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flaming_scorpion  +   754d ago
They're 1st mistake was making it an Xbox exclusive.
quenomamen  +   754d ago
That and the 6 vs 6 with last gen graphics aint helping either.
Section8  +   754d ago
Please. Gamers the world over have been screaming for MP over SP for the last 2 years. That's why someone got MP in my Batman and GOW. MP that was never needed. Almost 70% of gamers play the MP first/only for any COD. I prefer SP over MP any day but I do play a lot of hours in MP and yes, for Respawns first game they should have aded SP.
Nintenja  +   753d ago
Still haven't played single player on BF4 or CoD. Don't care too. Seems like time wasted that I could be getting XP online.
H0RSE  +   753d ago
This is the logic I don't get...

How is a MP only game a "hard sell," yet a SP only game is not? A MP game likely has a much higher replay value, due to everything being in real-time and having no definitive end to the game. It's funny how so many claim a MP only Titanfall is not worth $60, yet adding in a SP campaign, which would likely not be a proper/lengthy campaign, suddenly justifies a $60 price tag, even though they will never/rarely touch the MP, which is the core aspect the game. Essentially, these people are willing to pay $60 for a portion of the game that isn't the prime focus and would offer less than the part they claim isn't worth the money...

Some of the greatest and most inspirational shooters of all time, are MP only games, such as Quake 3, UT, CS, TF2, BF, and Tribes, to name a few. Quake, UT, BF, and Tribes all sold for full the full retail price of the time.

It likely just comes down to familiarity and expectations. SP has been the norm in shooters for so long, that not shipping with a SP component, feels alien to many. Frankly, I'm glad they aren't giving in to the concerns.

I'm so sick of companies feeling obligated to put a SP component in their games, regardless if the primary focus/audience is interested in MP. They just add a SP aspect to earn quick buck off players who wouldn't have bought the game otherwise.

All games do not have to appeal to all players - Dark Souls took this approach by being notorious for its unforgiving, difficult gameplay, while offering no relief for more casual players, and it has done pretty well for itself.

If you won't buy Titanfall due to a lack of SP, then don't buy it. It is completely selfish for people to complain and boycott the game, in an effort to persuade the devs' into adding a SP component, just so they can get their way and play a portion of the game that was nothing more than a last minute addition.. It completely undermines the core audience and what they were looking forward to - a solid, MP focused shooter.
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