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BobBelcher  +   808d ago
lol. Something tells me this guy is just dumb.
FITgamer  +   808d ago
How so? The only two options he had were "Check Network" which he did, and "Update Now" which obviously wasn't working.
BobBelcher  +   808d ago
He recording it like he's on the cusp of the tech breakdown. The console works, the update just isn't kicking in.
bub16  +   808d ago
did you click the link and watch the other video
ForgottenProphecy  +   808d ago
This will probably be around the same failure rate as PS4. There is no way Xbox One will have more than a 5% failure rate.
creepjack  +   808d ago
Xbox One update issues ≠ PS4 Hardware failures.

Nice try though
MasterCornholio  +   808d ago
How about issues with the power supply?

"The first report came from someone who uploaded a video of their console to Photobucket, in which the console will not turn on at all. Based on the video, it’s possible it’s a bad power supply judging by the light on the power brick. If it isn’t that, it could possibly be something else. Here’s an embed of the video:"
sigfredod  +   808d ago
you obiously didn't even click on the link based on your comment
gamertk421  +   808d ago
Hahaha, FuriousFanbois again. Gimme a friggin break!
kewlkat007  +   808d ago
Please don't let that happen to me..
leemo19  +   808d ago
I'm sure these problems are going to blow up and people are going to exaggerate the issues all over the net, just like the ps4 problems were.
Puppy_Farts  +   808d ago
This article is gettin' HOT.
OlgerO  +   808d ago
Sigh PS4 got 3 days of hate for this now its xbox their turn i guess
e3kehoe  +   808d ago
Sigh...soooooo has there EVER been an electronic launch with a 0% failure rate.. didnt think so.i dont get peoples need to latch on to such story's . I'm sorry but as long as people make things it will never be perfect. Unless its a wide spread issue why focus so much on it with hope of making people freak out.
blahblah123  +   808d ago
Fox Conned
Godmars290  +   808d ago
Looks like the actual update isn't ready. Its not the console.
RM-TatoTiburon  +   808d ago
hahahaha jeremy conrad desperate to find some bricked xbox one.

in neogaf there is only one case, this spanish dude and a not confirmed gaffer...but expect to hear more issues, there isn't the perfect electronic machine

But the salt in this jeremy conrad website (biggest sony fanboy on earth) is really funny

Everybody enjoy your PS4 and Xbox One, best month of the year!!
emerica2214  +   808d ago
" good. I'm not sure I agree."
Neonridr  +   808d ago
Actually the article is wrong. The power supply is supposed to display either a white or orange light. It's when the power supply doesn't display any lights that there is an issue.

Anyways, him posting a video doesn't necessarily mean anything yet. For all we know he doesn't even have the thing hooked up to his TV.

Regardless, if it is a hardware issue, like the PS4, it is to be expected. I am sure we will see many more videos being posted after the midnight launch here in NA.

Here's hoping they both get their XB1's sorted out.
WeAreLegion  +   808d ago
I seriously hope the PS4 and XBO have very low failure rates.
Ashunderfire86  +   808d ago
If this failure rate thing happens the X1 too, then the Wii U is the only next gen console with none of these problems. I guess Nintendo never use Foxcon to create their consoles.
Finch  +   808d ago
I will be tring the USB update if it did this to me.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   808d ago
LOL just a guy looking for attention. His XB1 seems to be working fine to me. The update won't start til MS turn on the service.
bub16  +   808d ago
click the link. watch the video the article does on about...
falviousuk  +   808d ago
there is a USB install image available for peole who are having network issues.

This is an update issue, not really a faulty console as far as we can tell.

Every piece of hardware has faults

Again non news, trying to make something out of nothing
MasterCornholio  +   808d ago
""The site was not an alternative way to take the Day One update and customers still need to connect to Xbox Live for the update," said a Microsoft spokesperson to GameSpot. Microsoft has previously said the new console will "do very little" without the update.

Microsoft is now encouraging customers that might require an offline update to contact its customer support directly. "Because of the complexity of this customer support process we’ve actually removed the page and we will work with customers directly to make sure they have a smooth experience.""
FrigidDARKNESS  +   808d ago
THis guy says its 3am Launch day in the Europe when its 10pm November 21 their. Kind of suspicious.
KetchupBlood  +   808d ago
You do know that Europe is a continent and not a country? they have different time zones, thus having different launch times.
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SmielmaN  +   808d ago
Lol. And you just gave him a giant face palm lol. Bubbles for you! Bubbles for everyone!
ziggurcat  +   808d ago
you do know that the countries in europe are several hours ahead, right? and that it's already the 22nd over there...
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Belking  +   808d ago
lol..that's not a broken console. Sorry to disappoint you fanboys. Xbox-one isnt even out
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GentlemenRUs  +   808d ago
"Xbox-one isnt even out yet..."

Someone obviously does not live outside of America, There is a whole WORLD out there!
Rhythmattic  +   808d ago

My Local (Marrickville Metro , Sydney) EB Games store had a midnight Launch...

That was 13hrs ago . As I type this its 9.10 pm on the 21st of Nov in New York.
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Timmey  +   808d ago
i saw this live today as a worker of media markt (biggest german retailer) tried to set up a demo console and eventually gave up on it
KetchupBlood  +   808d ago
(A little gift to Xbox fanboys that attacked PS4 articles)

And now, Fanboys, listen, Especially YOU! Stop attacking each other. You may have a preference, like I have with Playstation, but NEVER attack the other team. That goes for you too Playstation fanboys!
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MCTJim  +   808d ago
I wouldnt be surprised if the day one update is not live yet. That is probably why he is having the issue.
MyNameIsNotRick  +   808d ago
This is great wack material for the ps fanboys. Videos like this will get lots of hits.
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d0r1en0  +   808d ago
While I never wish a broken product on anyone, here it comes. Ppl thought only the PS4 users were going to have issues. Now they get to see just how frustrating it can be. I was lucky enough to get a working PS4 via amazon day 1. Now Im just waiting on Dice & EA to fix BF4.
Clarence  +   808d ago
Hopefully it's just a small% like it was with the PS4
GraveLord   808d ago | Trolling | show
donnieboy  +   808d ago
Click bait really "First Confirmed Reports of Broken Xbox One's in the Wild." Its just the Xbox One servers couldn't fetch the update...
MCTJim  +   808d ago
I do how they said Ones...meaning plural...definately click bait
Gamer666  +   808d ago
Last week I bought a camera at Best Buy and it was DoA...

Maybe I should make a video, post it on the internet and that will make me famous?

Seriously people, as with any console launch, lets wait a few weeks and probably even months before someone declares doom and gloom.
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