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Zuperman  +   453d ago
Whoever purchases an XBOX ONE, I feel bad for you because you're purchasing a dying brand that a company such as Microsoft has ZERO interest in. The only reason why they even HAD there little run back in 2006 was because they BOUGHT there way into the scene with $$$$$
Zuperman  +   453d ago
Square Sold Out

Look what it got them in the long run.
Cursinguser  +   453d ago
Heh. Take it easy man. They're just videogames.
Zuperman  +   453d ago
just sayin
Cursinguser  +   453d ago
I gotcha. I don't have a horse in this race and it's hard to deny how beneficial the two consoles competing for attention has been for gamers. Having one console dominate the market would only hurt us.
Godmars290  +   453d ago
To be honest, not really feeling it for the PS4 right now. Being a gamer into the single player, non-FPS experience, and all that's being talked about is gaming with social elements.

it great that PS+ isn't required for everything you can do on the console, but its insulting to the consumer that it lacks much of the media functionality and accessibility as the PS3. That you need its day one patch to play move BR or that MP3 playback is coming "later".
Cursinguser  +   453d ago
I really enjoyed the media hub features of PS3, and I agree not having them with the PS4 feels like a shortcoming. I enjoy playing games, but i don't subscribe to the idea that I only use a console for gaming alone.

I'm really enjoying the PS4 though and I do think down the road we'll have a more full-featured version of the PS4 OS that should be able to do most of those things we liked from the PS3. There's a good amount of almost "assumed" features that seem to be missing from both the next-gen consoles right now.
artnow  +   453d ago
looks good

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