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kratoz1209  +   742d ago
Off Topic

But does anyone wanna see the Persona 4 Arena sequel come to the ps4??
vishmarx  +   742d ago
and its barely more than character dlc.
DCfan  +   742d ago
And barely new stages, a continuation for the story in the first Arena game, and barely new mechanics.
CapsLocke  +   742d ago
Half-Life 3.
theshredded  +   742d ago
hope it's persona related
Misaka_x_Touma  +   739d ago
nope most likely Trauma which was Nintendo exclusive
Unlimax  +   742d ago
I think someone post this news yesterday ?

Anyway , my thoughts is : Trauma Center
Concertoine  +   742d ago
It would control perfectly on wii u. If it was trauma center would come to 3ds though.
mydyingparadiselost  +   742d ago
Trauma Center: Catherines Abortion
True_Samurai  +   742d ago
Looks like someone is pregnant

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