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Destrania  +   724d ago
Alexious  +   724d ago
I wonder what they're referring to. What could Sony possibly do to improve life for indies even more?
360ICE  +   724d ago
Make a programme that's even moresimilar too Steam's Early Access, where developers can patch their games for free? They've talked allowing developers to charge for Alpha build, but it doesn't seem they're quite there, yet. Which is why games like the sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars start out on PC, even if their entire crowd is on PlayStation.
himdeel  +   724d ago
I know we'd all appreciate new IPs but Dead Nation 2 would make me happy.
8BitSoul  +   724d ago
It warms my heart to read this! Indie games are something of a renaissance when it comes to unique and creative ideas, in my eyes. I'm currently enjoying the crap out of RESOGUN, and look forward to seeing what the future holds for indie titles on PS4 :)
Alexious  +   724d ago
Resogun is great, now I want to see an MMO-ish version of Dead Nation on PS4 though.
8BitSoul  +   724d ago
That would be totally tits! I'm glad Sony has realized that indie titles are becoming as important as the big triple A and exclusive titles for the system! Not to mention, it has opened the doors for many of the bigger studios to create smaller projects, like Dead Nation, Journey and Tokyo Jungle to name a few. It's a great time to be a gamer indeed!
360ICE  +   724d ago
Pretty sure Resogun is not an indie, at least in the sense that they're not an independent developer. Sony are publishing the game.
8BitSoul  +   724d ago
True, but the term "indie" has become somewhat blurred the last year. If you want to get technical about it, I guess you can't really call a game indie, unless the developer is 100% independent. That may very well be the case, and if so, we need to coin a new term for smaller PSN, XBLA and Steam releases that aren't developed by indie studios.
360ICE  +   724d ago
I agree the term has been blurred, but truth is that smaller size games have been around long before the term indie was coined. No one called Super Stardust HD an indie, for instance. It was just a small game, a AA game, a downloadable or something like that. If Resogun passes for indie, we need a new name for independently developed games. Would be really intuitive if that name was "indie".

I can't recall hearing Sony touting Resogun as part of their indie line-up either. Maybe they have, but it'd be weird.

Should also correct my last comment a little bit. Housemarque is an independent developer all right, in the sense that they're not owned by a publisher, but games like SSHD, Dead Nation and Resogun are not independently developed.
memots  +   724d ago
Indeed they are not a Indie dev. They have been around since 95 and created a lot of games. They are a full fledged dev and are not self-publishing.

The line are blurring since people seem to think that small budget = indie . Downloadable = indie
But that is far from being the case.
garos82  +   724d ago
this is not Hyperbole but resogun for me easily in top5 games of the year.absolutely LOVE it
amodestoccasion  +   724d ago
The audio/visual elements really sell the "simple" gameplay. I thought Resogun was one of the more interesting launch titles!
garos82  +   724d ago
the audio is great.I thought is get bored of the same tracks playing on the 5 stages however I'm humming the tunes whilst at work pumping myself up for tonights session! having said that I dread the sound of losing my multiplier!
odderz  +   724d ago
I've said it before, I'll say it again, indies are the ones that are pushing inventive gameplay, console manufacturers would be foolish to ignore them.
ltachiUchiha  +   724d ago
Yeah & I love the fact that sony is putting these indie devs as highlight of their marketing plans showing indie devs that they have a spotlight on the ps4. PS Plus aswell will be a big key factor for smaller indie devs trying to draw in more gamers to try out their games & hopefully lead to bigger sales of their next game. Its a great way for indie devs to make a name for themselves.
ltachiUchiha  +   724d ago
Glad to see that indie games are already seeing success with just the launch of the ps4, it will only get better as more gamers jump onboard.
TomahawkX  +   724d ago
I hope they start up a program like the playstation mobile sdk and license program but for the PS4. That would be huge.

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