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aquamala  +   705d ago
Rise of the Triad is $2.99 on flash sale, been waiting for that!
Abriael  +   705d ago
It's a good one. I just got dishonored myself. Been holding out on that for a while.
TekoIie  +   705d ago
I hope Prison Architect goes on sale. Really want to get that game for a good price but I'll settle for the 33% if I have too :D
Convas  +   705d ago
You're avatar just reminded me that I missed out on Dead Space 2 for $5 yesterday because I spent most of the afternoon on Bioshock Infinite D:

Here's hoping it comes back on the last day of the sale.
bleedsoe9mm  +   705d ago
be interesting to find out if you could save enough on cheap games to pay the difference(over a console) on steam machine
The_KELRaTH  +   705d ago
Simbin bundles seems like an unbelievable deal :)

£13.40 Price of individual games:
£25.99 Bundle cost:
urwifeminder  +   705d ago
Steam is the bomb gamers get on it build a rig.
Kurylo3d  +   705d ago
max payne 3 for $3.70... cant go wrong with that.
DoctorJones  +   705d ago
Tempted to buy Surgeon Simulator based solely on this vid lol -

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