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Agent1  +   809d ago
The guy is having log in issues, and this site claims it's a broken xbox? WTF? My PC gets LOG IN issues time to time! are you kidding me?
MrZweistein  +   809d ago
I bet this guy has just not connected to its internet to produce an error. If I am wrong then this is still better than BLODs from PS4 where the console even is not showing anything on your TV or started working.

Nice try!
ziggurcat  +   809d ago
you must have missed the part where he checked his network connection...

go back to the misterx delusioblog where you fools *still* think that there's xbone secret sauce.
MrZweistein  +   809d ago
Ok, I missed that (network connection), but his XBox is now running fine which cannot be said on almost all BLODs of PS4s, see NEOGAF. It is also a shame that ALL 1 star ratings on are from "NOT VERIFIED PURCHASES". I am point on you Sony fans, I thought you all have purchased the PS4 to play games there. But history repeats, instead of playing games some diehard Sony fans invest their time to blame the competition based on false information or making up such. I still do not understand the hate and motivation to do such things.
jimbobbeers  +   809d ago
This seriously looks like a desperate attempt to make something out of nothing, what's next, fanboys creating bad reviews om amazon. You lot are ridiculous.
dp_simbol  +   809d ago
Fanboys are celebrating because x1 failed to download day 1 patch and called it bricked console. LOL...pathetic bastards. Here's an advice, go buy ps4 and pray it won't vomit BLOD.
Nekroo91  +   809d ago
yeah because 1% failure is the same as 50% with the 360. try harder next time...

and im expecting for the x1 to also have problems. all electronics have problems even after years of development you can still get a broken system

MS works with Foxconn also so theres nothing both companies can do
Bonerboy  +   809d ago
Big deal. Its pathetic to see each "side" of fanboys rip into these machines. BOTH of these new machines are really cramming in some pretty hot hardware and not to mention extremely complicated and VERY compact architecture to boot, so one can expect some failures, amongst other issues, along the way. These things don't have the luxury of sitting in a huge open and airy tower like the PC. These aren't simple like the 'NES' anymore. If posts here are any indication BOTH Sony and MS are having hardware issues. Growing pains.
yarbie1000  +   809d ago
The guys already updated the description of the video to say his Xbox is working now
pop-voxuli  +   809d ago
it starts

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DJ  +   809d ago
Similar architecture to the PS4, so failure rate should be pretty close, i.e. 0.4%. Nothing to see here.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   809d ago
Troll disconnected the internet. Lol
g4me_he4d  +   809d ago
This will happen, the most important thing is not to panic like its an epidemic. I believe that when one person have a problem with there respective hardware they shouldn't act as if everyone will be the same. At the end of the day its the manufactures' obligation to make sure that when an issue arise they will have measures in place to prevent further problems.
ironmonkey  +   809d ago
There's a paywall to get it fixed also
Allowen  +   809d ago
IT seems to me that the dude in the video was a bit upset when he commented about the UI being at 720p .
I Guess he thought the VG would at least do an upscaling to 1080p like most xboxone games get this treatment .
_FantasmA_  +   809d ago
Quick! Lets blow this out of proportion. Return fire to the Xbots.
ManaByte  +   809d ago
XB1 banned after Microsoft had the user do the EOU (USB Update):
ziggurcat  +   809d ago
oh wow... MS banned him after *they* gave him an EOU update? sleeeeeeazy.
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parentoftheyear  +   809d ago
Ps4 fan. But I don't wish bad thing on anyone getting an Xbox. I know how exciting the feeling is. I hope the hardware failure will be minimum.
DinoNYC  +   809d ago
BrickBox One...Just kiddin', that's how technology devices go, especially at launch.
Gamerita  +   809d ago
let's see if the hypocrite & ignorant media will wide spread these xbone failure news like they did the PS4 or not.
Ulf  +   809d ago
Erm. The video is not showing a problem with the console. It's showing a problem with either the guy's network connection, or his ISP, or the XB Live service.

How do these articles get approved? Really does make N4G seem like its a fanboy haven. If there's a cool article about how awesome Sony is, it should be approved. If it's a dumb article with some made up crap by some ignorant people, that is only pretending to have negative news about Sony's competitors, it shouldn't be.

These kinds of articles make the ACTUAL Sony fans on this site look bad. Sony fans do NOT need ignorance in their ranks.
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WMANUW  +   809d ago
No comment...............
voodoopickle  +   809d ago
i would probably be called a ps4 fanboy, but I hope for the sake of all who like Xbox that this is just a very small percentage. I have gotten all Playstations on launch day and never once had an issue, and would hate to see anyone else have one with a brand new console, no matter what brand they like. that would really piss me off
AsunaYuukiTheFlash  +   809d ago
So it begins :)
Obscure_Observer  +   809d ago
The guy who posted the spotlighting video of this thread on Youtube, just update the information that follows:

By Shaun Heenan

"And just like that the nightmare is over. 11 hours after I first plugged the console in, it has started working of its own accord, without me changing anything. I wasn't even in the room when it moved into the proper console setup. What a relief. Thanks to the people who were nice in the comments. The rest of you are your own punishment."

There you go. Next?
VoiceMale  +   809d ago
Can't believe somebody disagreed with u .....mein this darn population here on this site

And why haven the mod taken down this story with a title that say clearly first confirm broken console ???????

Nothing to see here this is busted
Obscure_Observer  +   809d ago
Sad but true, friend. Take care.
Krosis  +   809d ago
Ah yes. In true N4G form, all the "it's normal to have a failure rate" and "acceptable" comments change to trolling just because it's Microsoft this time. What a sad bunch of children.
micbrc  +   809d ago
It was bound to happen im sure it happened allot to every single console before hand its just that the internet allows us to expose it more easily.

I mean who knows how many ps2 consoles where faulty or xbox ones where faulty (note i mean the original xbox)
LoneWolf019  +   809d ago
Yup Xbox Won
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optimus  +   809d ago
I'm trying to figure out why the rumor voting is riding on "hopefully"...that will only suggest that people in here actually want the xbox1 to fail from the get go and confirm the stigma that n4g is a sony favored site and not the all around unbiased gaming site that it claims to be... Such a shame.
StrawberryDiesel420  +   809d ago
There's definitely a possibility this console was rushed to compete with PS4. M$ aren't trustworthy when it comes to hardware, as proven by RROD with 360. I wouldn't be surprised if the XBOX ONE has a much higher failure rate than PS4. We'll soon see....
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