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Prime157  +   766d ago
Wow, I'll buy kz season pass, then use the 5$ to get super motherload, then use the 5$ to get trine. Then I'll have 5$ for whatever. About a 25% savings.

I hate savings.
backfat   766d ago | Spam
Goro  +   766d ago
Of course, it's US only
MestreRothN4G  +   765d ago
For US PSN and US adresses. But you can make around the address requirement. In case anyone want to know how, PM me. It's simple.
Tru_Blu  +   766d ago
Funny Last of us, SR4 and Batman Origins are listed under PS4. Did I miss something??
chaldo  +   765d ago
hmmm LEAKED?! nah jk haha
ipach  +   765d ago
the AC4 one is interesting; you can basically get a PS4 + season pass edition at normal price: $60 for PS3 bundle + $10 upgrade - $10 amazon credit.
backfat   765d ago | Spam

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