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Mister_Dawg   680d ago | Immature | show
HarryB  +   680d ago
People bought the ps4 because ps3 people are tired of the ps3. Not putting the ps3 down but there was no sense of innovation, plus for more than month it was down because hackers messed with it.

And the people who get xbox1 know that eventually down the line MS will bring out more innovative and exclusives. Ps4 like a fully loaded hyndai genesis verses a mercedes s550. Eventually that mercedes does what it does best in its class. Performance.

And it doesnt have to be right away, you cant do things right away, but 2014 im sure your going to see alot of things going on with xbox.

I dont have either console. But I saw both in action for a long time now. And bottom line is HALO 5 man, halo 5 and the titles coming out there is no point in getting a ps4, because they are a poormans console. They just dont do what MS does for its console.
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oxcar1  +   680d ago
Poor men you say... i disagree, people who buy a console choose what they want. If i´m going to invest in a videogame console it doesn´t matter if it´s 100 bucks cheaper... i buy what i need. Take your Halo and shove it, i don´t want it.
LoveSpuds  +   680d ago
"eventually down the line MS will bring out more innovative and exclusives" - LOL!!!!

I am speechless, MORE EXCLUSIVES on XBOX? I have a shelf full of exclusive PS3 games compared to a handful of 360 that suggests otherwise chief.
bioflex  +   680d ago
Indeed, Greatness Awaits. lol!
pop-voxuli  +   680d ago
Um no. Proof or I call bull shit.
MattAttack123  +   680d ago
Just need to point out this is in NA alone. in Europe and other Territories Xbone is getting slammed.
xJumpManx  +   680d ago
USA accounts for 40% of revenue in the gaming biz. Dominating this region is a sign of strength.
Belking  +   680d ago
xb1 FTW!
xJumpManx  +   680d ago
Kind of surprising Sony gamers were never big on buying games like the 360 gamers but I thought the ps4 with it being cheaper would get some of the 360 fans money when they switched to ps4.
gedden7  +   680d ago
I could be wrong but after playing a ton of CoD, most of those gamers are spoiled kids... I feel though their parents will buy they anything. I mean look at me my xbone was a gift with two games and two year warranty. I wasn't gonna spend $700 on myself lol.. As for ps4 guys they prob bought it themselves and like one game. But who knows I could be way off. I mean they do have basically the same games...
oxcar1  +   680d ago
Pretty logic... COD team is "owned" by Microsoft. If you know what i mean, Xbox player = COD player
Duke19  +   680d ago
I definitely got more bang for my buck on launch titles from my xbox one than my ps4. Not surprised it sold more games.

The strength of the PS4 lineup is gonna start later this year, and I cant wait!
IRNMUNKEY  +   680d ago
Just means that people with money bought Xbox and lots of games. Poor people bought PS4 and couldn't afford to buy games as well! ;-)
FlyGuyHung  +   680d ago
The excuses for PS4 software numbers are giving me quite the chuckle. Come on guys, just swallow ur pride and admit the XboxONE is doing way way way better than any of us anticipated.
FlyGuyHung  +   680d ago
It is quite funny tho as i remember all the analyst saying how so many more would prefer the $100 less price tag and will invest that extra bit of cash on PS4 software, yet here we are. Kind of a slap in the face to Mr. Pachter and co.
iNFAMOUZ1   680d ago | Trolling | show
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   680d ago
I don't believe Sony will beat out MS in total console or software sales in America by the end of this generation. Maybe worldwide but I doubt in the US. The Xbox is simply more popular here in America. Weather its a "weaker" system or not doesn't matter. Obviously the 100$ price doesn't matter as much as some want you to think. I own and support all 3 next gen consoles and I'm no fanboy of any company. I could be wrong but I seriously doubt MS will lose America in the end.
AutoCad  +   680d ago
Blame the cloud !!
LoveSpuds  +   680d ago
The figures are pretty close relatively speaking and I do wonder how much Killzone factors into this. I know I personally opted out of buying COD and chose to pick up Killzone instead.

I think I am right in saying there were no other shooters competing for attention on XB1 - this may have been a factor too in my opinion.
GraveLord  +   680d ago
Not surprising at all. The 3 big exclusvies, Ryse/Forza/Dead Rising were all marketed WAY TOO MUCH here in the US and they got decent review scores(except for Ryse).

Take one of those exclusives out and software sales would have been identical to the PS4.
Bundi  +   680d ago
Really? Because the exclusive gap is sitting at 900k. You are telling me that having one extra exclusive is the reason they more than doubled Sony's software numbers?

There was 2.5 Xbox One exclusives sold for every 1 PS4 exclusive. And with less consoles overall.
Funky Town_TX  +   680d ago
Why is it when M$ has + news n4g spins it as a -? I don't plan on getting a x1, but congrats to m$. Competition is great for gamers. I want M$ and Sony to do well this gen.
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TKCMuzzer  +   680d ago
If both consoles were readily available in the US through December it would be easier to come up with a decent conclusion but as we know there were considerable restraints on supply particularity on Sony's behalf. I think it's best if both companies let it settle down a bit so we can get a true picture of what's selling what. I imagine both will do well in the future.
Skip_Bayless  +   680d ago
^Nice spin.

In Jokesonyou's house the X1 is dominating in sales with a 1:0 ratio. Therefore PS4 must be faltering.
TKCMuzzer  +   680d ago
Surely we need to wait until both consoles have a constant supply available before we can get a true picture of what's selling what and by how much.
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RosettaStoned  +   680d ago
true that. Hey, where do we submit our home addresses to receive our "we won" check from the company that we chose to support? Couldn't find the link.
Bdub2000  +   680d ago
Love your comment... Please pass the link when you find it! I must have deleted the email.
SITH  +   680d ago
Exactly. They keep fist pumping corporations making money as if they get some.
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RosettaStoned  +   680d ago
Gawd, what is this obsession with sales? You got the system you preferred (maybe). The only winners are these companies that btw love that you're all feuding about their systems... you're unpaid marketers. Just enjoy your system, and be glad the market is thriving.
Bdub2000  +   680d ago
I was very curious how Sony fan boys would spin this. There are some interesting theories! Anyone else ready to move on from the x1 vs. Ps4 debate yet? They're both selling well and showing great promise. Is it so bad they are both doing well, and does one console need to fail? Great competition like this always benefits the consumer. . I'd like to read some original content now...
beerzombie  +   680d ago
ITS because Sony pony gamer's don't buy games. Look at the history of Sony exclusives that still don't compete in numbers against any other exclusive from other consoles.
NeloAnjelo  +   680d ago
Send us that stock Sony... And the US will be yours!
urwifeminder  +   680d ago
Well done MS glad they had plenty of discs for sale I hear ps4 games don't stay in stock and are really hard to get like the console, some gamers must just buy one game and then get back to circle of hate.
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moujahed  +   680d ago
No, there is absolutely no games worth paying for on both systems at the present moment. Only games worth buying is sport games if your into that. There is nothing worth paying for on both fronts bro... and you know it.
Adolph Fitler  +   680d ago
"They just dont do what MS does for its console"

Arghhhhhhh...Some fanboys just wanna get there wallets raped & there anoos raped by mega corporations...then spew fanboy drizzle about how INNOVATIVE THEY ARE.....Yep, so innovative they made it a standard to have to pay twice for the internet....without those few useless features barley anyone used on Live, but all whinged weren't on PSN & NOT having to pay again to allow me to play online (I already pay my ISP for my online) was far superior than Live....I was afforded 6-7 more games over PS3 gen, from not paying an EXTRA ONLINE fee.

Lets think of more MS innovations, shall we....KINECT 2.0...yeah, f^cking great having that forced down our throats, after hypocrite MS fangirls went on about THE FAR MORE USEFUL Blu Ray feature PS3 shipped with, about how Sony forced that down our throats...No they didn't dweebs, anyone into gaming, is into movies & getting THE BEST picture possible, so Blu Ray was a major selling point for PS3. Saved having 3 disks for some games too, UNLIKE the innovative 360, which had regular DVD, as MS didn't even have the balls to back HD-DVD properly & include it in the system..... MS & INNOVATIVE is the equivalent of trying to put the 2 repelling sides of a magnet together.....MS & INNOVATIVE is like oil & water....that sh1t don't mix.....MS are the least innovative console manufacturer that has EVER graced the industry...I've seen Chinese companies do not off's called SuperPlayGenesisStation that are more innovative than MS...
Lets mention more of MS's innovation.....TRYING to take away consumer ownership....WOW....I wanna polish some MS knob too now...what a great innovation...
MS want to OWN you, your soul, your entire families souls & they want EVERY spare, (or non-spare) nickel & dime they can ROB from you........Now, that is not saying that Sony & Nintendo are not greedy bastards also....yes, they are...they need to be to try stay afloat, otherwise there Sega'd......BUT MS take this sh1t to a whole other level....
There 1st machine was a great machine, with some awesome exclusives & IP's developing from there success......But after that, MS have shown themselves as the soulless hacks that they are. I want them gone from the business, & Samsung or the like to replace there useless, moneygrubbing, overly greedy, all consuming arses.... Somebody with financial clout, buying out Sega & releasing a Dreamcast 2 or whatever they wanna call it, with Sega's pedigree & exclusives is what would be better for the industry than fricken MS.
McLuvn  +   680d ago
so what. don't own stock in either activision or EA
play all the fps you want
still waiting for a must have non fps to upgrade to next gen
DS2 and P5 are still my most anticipated titles this year
UltraAtomic  +   680d ago
Wow ms cought up fast. I am just speechless.
moujahed  +   680d ago
I believe it... When I got my PS4 I had no games because there were none that I cared for... Even then I still had fun and a couple of games to play with. Now all I have is Fifa14 and I GameFly'd BF4... The next PS4 game I will purchase is MGSV. I was gonna said FF14 but that upgrade is free.
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