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jamz4  +   787d ago
Has there been any official word on a PS3 version yet?
nope111  +   787d ago
I heard they weren't even working on RoS for PS3/360
stavrami-mk2  +   787d ago
ps4 release date please ??
jamz4  +   787d ago
still tba
joab777  +   787d ago
No. There is a ps4 release date I think. I wanna say Dec 31st but google it. I did last night and it was updated like 6 days ago. And saves r transferrable. I can't wait! Now that FF14 won't b out til April.
solidsheep  +   787d ago
It's a place holder, ps4 ROS is launching same time as pc. Since the Action House is up till March 18, I don't see ROS launching till then or later knowing Blizz.
BLow  +   787d ago
I'm really waiting for this to hit the PS4. Skipped the PS3 version for this reason. I know you will be able to transfer data but all want to play from start to finish (with the new dlc) on my PS4. Can't wait!!!!
MasterCornholio  +   787d ago
Me 2. Plus the upgrade in resolution, frame rate and the reaper of souls content is a great incentive to get the PS4 version.
AlexanderNevermind  +   785d ago
Me 3,

Almost jumped the gun on the PS3 but the ROS looks very promising. Can't wait
Dread  +   787d ago
anyone know if there is gonna be an xbox one version?
4logpc  +   787d ago
Most likely.
MasterCornholio  +   787d ago
I just find it strange that they didn't announce it yet. And at last Blizzcon they demoed the PS4 version but not the Xbox One version if it exists.
Dread  +   787d ago
I hope so.

I have a level 40 paradigm character in my 360 and would like to transfer the stats to play the expansion with better graphics in my xbox one.
stavrami-mk2  +   787d ago
I know but would like a date for it. Really eager for it
4logpc  +   787d ago
"Reaper of Souls is meant to fix Diablo III. Blizzard may not put it exactly that way, but it doesn't take a lot reading between the lines to realise that they're not entirely happy with how Diablo III came to play out in a number of areas. And that's putting it mildly."

uh what? The game has like 7 million players....
porter470  +   787d ago
don't know where you got 7m players from? but from their auction house closing announcement video

They want you to play the game not the AH, this is with a new Lead Designer at the helm, since Jay Wilson left.
Thehyph  +   787d ago
Nothing but adoration for the ps3 version of Diablo 3.

However, I will not purchase this for ps4 unless I can get it heavily discounted, (extremely unlikely) or they integrate battle net into the console version. (also unlikely)

A ps4 version of this with single player/open multiplayer and also closed multiplayer support (a la D2) would be the perfect Diablo 3 experience.

Alas, these are just hopes.
porter470  +   787d ago
For a game all about loot hunting, it was a massive disappointment for me tbh (on PC), the best gear only on the AH, and even better gear with crafting, not going out and killing monsters.

But props to them for removing the AH, and fixing the loot. Blizzard puts most Publishers/Dev's to shame

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