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Onenyte  +   578d ago
The idea of putting these two against each other is fucking stupid, shadow fall beats it hand's down.
BALLARD32  +   578d ago
So why are we comparing a 360 game to a PS4 game again?
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Stoppokingme  +   577d ago
To fuel the fanboy war and to get hits. Because writing an article is too damn hard for some these days so they wheel out comparison shots.
ape007  +   578d ago
KZ sf look better of course but halo 4 does look amazing

and btw Halo 4 is easily the better game
MxRBrobaFett  +   578d ago
Now for the real question. Who actually cares?
kevnb  +   578d ago
obviously the new hardware is better, but I don't think you can compare these two games.
DasTier  +   578d ago
Wouldnt make more sense to compare Killzone: SF, to say, the previous installment of Killzone?
corvusmd  +   578d ago
KZ looks better, but considering that Halo 4 is on a last gen console from over a year ago....KZ doesn't look THAT much better.

I think the comparison is because every time a KZ is released...someone always says "this time it'll be a halo killer" and so far ALL copies of KZ have sold about 1 mil less than Halo 4 alone.
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Father Murder X  +   578d ago
another crappy website trying to get hits. You dumb fanboys fall for it every time. I mean every single time. This is the same site that MariaHelFutura writes for. A garbage website with shoddy so called journalism designed to take advantage of sony fanboy pride.
iron  +   578d ago
Agree and it looks that MariaHelFutura is using a different alias Karamsoul.
Funky Town_TX  +   578d ago
A great way to get Sony fans stired upm
urwifeminder  +   577d ago
Played some killzone 2 but halo is way more fun for me and that's why I play as for looks good looking does not = great game.
dmonee  +   577d ago
It's difficult to decipher. From what I've seen over the last month on the PS4, it is how smooth everything looks. I have hope that the graphics will get a lot better as we move forward. So far though, the faster frame rates of the PS4 gives the illusion of superior graphics. That is not a knock but an accolade. Looking at still shots do not do Killzone any justice. I've played Halo 4 and compared to previous Halos it is marginally better. The funny thing is. The still shots I'm viewing here make Halo 4 look better then it is and makes Killzone look worse. I can't wait to see this comparison come spring when games like Titanfall and Infamous are released. I said it in November and I'm saying it now, that the real Next Gen doesn't begin until March!!!!!
hazardman  +   577d ago
I like the Halo series more.The sandbox gameplay is what makes it for me. It was just more fun to play.

I have been liking the KZ series since KZ2. I actually didnt mind the heavy feel after I got used to it. But I also appreciate faster pace the game now has. One thing I will say as that Halo got away from that sandbox fun and went more POP with more CoD flavor to it. Get back to basics and they will come. But also have to say no KZ game will ever compare to Halo CE or Halo 2. Halo was just sick on Xbox. Then Halo 2 was arguably the best console online game of its time. It made XBL!!!! There was no PSN at that time and online play on PS2 wasnt nearly as fun! Man how weve come a long way...

BTW, just stop please. KZ:SF obliterates anything last That being said 343 did a great job of graphically on Xbox 360 at a time when alot of people were wondering if it had anything left to go give graphically and it did!

Damn my bad for long post y'all.
Azzanation  +   577d ago
Halo 4 is one of the best looking FPS games of last gen apart from Crysis 3.

Every fanboy claims the 360 was a inferior system to the PS3 yet I cant name 1 PS3 FPS game that looked better then Halo 4.

Its all about the budget and not the system specs. I will say that Halo 5 will look better then Killzone SP on a (inferior system).

Halo is like Mario, it cant be beat in its genre. It has such a epic storyline and its gameplay has always been solid. It has won millions of fans and will continue to do so with Halo 5.

A better comparison would be Crysis 3 (PC) vs Killzone SF.
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il-JumperMT  +   577d ago
Whats the point of this article?
wishingW3L  +   577d ago
all the shots are bullshots.
AyeUMadBro  +   577d ago
Both franchises are awesome! Just have to play them both for yourselves.
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Halo 4 vs Killzone sf please don't make me laugh killzone graphically eats & shit any game on the ps3 let alone the shitbox 360!! Meh...
Vanfernal  +   577d ago
Halo was never a graphical power house. It should be compared to something like the last Gears of War if you wanted something with impressive graphics in a sci fi setting... What a pointless article
GentlemenRUs  +   577d ago
Comparing a game from last year to a next-gen title? Seriously?

Funny... /s
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CorndogBurglar  +   577d ago
This article is dumb and pointless.

Halo 4 represented the pinnacle of graphical achievement of last gen. Killzone represents the birth of graphical achievement of next gen.....and it still looks better than Halo 4.

That should tell everyone something. Next Gen graphics are going to be insane a little further down the line!
Rock_On_PS4  +   577d ago
Killzone has better graphics and better game play. More colours in Halo games, Halo looks more like a cartoon, Killzone looks far more realistic and the graphics look like a world that could be seen in our not so distant future. Killzone games are mainly focused on the Apocalypse Helghan world and your colour pallete is limited to depict this hellish setting.

From a neutral unbiased perspective Killzone series and Halo series are two great game series that appeal to the shooter fans. Both of these series are a lot better than the generic Call of Duty games that are rushed to meet annual release dead lines.
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ALLWRONG  +   577d ago
Why compare a mediocre franchise to one of the best? Halo 4 still looks great and it's last gen. The worst Halo game is still miles better than the best Killzone.
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   577d ago
Halo 4s campaign was tosh, people slag off COD for it's generic campaigns but this was pathetic, right up To the end where you push A to save the world . I have no idea why it's so highly praised. The MP wasnt much better either. As for Killzone, I've enjoyed those games a lot more than Halo, love the gritty style and the heavy weapons. Shadowfall is a stunning next gen title and the bar can still be raised. I doubt Halo 5 will be much different than previous titles, since its stuck with COD syndrome, Same old maps, weapons, enemies and so on. 343 need to do something special. Just look at Bungie with Destiny, I doubt they will top that with the next Halo game.
mhunterjr  +   577d ago
Really? I thought halo 4 had the best campaign in the series. It's the multiplayer that sucked. They should have stuck with the halo2 formula, instead of going all COD on us.
Flames76  +   577d ago
Wow halo 4 is last gen and holds up against Killzone shadowfall on the PS4 thats not good
Tzuno  +   577d ago
The point of the comparison is because it wants to show that next gen graphics are not that evolved and is true. I played Halo 4 long time ago and i must say that the game looks stunning even if it is last gen. Truth to be told Killzone looks ok but not out of the charts and yes i played at a friend house,i was expecting more and i am not impressed at all, it uses shining effect and with a clever combination of lightning and colors to catch your eye. I switched to PC gaming anyway since there is no real advantage switching from last gen to next gen on consoles because the graphical differences are minimal and i couldn't justify the acquisition. I know that there are fan-boys that will beg to differ just to defend their product even if is not what they think too and i also believe that the best is yet to come because after all these are launch titles and the graphics will evolve. Just look at Uncharted one and Uncharted 2 graphical differences.Time will tell.
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strickers  +   577d ago
Utter bollocks
Thatlalala  +   577d ago
Lol for real? halo looked awesome but only in cg scenes. Plus you have halo pics (all combat shots), than compare it to killzone's vistas? Shadow fall looks good, in fact better. But the cg cut scenes in halo 4 still make your jaw drop. Plus halo is the better game hands down. Plus its a 360 game vs a ps4 game. Ludicrous.
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windblowsagain  +   577d ago
I think Halo looks good for a 360 game.

Killzone Shadowfall looks very good for a PS4 game.

But gameplay wise i would probably have to pick halo and the reason would be open type warfare like BF games which is what i prefer.

But SP i like Killzone.

Imo Killzone should have been open like BF, but in the killzone universe, with mechs, those transport type craft where it's open. among other ships, etc.

It would have a much bigger audience.
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