otherZinc  +   743d ago
That's actually a lie.

It sold less than 500k in the US. So, it's impossible to sell 1.5million more from a fps in other parts of the world.

When SONY post their numbers, I'll believe it then.
Budobear  +   742d ago
Its impossible to sell 1.5 million for a FPS outside of the US!
Please tell me how you've worked this out?
Just how small do you think the population is outside of the States?
awesomeisjayell  +   742d ago
actually its not seeing thats its basically the only exclusive on PS4 and on top of that its mediocre. Sony step your game up.
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Abdou023  +   742d ago
Unfortunately most people just played the Single player and traded it or put it on a shelf, They missed the great fun which is the Online !
DevilishSix  +   742d ago
It's a pretty decent shooter to launch a new generation. It diffently had the graphics to back it up. The universe, atmosphere, and gameplay is up to the player to determine if that appeals to them. Same with a game like Halo, believe it or not some don't care for that franchise or universe.
Tzuno  +   742d ago
That's actually the only mediocre game that PS4 has and a reason to avoid that dust.
dsswoosh  +   742d ago
Lmao no.

A game as bad as Killzone selling half the amount the actual console sold proves one thing -

There are no decent games to choose from on the PS4.
Magicite  +   742d ago
For a launch title it really is very good. This means that almost every 2nd PS4 owner bought Killzone Shadow Fall.
NYC_Gamer  +   743d ago
I'm happy that KZ is having huge success
mcroddi  +   743d ago
Yes, this comes as somewhat of a surprise to me but I am happy it gets the recognition it deserves.
LOGICWINS  +   743d ago
It deserves it. GG just needs to keep improving their storytelling.
Mr-Dude  +   743d ago
Indeed.. but i hope they let the franchise rest for a bit now and bring us some new ip. GG is a great studio and i wanna see what they can do else than fps
BABY-JEDI  +   743d ago
TBH, I would like to see better character development. More of the politics & political factions within the story arc. More boss types battles. The combat & weapons are solid. The MP is great fun but I miss the Ribbon awards system. Would like greater diversity in MP maps.
GTgamer  +   743d ago
KZSF launched with a great MP that worked and no aim assist made it frustrating for noobs and I loved that, people say a bunch of crap KZSF mainly Xbox fans but its always about the story but never mention the MP which is awesome even on low review scores no one said anything bad about MP.Well Deserved GG keep it up.
FunAndGun  +   743d ago
you are right, the MP game takes skill!
Knushwood Butt  +   742d ago
I expect it will easily sell over 100K when it releases in Japan next month.
Riderz1337  +   743d ago
Holy crap. HUGE! Best selling next gen exclusive for sure!
Milruka  +   742d ago
"best selling"

Yea, such a hard feat to do when its not even been half a year.

woooohooooo *confeti*
Riderz1337  +   742d ago
No other exclusive even comes close =).

Killzone Shadowfall #1
BattleReach  +   743d ago
Holy Christ.
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ic3fir3   743d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Pintheshadows  +   743d ago
A lot of people I know that had never encountered the series before seem to really like it. It surprised me actually. I know Killzone is something of an acquired taste. I love it.
TriangleOffense  +   743d ago
I cant understand the surprise here, the system launched with almost no exclusives so of course one of them was going to sell
rodiabloalmeida  +   743d ago
I thought exactly the same thing. It's almost obvious.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   743d ago
Or.... You could say that KillZone Shadow Fall went head to head with the two biggest FPS shooters on The market in COD Ghost and Battlefield 4.

There is absolutely nothing obvious about this achievement at all. Nothing!

This is like a relatively unknown boxer getting in the ring with both Mike Tyson and Ali at once and somehow manage to leave the ring relatively untouched.
BlackTar187  +   743d ago
Cuz xbox released with 1 more?

I know you're only talking about disc based exclusives cuz the other way around makes no sense.
TriangleOffense  +   743d ago
Why bring xbox into the conversation at all ?

the system released with what 3 exclusives (Killzone, Knack and Resogun) Resogun was free so out of the 2 remaining 1 was going to sell and im not surprised it was killzone.
Morpheuzpr  +   743d ago

You know what? That's funny because 360 fanboys never acknowledged the fact that ps3 exclusives sold less than 360 exclusives because there were more to chose from. Now suddenly it's so obvious that Killzone SF sold well because ps4 fans had nothing else to choose from (never mind BF4 and CODG). Isn't that convenient?
Clover904  +   743d ago
Considering the competition also released at launch (Cod and BF4)2.1 million is extremely impressive.
punisher99  +   743d ago

So you are telling me that you would buy a game, not because you wanted it, but just because?? Dont be silly.
TriangleOffense  +   743d ago
god no. how and why would you assume that out of anything I said ?
punisher99  +   743d ago

"god no. how and why would you assume that out of anything I said ?"

Okay so now, with that said. People bought the game because they wanted it. period. If they did not want the game or they didn't think it would be good. They would have not bought it.
Hicken  +   743d ago
What punisher means is: if you wouldn't buy a game just because- as in: just because it's one of few exclusives on a console- what makes you think a significant number of others would have done so? Wouldn't they rather have bought something they were interested in?

Besides, isn't it impressive that Killzone has done so well while competing directly up against both Battlefield AND Call of Duty? In fact, isn't it rather amazing that it's OUTSOLD those two FPS juggernauts?

And do we REALLY have to go over the "exclusives" argument again? Do we have to count the games on one console that weren't available on another? Will we be making caveats for platform exclusives, arguing that Titanfall(while not a launch title) counts as an exclusive for XB1 while, say, Planetside 2 would not count for PS4? Will we be negating indies and holdovers/ports from the previous gen, while allowing the likes of Ryse, Dead Rising, and Lococycle?

That's the sort of thing that usually happens. Just figured I'd ask ahead of time to get the rules set early on.
Becuzisaid  +   743d ago
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   743d ago
I see a lot of KZSF haters here lol!!!!! Congrats to SONY an GG!!
GreatnessAwaits  +   743d ago
Well deserved. Solid game for launch.
Corpser  +   743d ago
So why are only 1500 people playing online? People are not buying it for the mp I guess
#11 (Edited 743d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(30) | Report | Reply
Soldierone  +   743d ago
Where do you get that number? There is more people playing on the official GG servers than that when I get on, let alone all the other warzones.
Corpser  +   743d ago
It tells you how many people are playing in each mode , just add them up
Riderz1337  +   743d ago
That number is region based...Doesn't include worldwide.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   743d ago
It's region based will only show people playing online within your region
ColeMacGrath  +   743d ago
Are you saying that all 2.1 million buyers should appear online at the same time?
sorane  +   743d ago
Not sure why all these people are saying it's region based when it's not. Please post a source for that info. Game just isn't popular online.
Avernus  +   743d ago
That whole people in the lobby number is glitched. When you play a scrim (4v4, 5v5 w/e) in a private game, it'll show 20+ people "online" in that server when the server is clearly empty. I don't know what those numbers mean, but it's not "current people online".
CrustifiedDibbs  +   742d ago
im pretty sure that number is not region based. if it is, then the kz website is as well. i never see more than 2000ish people online. i have seen plenty of other people on the net post similar online numbers. are we all in the same region? doubtful.

people on this site will defend killzone to the death. even if it means flat out lying.

i think kz mp is fun, but face it, it is almost DoA. its a shame given the amount of hype kz gets for months leading to release.

if someone can find evidence that those numbers are region based, i would like to see that.
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guyman  +   743d ago
Ja Ja that's a lot, but that doesn't mean it's good. in fact, i thought it was a terribly bland, boring, repetitive game... by far the worst killzone made, it felt like it was rushed and no effort was put into it
angelsx  +   743d ago
I'm disappointed with killzone SF.I had a lot of hours with KZ3 but KZ SF even did't finish the single player and i sold it.
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KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   743d ago
Very impressive but expected. It's truly the only next gen game that ps4 offers.
Soldierone  +   743d ago
I bought it, didn't come with a bundle. Don't regret it at all, like I do with BF4....
Crossbones  +   743d ago
Congratulations Guerrilla Games!!! Can't wait for your New Ip!!! Well Deserved Sales!!!
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Gamer-40  +   743d ago
Beat the CoD Ghosts and BF4 selling on Ps4?
Man, awesome. How many on-line player? I think a lot.

Killzone beat the CoD on next-gen, man..unbelievable.
Sevir  +   743d ago
Hmmm not sure if it beat them, BF4 and COD Dominated the charts from launch all the way through January, Those games on PS4 hit a million+ in half the time. It was just Dec 3rd when Sony Announced that KZSF sold 1.3 million and at that to!me 2.1 million PS4s were sold. BF4 and COD:Ghost on PS4 are sitting closer to 3 million units sold maybe even 3.3 or so million.

Personal ly speaking, KZSF was solid in Single player but Better than 3 in multiplayer. The story is unnecessarily long and that ending was just ugh. I felt after grueling through the story for that to happen was like they felt rushed. It being a launch game I'd give it a pass because it did plenty right and some pretty cool innovations for the KZ franchise but the narrative could be tighter and the lenght could have been gravy at 8 hours. Multiplayer is awesome but not perfect.

Mighty impressive that they sold 2.1 million.They could actually hit 5 million by summer and be the best selling Game in the franchise, It would give them a higher ceiling to innovate by investing in some strong writers because the game play is Closer to what Made KZ2 and Mercenaries so awesome.
Gamer-40  +   743d ago
Many things I agree with you, and I think Killzone Mercenaries better Killzone than KZSF.
BABY-JEDI  +   743d ago
I thought the ending was brilliant & really brave of GG to carry that through. There really is no winners in war.
jukins  +   743d ago
Dang very impressive. I've only had a chance to try it out on the free weekend and it didn't seem all that great but still that's very impressive. Maybe they'll be given a little more time for the inevitable sequel.
ElementX  +   743d ago
Some friends and I just started playing KZ MP. It's pretty fun!
Donjune  +   743d ago
I shipped the game back to Gamefly after 2 days of BORING GAMEPLAY! It was touted as the Halo killer.... Lmfao!! It sucks balls! Hopefully Infamous Second Son won't..
WeAreLegion  +   743d ago
You are the reason arcades close.
Milruka  +   742d ago
Actually I think that would be you. you bought a home console, you killed the market.
WeAreLegion  +   743d ago
I love Shadow Fall, but it's not representative of what Guerrilla is capable of. I'd say Killzone 2 and 3 are better, honestly. I think this one suffered a bit by having to make launch. Still a fantastic game, but I like 2/3 better. I can't wait to see what they do next! I also loved Mercenary and can't wait to see what that team does.
ipach  +   743d ago
super impressive; might be more than if they tried to release a KZ4 on PS3 actually... that's better than Resistance 3 did at least.
WeAreLegion  +   743d ago
:/ I love Resistance 3... The campaign, at least. One of the best campaigns of last generation.
Father__Merrin  +   743d ago
R3 really was a good game, I hope for a R4 one day
ipach  +   741d ago
very much agree. an unfortunate victim of the sony before it finally figured out how to sell things to gamers... it's too bad for insomniac, too. those guys were the stars of the ps3 launch and a huge source of the overall Playstation library, but now they're doing an X1 exclusive, and may even become more obscure as a result...
Father__Merrin  +   743d ago
not bad but I feel it was a quick cash in as a launch game, I couldn't really score it more than 7.0

the multiplayer spoilt it for me, very cramped and poor maps that don't suit the game, bullet spread was ridiculous it just wasn't fun

the blur online have me headaches
DanielGearSolid  +   743d ago
For ppl that say the game is boring... First of all have you played it? Is this based on the SP or MP?

I'm confused as to how so many reviews are giving COD and BF4 a pass on singleplayer but go hard on insulting shadowfall sp. And on the flipside all they talk about is mp in COD and BF4 reviews but they gloss over the KZ multiplayer in reviews
bjmartynhak  +   743d ago
KZ SP is good enough for people to care. There is a lot of potential there. Imo, it is achieved in gameplay, but lost in narrative.

For the ones that say KZSF is boring , I wonder how they would evaluate Doom 1&2 or Duke Nukem 3D.
(edit: because I heard a friend and many people in forums complaining about not knowing where to go or what to do)
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danny818  +   743d ago
This is a good game! Im gald it sold well!
shadowT  +   743d ago
I love Killzone 2, I liked Killzone 3, I have even played Killzone HD and Killzone Mercenary is great on Vita...but Killzone SF sucks. No Killzone feeling and bad Gameplay.
MrBrookwood09  +   743d ago
The PS4 sold 4.2 million as of December 28th....Im sure its much more than that by now. :D So yeah...That would not be half.
psDrake  +   743d ago
That means Killzone SF is a lock to be in PS+ collection as early as this summer or next xmas
Gabenbrah  +   743d ago
Considering nobody plays this game online, shows people don't like it.
BABY-JEDI  +   743d ago
Well I guess you are that nobody!
BOLO  +   743d ago
People playing online equates to people who like games they play? Get back under the bridge troll.
first1NFANTRY  +   743d ago
I have a strong feeling exclusives and multiplats in general will sell alot more on ps4 this generation. KZ is a great franchise and i'm glad to have contributed to the overall sales. Congrats to GG and Sony for the fastest selling next gen exclusives. Next up is Infamous and Drive Club.
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