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Newmanator  +   352d ago
Do London next please!
Lukas_Japonicus  +   352d ago
Ugh, no thanks. Im from Birmingham UK and the few times ive been to London just reminded me of a bigger version of Birmingham. Boring, grey buildings with little variety full of boring, miserable people (seriously, doesn't anyone ever smile in major English cities?).

I'd much rather have a more varied area again. Like Los Santos in the way that there is a city but also mountains and countrysides. Im thinking somewhere in Canada, Toronto maybe. Or San Fran (yes i realise that's not in Canada).


Which i wasn't a fan of, i played them a little but i found it very boring due to the setting. I like colourful, interesting places with a lot of variety in landscape. Not depressing, grey cities.
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TransientDreamer  +   352d ago
You guys have the two Getaway games on PS2 if anything. ;)
Newmanator  +   352d ago
I'm from Stafford, England and now live in the US. London has close streets like NY, motorway/highway belts, numerous parks (Hempstead Heath etc) and wider countryside roads as you leave London. Based off these I thought it would be varied enough for a GTA map.
But I understand Your point about all-city Sandboxes being dull (Saints Row 3/4).
Dee_91  +   352d ago
i honestly wouldnt mind them just expanding on san andreas.I mean if you look at the map, places like paleto bay and chumash could be much bigger and become a city itself,with landscapes from small city to desert to snow covered mountains, or like find a way to connect them to san fierro . But then again I wouldn't mind a miami themed city again, but it wouldn't be as diverse as san andreas, landscape wise.
NukaCola  +   352d ago
I want something based on north Midwest like Chicago or Detroit. Canadians and Arabs. City and nature. Tons of potential. Oh and put it in the snowy season.
Jovanian  +   352d ago
would be kinda hard to do high speed car chases on such narrow roads and fight cops with billy clubs lol

5 star wanted level can bring out the cops that actually use weapons in the UK
Raccoon  +   352d ago
at 5 stars you get a platoon of nightstick wearing chaps riding mopeds and mountain bikes....
DoctorJones  +   352d ago
I didn't know the armed response units ride about on mountain bikes and mopeds.
Beastforlifenoob  +   352d ago
and you would be a middle aged man/woman named elizabeth or edward and offer tea to everyone. You would also have either a shaved head or balding.
Dead_Cell  +   351d ago
Our Policemen don't carry weapons because to be honest, they just don't really have that big of a prejudice against minorities.
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ANIALATOR136  +   352d ago
theyve already said they wont do a gta in GB. Its supposed to be a parody of 'american' life
7odaaction  +   352d ago
What about Cairo
This will nice and cool
xBraiNshOcK  +   352d ago
I prefer it be somewhere exotic like Tokyo or Hong Kong

Edit, but I guess I'll be satisfied with Square Enix's Sleeping Dogs.

I wouldn't mind Miami at all.
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WeAreLegion  +   352d ago
modesign  +   352d ago
Outsider-G  +   352d ago
I remember Sam Houser saying GTA is more focused on America

"We’ve avoided it because we think that part of the experience of GTA is its engagement with America, or American media, American movies, American culture or whatever. Americana is such a part of the games, that in removing that, it would bizarrely make them lose their universality.”
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Hartsy  +   352d ago
I want another vice city :) just a lot bigger, the music was great, just more inventive weapons, more vehicles, and more customisation XD
Gooch_suplex_Hold  +   352d ago
They should do Chicago or Philly. But Vice City is fine.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   352d ago
they could do Detroit, but then it would be a simulation game instead of third person action.
Beastforlifenoob  +   352d ago
GTA would be an unrealistic representation of detroit because detroit is way more violent and crazy. Im thinking detroit is more rack city-esque
Wni0  +   352d ago
Lazy ass developers
YodaCracker  +   352d ago
Rockstar is pretty much the last developer I would ever mention on a list of lazy developers. Seriously!
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Mister_Dawg  +   352d ago

I hope you're taking the p!ss.

If not, you're a total fool.
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Mister_Dawg  +   352d ago
Screw enclosed cities.

RED DEAD with no clutter baby!
Ripsta7th  +   352d ago
Do another one like RDR where you cango to Mexico or some other other country
porkChop  +   352d ago
They should do somewhere in Canada next. Both Toronto and Hamilton would be great settings for a GTA game. Though with next gen power and Rockstar seemingly wanting even larger worlds, they could probably pull off a scaled version of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) which would be pretty sweet.
Reaper9937  +   352d ago
GTA set in South Africa would be amazing.
SuperDopetastic  +   352d ago
a gta world where you could us your planes to fly to wherever
Makkanchor  +   351d ago
Tokyo would be great with japanese cars
Cuders  +   351d ago
The next Grand theft auto should be in chicago starring a black protagonist.

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