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CustardTrout  +   617d ago
HD version of CoD 4 = fixed.
TomShoe  +   617d ago
Meh, just make the game every 2-3 years and give exclusive rights to Treyarch.

I hate IW's style, you die way to quickly. That, and the maps are huge and bland and boring. 3arc's maps have a lot more color and things are there for a reason. With IW, things are just there to be there.
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DxTrixterz  +   617d ago
''you die way to quickly''

Oh my you don't even know how much I agree on that. I remember on MW3 multiplayer basically 1 shot and your're dead or when you're clearly shooting somebody but your're ending up being killed and on the killcam it's not even showing you shooting. I got so angry to the point that the game disc ended up in half :). Generally I like Treyarch's COD way more. Blops 1 still being best for me.
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NegativeCreepWA  +   617d ago
Play Battlefield, problem solved.
mp1289  +   617d ago
battlefield has its own problems. bought the game at launch and i still have not been able to join a match with more than 20 players on the ps4. im not alone and the game is crashing accross all platforms.
BX81  +   617d ago
Really i play on the 360 and haven't had any issues lately
willie32  +   617d ago
Battlefield 4 has major problems and horrible design flaws too! They don't even have a party system in BF4. As much as I criticize COD, they do their online better than any other game company. It is a simple design that gets your buddies on the same team within seconds.

BF4 requires one person to join a server. Second, all of your friends must join the same server. Third, you must switch sides if half end up on the other team. Fourth, those that make it on a team, you must deal with trying to join a squad together. I can't believe how they ditched the pregame party system; horrible!
mp1289  +   617d ago
360 only supports 24 players. all the ps4 matches that ive joined successfully are 20 player matches in small maps. they are fun but i bought the game for 64 player matches. if the xbox one has the same problems, dont expect much success from battlefield either. just btw i get 30mbps through the ps4 ethernet port where killzone and ghosts run well. it seems next gen for battlefield isnt that much better than current gen for waiting for a fix.
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GroundZeroesBob  +   617d ago
Give Activision the chance of a subscription based CoD would end in being Pay 2 Play.They already proved this by adding the Peace Maker in DLC which ended up being the most solid gun on Blops2.

They would sell the best weapons for $100 day 1 and let the rest suffer for not being stupid enough to pay it.

CoD is already kind of subscription based with having to hand over money every 3 months for add-ons.Buying the game then actually having to pay monthly would put me off unless there was at least 3 new maps a month and gameplay changes.
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neocores  +   617d ago
0.0 if it were to i will have to find a new FPS to enjoy
Themba76  +   617d ago
i said this years ago. they make so many cod's that they might as well make it subscription based like wow and just release updates.
CPTN MITCHELL  +   617d ago
we traded ghost for bf4 today ghost is a really bad game
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Soldierone  +   617d ago
Good luck attempting to play BF4 lmao
XboxFun  +   617d ago
A hiatus of CoD would be a benefit to the series.
MidnytRain  +   617d ago
The series? No. Activision? Obviously.
PoSTedUP  +   617d ago
yes it would, more people wouldnt buy it and the devs Just Might have to Actually put Some Effort into the Developement of the game. or they do so just so it doesnt seem they just have the audacity of doing so.
OrangePowerz  +   617d ago
Given that it's mainly about the MP it would probably be better to have it subscription based and just dump the singleplayer part.
MidnytRain  +   617d ago
The single-player is one way they justify the $60 tag every year.
OrangePowerz  +   617d ago
It would be cheaper and more profitable to have an annual MP expansion pack for 40 since you could do that without needing it on disc and can cut out retail.
MidnytRain  +   616d ago

The people who buy CoD every year might keep paying $60 for the whole thing anyway.
Master-H  +   617d ago
hell naw
mhunterjr  +   617d ago
It basically is subscription based... the same people keep doing $60 on it, annually...
sovietsoldier  +   617d ago
you know what would benefit cod -giving it back to the guys who originally made it .
Brix90  +   617d ago
Sometimes I wish they gave the Modern Warfare series to Respawn...Those guys would give it a new direction.
Summons75  +   617d ago
No, what would help that game is a new engine, full time to work on the game vs copy and paste,writers who know what character development and plot are, devs who know how to develop solid gameplay leves , mechanics and balance, some care and love helps too

But Activision is full of soulless money mongers... they are in denial cod is dying dispute their payoffs for good reviews, reviewers are finally realize the crap fest that cod has been.

Also what happened to the subscription of cod elite...did it fail like everyone predicted? Havent heard anything about that in years.
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