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TristanPR77  +   745d ago
Congratulations to Sony and I'm glad people didn't paid attention to the bad reviews because the game is really good.

Let the excuses and the buthurts roll
jacksjus  +   745d ago
Really good? That's a stretch. It looks incredible and had a lot of potential but you're bullshitting people if you are saying it's really good. The game had zero boss battles, unlike the previous entries. It didn't even have as much as a titan on screen. Yes it was a cool game, but don't exaggerate like a fanboy. Lol!
elda  +   745d ago
I agree not one titan or boss fight,it was the worst,KZM on Vita is better then KZ:SF.
Twiggy  +   745d ago
I agree with Jack, good game but no where in the league of Killzone 2.
Clarence  +   745d ago
Those are good numbers considering the install base.
ado908  +   745d ago
Really does not deserve the sales it got. It was the worst killzone game in the franchise. This is the last time killzone will have sales this high this early, next time it will flop if it doesn't do decent in critics
jacksjus  +   745d ago
I wouldn't say it doesn't deserve it as it is what it is, but I agree it was the worst of them all thus far.
Chrisgamerguy  +   745d ago
The graphic in that game r insane
jacksjus  +   745d ago
Seriously? I don't believe that one.
il-JumperMT  +   745d ago
Killzone SF Multiplayer Trophies SUX
spike  +   745d ago
The whole game sucked. I am glad I found a sucker to sell it to.
elda  +   745d ago
Totally agree!
cruzngta  +   745d ago
Godd sales for a good launch effort. This game may or may not be series fan's favorite but who can deny how awesome it looks and the gameplay is pretty much what we have gotten before. They didn't change the essence of the game just made it better looking and gave it a newer story line which I loved. The lighting in this game and the textures really impress and like I said it was only a launch title - I give Sony and Guerilla alot of credit for getting a big name shooter ready for launch and they pulled it off. That is never easy. Selling faster than the previous games at this point and I hope it will push Guerilla to make the sequel for us PS4 fans sometime within the next year or two. Keep up the good work Guerilla and Sony. PS4 - The home console of choice for 1080p gaming.
Flames76  +   745d ago
This is fake even if they meant shipped its still fake.Killzone shadowfall has only sold 1.2 million so im sure they didnt ship another 1 million copys to the stores nor would the stores by that many on a game they didnt sell that well.Yea not buying it sorry but false.
Budobear  +   745d ago
And pray tell where are you getting your numbers from if you know its fake. (Just asking as you seem so certain)
badboy776  +   745d ago
How much did Dead Rising 3,Ryse & Forza 5 Sell?
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metalmatters  +   745d ago
Happy for KZ franchise, finally some recognition. The game has its own identity in the vast pool of FPS out there, that in its self is very impressive
elda  +   745d ago
Glad it sold well,but it's my least favorite KZ,enjoyed KZ 1-3,playing KZ Mercenary & I'm enjoying it so far,seems like a traditional KZ game more so then KZ:SF.
mayberry  +   745d ago
Killzone sf is BOSS! Any fps fan owes themselves to play any Killzone title! MP is incredible, especially when you get the abilities maxed out! My stun is DEVASTATING!
TheFutureIsBlue  +   745d ago
Congrats GG. Anyone who plays add me! ZombieRollz
ncc-017  +   745d ago
good games = good sales
Sm00thNinja  +   745d ago
The definition of an average FPS but I loooooooved KZ2! My most played FPS last gen ill cross my fingers they embrace that sluggish weighted tank style once again. Congrats GG
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SynestheticRoar  +   745d ago
All I buy on the PS4 are exclusives. Multi-plats are for my pimped out PC rig.
Batt1eRatt1e  +   745d ago
Too bad FlopZone only sold so well because of bundles instead of its own merits
nerdman67  +   745d ago
Impressive, seeing as how it was not fun after the first three levels
HappyWithOneBubble  +   745d ago
VGchatz got it a WAY under track. Good for GG on making a great game.
Skankinruby  +   745d ago
Good for them. This was a very average shooter but by no means inferior to its competitors. Good enough to hold me over until the next batch of exclusives hits
mxrider2199  +   745d ago
If only the online Mp had 1/5 of those numbers online no one plays the online at max i see on avg is 3k online and do not tell me im wrong my psn is DehMuffinMan I have the most popular Killzone shadowfall sstream i played in the killzone invitational tournament and my team got second place we are currently undefeated (15 n 0) in the community ran latter on bracket cloud which is going to be used to seat teams for the next kz tournament which should be announced in the next week or 2 it will be open for anyone toplay
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ninjahunter  +   745d ago
Square enix would be filling out their Will if they published it haha.
Vanfernal  +   745d ago
Isn't that like around half of the people who bought the system? That's not bad at all.
smokeyjoekenobi  +   744d ago
I got the KZ bundle at launch as it's the only game that I found even remotely interesting and getting the bundle saves money. It's beautiful, but its soooo average as a gaming experience, with good segments almost completely undone by absolutely awful ones and sadly the bad outweighs the good.
The_BoZZ1991  +   744d ago
Well deserved! Good launch title and imo best Killzone so far.
Maxor  +   744d ago
Killzone SF = the Resistance of this generation. The only thing is, Resistance is a much better game where as every Killzone fan who got suckered into this game wishes it was more like Killzone 2.

Speaking of which, is it hard to make a Killzone 2 clone? Because no matter what, GG seem too incompetent to replicate the success of the best Killzone game ever.
Nexus38  +   744d ago
2.1 million yet only 1568 people playing online right now, disappointing
The_BoZZ1991  +   744d ago
Yeah, that's disappointing. In the evening there are ca. 4000 players but that's still very little. I don't understand it cause it's funny multiplayer.
creepjack  +   744d ago
So a bunch of people bought into the hype and bought the game, yay? How many of those people that bought it bought it simply because there was nothing else to buy? 2 million in 2 months isn't even anything special in this day and age where 1 million is considered a total flop and the big exclusives sell 2 million in the first few hours of release.
Anyway,all this really does is ensure that the next game wont evolve and will stay the same lack luster boring GENERIC space shooter.
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