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ATiElite  +   819d ago
Why I Choose Consoles?
Because you like console games
You like the console Gaming experience
you like the simplicity and ease of use
you like a complete Gaming package for a low price
Plus ALL your friends have a console so you want to play with them

I'm sure I got it all right but if I left out something please let me know.
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Insomnia_84  +   819d ago
I predict, once Microsoft leaves the console business after the XBone, this will be the new gaming war. PS Vs PC!!

lol hilarious!!
XisThatKid  +   819d ago
This articles comment section in by morning(EST)...3-4 pages in without replies past 2nd page. I'll get popcorn as soon as I wake up.
decrypt  +   819d ago
"you like the simplicity and ease of use"

I find it funny when people say that, My smaller bro who is now 13, started gaming on PC when he was 10 years old.

Before this he used to game on console. Well as a kid he would scratch disks, lose them (60usd game lost ouch).

After going PC its all about buying games on Steam or GMG on discounts. Its all about Install click play now. No need to care for disks, or look for them when swapping a game lol.

"you like a complete Gaming package for a low price"

That is console maker paid media propaganda at best. Consoles gaming is way more expensive in the long run, and isnt much cheaper by the hardware to being with. Too many hidden costs on console gaming.
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N7KIRK  +   819d ago
Yeap, that's why I'm sure many people prefer PC. My parent's taught me how to be responsible and care for my disks, boy did they waste their 5 minutes. Someone should have told them Steam was available so they didn't have to teach me such a useless thing.
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Cuzzo63  +   819d ago
Well over the generations console gaming has become expensive. But clearly you cant play at the value of consoles even now. Console gaming has always been cheaper. Every few months new upgrades for pc comes. Every few months games become more demanding on hardware. Over a 8-10 year period. How many upgrades do you have to go thru jus to game on pc. Surely you dont have the same parts from 8 years ago. I dont think BF4 would run on a 10uear old pc. At the same time consoles get better at what they do. So no I also dont think pc gaming is cheaper. Virus programs have to be renewed yearly. That would be the consoles online service. Consoles dnt have to worry about viruses, hacks to some extent.
webeblazing  +   819d ago
my pc I just built will out last this whole gen and when games become more demanding I still wont have to(see that) upgrade. just pick setting I want which will be features that will come out that will not be present on consoles.

everything is going towards click and play now even updating drivers take one click now.
MasterCornholio  +   819d ago
Wow you really nailed them.

Nexus 7 2013
ShinMaster  +   819d ago
There's also a certain identity and familiarity that each console has.
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Chrischi1988  +   819d ago
1.You can only game on your console, xbox1 makes a move in the right direction, but it is far away from a pc

2. There are far more exclusives on a PC, than on any other plattform (the whole RTS Genre and actually good MMOs)

3. Games are way cheaper (example CoD Ghost on launch day, PC Version 44€, Console Version 65-70€)

4. Controlls are way way better, you can fit them to your personal needs, you can also use a Controller or for FPS mouse and Keyboard

5. Controlls offer a way more complex way of gaming, like MMORPGs and the huge inventory, just so much better with a mouse.

6. Graphics are way better on a PC

7. In the long run way cheaper than a console

8. 1080p is so 2-3 years ago

9. All my friends own a gaming PC and some a Xbox, some a PS, but not all have the same, which makes gaming with all of them way more difficult, ok not for local multiplayer, but for online gaming. But all have a PC and there is not much, what makes more fun, then a weekend with 10 of your friends on a Lan Party.

10. To act like a PC is not easy to use, you hate to be called dumb, but really, everyone uses a PC to surf the web, why cant you play a game on it? To hard to use or just du dumb for it? (Sorry, but you gotta choose a side on this one, you cant act like an smartass, use PCs daily to surf the web, but act like installing a game, which you also do on PS3, is to hard to do)

11. downward compatible

12. you are lying, if you say, you dont need extra accessories for a console. It is not like you dont need more than 1 controller or a big TV, especially for your beloved Next Gen, you need at least a full hd tv to actually see the difference.

I could go on and on, it is how it is. Dont get me wrong, I love to play on a console, I like all systems, but what I hate is this blind fanboyism and especially these articles like above, especially because everyone knows the truth, but some deny it and become trollish and go on so long, that the whole conversation becomes absolutely ridiculous.
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Cuzzo63  +   819d ago
So its fanboyism if some prefer consoles...... okay. Gotcha.
I could do tha same list but edging towards consoles and im sure that would mean im a fannie too.... okay. Gotcha.
To your last paragraph. How many of these have we got for pc.... fanboyism huh. Lol.

I get the psn and live. But pc has to have a yearly virus program rite?.... maybe im wrong or jus a fannie

How many upgrades will you see in a 10 year cycle. Sorry. My fannie just reared its ugly head again

We all kno pc has better graphics, better hardware, better support... maybe.

Better games? Ha. Debatable. Rts and mmo are for the pc. If a gamer wants a mmo or rts they get a pc. If a gamer wants a halo, kz, forza, god of war... the get a console.

Sorry. Im a fannies lolz
webeblazing  +   819d ago
you seem to miss the point. selective reading?
and pc have more fps(killing floor, arma,i could go on) too you was better off say action games like gow. more adventures etc.. what you look passed he said he like consoles and hate people downplaying $hit.

you don't have to upgrade especially now that the gap between new consoles and pc is larger than last gen. someone building a pc $700+ will outlast this console gen without upgrading.

how many times have you upgrade in ten years.
ps3 and xb360 or wii maybe. and now you re upgrading to a new system $400-500 right. I know its funny ps3 launched in 2007. that's a upgrade 6 1/2 yrs

a year or two later we will see new gfx features, the reason why people upgrade to run these new features better, console gamers will say like they did last gen that they don't matter, that they cant see the difference, its not needed. then they will want to upgrade all over again(aka new console please).
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ShinMaster  +   819d ago

Really? I had a $800 PC in 2005, when the Xbox 360 came out. Resolution and frame-rate aside, it didn't outlast either the 360 or PS3.
Even with PS3 and 360's static hardware, there were games coming out on each that looked better and better each year.

Consoles were designed for gaming from the ground up, allowing developers to optimize their games better than on PCs. Look at GTA5 vs 4. Uncharted 3 vs 1. Gears 3 vs 1. They managed to get games like Skyrim running on two systems with less than 512mb or RAM from 2005/6.
So yeah... pretty confident about next gen, thanks :)
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ATiElite  +   818d ago
Great post.....but some people just prefer the Console Experience.

If someone says "I like Sony exclusives or I like gaming with my friends on XBL" then I respect that because that's an experience they enjoy.

Now someone trying to justify Consoles being better because of some LAME Urban legend like price and upgrades then I tend to blow my circuit board because I hate LIES about PC Gaming.

But again Great post but you gotta respect people who just Prefer the Console Experience because after all PC is a different world than console gaming.
CYBERHATER  +   819d ago
You like paying a yearly subscription. :)
Nintenja  +   819d ago
Simplicity and ease of use = device designed for games, not data entry. :p
Corpser  +   819d ago | Funny
Because you love having to pay a fee to play online

Because you love paying higher prices for games

Because you hate backward compatibility

Because you love using a controller and sit in a couch, there's NO WAY to do that on pc

Because you love 1080p/60fps, this is a deal breaker, it has never been possible on pc
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RTheRebel  +   819d ago
Lulz Niceeeeeeeeee.
LOGICWINS  +   819d ago
annus  +   819d ago
Well it's a real shame this gen for console gamers who love 1080p/60fps.
decrypt  +   819d ago
Well that might not happen. You see games are still being made with current consoles in mind.

Hence the graphics fidelity hasnt gone up. Once real next gen are made the graphics will be upped, once that happens it will probably wont be that easy for consoles do to 1080p 60fps. XBone cant already do it.

PS4 on games like BF4 cant do it, although its still a current gen game, imagine when the real next gen arrives. I can assure you PS4 will probably will struggle at 900p too. They will need to pull down the resolution to accommodate the graphics.
Chrischi1988  +   819d ago
Lol to people who disagree with Decrypt.

What he said is not an opinion, it is actually a known fact, we PC gamers know how all that works out, but you console fans just startet the whole hardware war.

What he said is pretty much fact and as i said, not an opinion. Next gen will later only run on 720p as it seems, or go even sub hd.

Not trying to bash here, even if I know, there will be some, who become angry with me, but try to actually think logically about it, without any prejudices or being preoccupied towards any plattform. I know, everyone wants the plattform of choice to be successful, but think about it.
AceBlazer13  +   819d ago
i call bullshit on the higher prices claim. go to steam right now and find a decent game that is cheaper than console version. to find the cheap pc games you gotta hold out for a sale which can be done on any platform.

got mortal kombat $5
DmC $14
Bioshock 1&2 $10
sleeping dogs $13
The Last of Us $36

on the ps store great games to play without sweating my wallet
take your higher prices bs elsewhere.
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pandehz  +   819d ago
Lol are you serious?

My friend who lives across my room literally few metres away complains about one thing on the Ps store. It sway more expensive than buying from amazon.

Also regarding pc vs console games prices. Pffff
Just Google anything. Well actually just check on all titles for this month, next month etc.

Prove me wrong. Don't just state a few prices.

Btw when steam sales actually kick in, they're not JUST cheap, they're SOOOOOO cheap its like ppl just buy 20+ games and don't even play them.
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decrypt  +   819d ago
Check GMG, gamers gate many great outlets with discounts all the time. Steam isnt the only option. Where PSN is the only option for playstation.
HighResHero  +   819d ago
Steam has some good prices, the problem is you have to login to their servers to play most of them.
It is a good option for some games but not the end all be all, when there are options like GOG, PSN, PHYSICAL COPIES, etc.

Also, I find the idea that you have to go either all digital or all physical about as ridiculous as having to choose either console or PC when you can have both.

Thanks decrypt I'm looking into those.
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Chrischi1988  +   819d ago
Ok, CoD Ghost on launch day:

PC Version: 44€

Console Version: 70€

thats 26€ difference on launch day.

And actually there are tons of websites, were you can buy steam keys way cheaper than on steam itself and you find them in like 10min.

In a store, most console games, in the cheap area, cost around 20€

Same area for PC games cost around 5-10€

That is not BS, that is not false, but what you do, is spread false information to people, who might actually not know any better.
blackmagic  +   819d ago
NBA 2k14
PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 - $60
PC - $30
steve30x  +   819d ago
"Because you love using a controller and sit on a couck , theres NO WAY to do that on PC"


ShinMaster  +   819d ago
He was being sarcastic.
Nintenja  +   819d ago
PC games tend to make you sit up and lean over the mouse and keyboard. Where as you can lean back in a comfy chair with a controller.
steve30x  +   819d ago
@ Nintenja : Look in the link I provided. It shows some of the game controllers that resemble console controllers for PC. You can sit back and enjoy PC gaming just like a console game if you wish.
MidnytRain  +   818d ago
steve... you dummy... recognize sarcasm please.
ATiElite  +   819d ago
1080p/60fps ONLY on PS4!

LMAO! Nice post Bubbles + Well said!
_QQ_  +   819d ago
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Axe99  +   819d ago
I'm not a fan of these either/or debates (got both, gamed on both for decades), but given how many "Why bother with console when there's PC" articles in the last few months, it's only appropriate there's a few of these as well. Personally prefer console despite having a beefier PC (can't play Civ V and EU IV on console, so I'll never let that PC go), PC gamers who think there's no benefit to console gaming are parochial and narrow-minded, not superior ;).
xPhearR3dx  +   819d ago
The benefit is the console exclusives. Everything else can pretty much be done on a PC in a similar way just better if you have a good enough machine for it. In my case, I'm mostly a PC gamer but with a ton of friends on consoles from when I played. Plus, I love the latest tech. So I will be picking a PS4 up Friday with some exclusives, as well as a few multiplats I can get on PC, but I'll get on PS4 instead to play with those friends.
AD705  +   819d ago
I game on both but to be honest ease of use and cheaper initial price are really the only two things that consoles have over the PC.

Exclusives are a matter of preference and both platforms have great exclusives so you can never go wrong with both

For the most part pc versions always run and play better than their console counterparts

online is just better suited on PC. Better matchmaking, servers, more mature communities, more maps, higher player caps, etc....

graphics are always better on pc end of story.

MODS just completely change the way you play games and always keep you going back.

control options are better. I can use my mouse/keyboard or my 360 and ps3 controller for any game I want

emulators which allow me to play games from past retro consoles. Which is great for me since my retro consoles only work when I get lucky lol

backwards compatibility for all games. I'll still be able to play all the games I got this gen to the next one. Hopefully gaikai or something will come out to offer better BC for consoles.

Consoles have their place and they serve you well but a PC just does it all better. Not to mention you can save all kinds of money from pc gaming with services like origin and steam

I plan on getting a ps4 eventually but It will only be used for playing it's exclusives like infamous and killzone 4 and playing with my friends who don't own gaming pcs (atleast half of them don't)

Oh and I guess I can mention that I really wish some games like gta5, assassins creed, mass effect, and other games would get the same release dates on pc as they do on consoles because it sucks waiting on gta5 to get to the PC. But then again thank god I have a ps3 by my side :)

In the end to each his own and happy gaming.
Axe99  +   819d ago
You say more mature communities, but in the opposing corner, I give you the Dota 2 community ;).

I've actually found console and PC communities to be much of a muchness. You get the same kinds of idiots playing Counter Strike on PC as you do playing Call of Duty on console, and there are plenty of immature gits on SC2 and Dota 2/LoL. MMO and grand strategy crowds tend to be a little better though - I don't think you can roll in those games for any period of time without some maturity, and consoles don't have grand strategy (by and large), so you can have that one by an edge ;).

For me, though, it's ease of use. It's not having to search forums just to get games to run, or spending 3 hours trying different things before Mass Effect would even load (and even then, wouldn't let me play with a gamepad - this was before I made friends with Xpadder). There's just so much more that can and does break. The Witcher CTD'd literally every 1-2 hours, so I was quicksaving every three minutes. Gary Grigsby's World at War wouldn't save, was just bugged out. All you need to do is have a gander at tech support forums for PC games to see the headaches gaming on PC brings for many.

As long as those headaches persist, I'll prefer console. One of the jokes I make about PC gaming is "PC gaming, where gaming is only half the story" ;). I'm a gamer - I don't care for tinkering with builds or playing with config files to get my game to work, I just want to game goddamit! Of course, I still play PC, because there are games you just can't get on console that I want to play, and so I can deal with all the headaches that come with it. I have a reluctance to play shorter games on PC though - if I have to mess around for an hour or two to get a 30-100 hour game to work, well and good, but for something shorter it starts to be questionable value.

That's not to say I don't have respect for those that do like it - I just find it odd that PC and console only gamers often struggle to respect other gamers.
AirHype  +   819d ago
I always chose console over PC because of friends and "couch co-op". But since I'm switching from Xbox to PS4 I have no friends to play with :(
xPhearR3dx  +   819d ago
couch co-op exist on PC too you know.In terms of using a controller on the couch, and playing co-op on the same screen.
amnalehu  +   819d ago
you can add me. I'm also on PS4 now. I also was a PC gamer for many years and have recently come back to console. I spend my entire day working at a PC. The last thing I want to do is see a keyboard and mouse when I am trying to play a few rounds with my kids and friends.
decrypt  +   819d ago
PC has way more coop couch games than any console. Dont believe me?

Most current gen games are designed around single player. It was the previous gen consoles that did coop couch the best, guess which platform can emulate them?

Even then PC has 30 years of its own BC and has the largest collection of coop couch games. Hell new consoles when launched will hardly have any coop couch games. It will be a joke vs PC.


Easy build a HTPC, will be way more powerful than a console and just about as slim :P
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AirHype  +   819d ago
As someone who has built two personal gaming PCs, I have zero idea how you could possibly lug a huge computer from one persons house to another, plug it in to their living room tv and play in under 5 minutes.
webeblazing  +   819d ago
this you could get a mini tower or htpc case easy to move even make your own steambox. but this is a valid point.
Hifist1  +   819d ago
I'll take both. Of course PC is superior platform but i can't live without some console exclusive games.
RumbleFish  +   819d ago
Agree. So looking forward to Killzone Shadowfall. What a shame, we (Europe) have to wait longer... :(
webeblazing  +   819d ago
yeah every pc gamer points this out and even states why they love consoles, but when it comes to some consoles gamers they love to spread false information. and that what rubs people the wrong way.

like the countless ps fanboys on this site bashing other platforms because their game is not 1080p, 60fs, don't have ddr5, better gfx card, I could go on pc gamers on this site seem to be the mediators and be the voice of reason. pc gaming for nerd its funny cause in the 90s gaming period was said to be for nerds and little kids.
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mysteryraz11  +   819d ago
pc gaming is for nerds
pandehz  +   819d ago
You're living in the wrong year.
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mysteryraz11  +   819d ago
pc gaming is the nerds platform man, you guys always talking about specs and crap but not games, when the pcs most popular games are free games like league of legends and mmos like world of warcraft clearly, true pc gamers dont care about graphics and building 1000 dollar pcs to play boring tech demos like crysis
Axe99  +   819d ago
Indeed he is - from the comments section these days, it seems that PC gaming is for parochial, insecure folk who struggle to understand people that have different preferences ;). Nerds tend to be a little more broad-minded than your average modern-day PC-only gamer.
AD705  +   819d ago
What's so bad about being a nerd? Who do you think makes these video games and technologies in the first place? Those asshole jocks and dumb cheerleaders and popular cool kids?
SlapHappyJesus  +   819d ago
As is making weak attempts at trolling on a videogame website.
AirHype  +   819d ago
I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess he was being sarcastic?... No? okay.
Chrischi1988  +   819d ago
The way you say it, what is a console gamer?

The way you say it, he is an dumbass, not that I think that way, but actually PC gaming is not for nerds. All my friends have a gaming PC and believe me, not half of them would be considered by others as being even close to be a nerd.

World of Warcraft is not for nerds as League of Legends is not. You got real problems man, just because you cant play them on console doesnt make them any less of a game or just a nerd game, this just shows, how short minded you are.
starchild  +   819d ago
PC is the best fit for me. But everybody has different needs and preferences.
Axe99  +   819d ago
Amen to that - like what you like but respect what others like as well :).
Transporter47  +   819d ago
I have both, I tend to game on Console a lot, then comes periods where I do PC gaming a lot. I go back and forth, just play where you enjoy it, be a gamer not a fanboy.
mysteryraz11  +   819d ago
consoles have to be affordable putting in top end hardware in consoles makes them to expensive to mass produce, make a expensive console and it will fail, pc gamers are to obsessed with the hardware then the games, probally cant handle 8 bit games which are awesome lol
pandehz  +   819d ago
They are similar and yet different for ppl who want different things.

Its not an apples n oranges comparison either. Its mostly subjective, almost every time.

1. Price (I know most ppm are made to decide because of this, just like most of us don't own a Ferrari, though I'd love one) In my case I have a pc. Thought well I do need a computer to type this out so why not chip in a bit more.

2. Controller vs Keyboard/Mouse. They have their advantages but I personally feel kb/m is a winner in many ways. Well I don't need to explain this one really. Its a no brainer. If its only couch(pc or console) even then a wireless kb/m beats a controller.

3. Games. This is subjective.

4. Choice of platform followed by brand. Again depends on experience tastes and desires. I personally can't do without pc level quality of graphics, control, and accessibility. Though I do miss the occasional exclusive. But as far as overall experience goes in majority of games I feel pc delivers in spades.

5.Longevity,multipurpose. Personally this is the most important factor, even more than price. What am I putting my money on? Time to me is the most important factor and if this computer helps me play, get my work done and many other things in between the I'm willing to commit my time and money in it.

I'm sure others have differing opinions but these were my personal ones.
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Max-Zorin  +   819d ago
I game on both, and spend my spare time blowing up console war bases with C4, and burning fanboy flags with a blowtorch.
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AD705  +   819d ago
thats why I have high hopes for the steambox. It seems like the bridge between two gaming worlds the pc and console.

The ease and simple use of a console with the power of a pc and ability to upgrade, customize, and mod anything I want.
swishersweets20031  +   819d ago
in my own personal opinion of part of why i avoid going PC for gaming is every time i come on a article you always get some guy wanting to tell you how big his PC dick is. To me it just turns me off from that type of toxic community. Like i really care about your eye candy and fps bs.

I rather have my inferior console and feel comfortable with the gaming community that i like to play with. Pc elitist mentality turns me off and pretty much gives me the impression all pc gamers are nerdy d-bags.
SlapHappyJesus  +   819d ago
The entirety of the N4G community is acting the same way with this whole Resolution Gate nonsense.

How is that any different?

All console gamers seem to care about at the moment is resolution/fps bs.

I also must note you seem to be the person with "I don't play Gaybox" and "PS4 Master Race" right on his page. You know, because you don't show any bias towards a particular platform yourself . . .
Let's not talk about "PC elitists", unless we would like to be hit with the whole "hypocrite" label.
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swishersweets20031  +   819d ago
what are you some type of creeper. Ps4 is doing great now, they deserve the title of master race of consoles. Maybe in a year that can change but as far as now they are on top. Of course i dont like xbox that shit is garbage, you ever try playing a game online on it. Filled with tons of people telling you to blow them every time.
Anyways i wasnt talking about hardware.. no i was talking about the type of community that come with the scene. I dont like the PC community. Your claim on me is like your trying to say i troll forums and brag about the ps4 being master race.. i dont. Who cares if i put that on my personal profile. Doesnt mean i dont like PC gaming. Gamings great.. its the people like you that bother me. SO why are you bother me anyways? I hit a nerve because i said something negative about the PC gaming community? Dont bother replying im not going to read it. So go away nerdy dbag.
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Nyromith  +   819d ago
I play on consoles because I like Linux and hate DRM. Although I have a gaming PC, installing Windows on it and then being forced to use an intrusive client that I have to ask a permission every time I want to play a game just seems like a huge step backwards from my Arch Linux + PS360 setup.
SavageFlamingo  +   819d ago
How about everyone just plays whatever they want to play and not annoy the hell out of people with this endless debate? It's pointless.
TL;DR: He chose consoles cause he hates having options.
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pennywhyz  +   819d ago
PC is Godlike.
Moncole  +   819d ago
Its greater than that because its Gabenlike.
Psychotica  +   819d ago
Because you are afraid of computers or you still need mom & dad to buy things for you..
noctis_lumia  +   819d ago
why ?

cause sony always have the best exclusives
ATiElite  +   819d ago
LMFAO at the fanboy trying to Compare having to PAY $$$ for Console MP to a PC having a yearly anti-virus Fee.

Today's uncontrollable laughter comes courtesy of CUZZO63

Cuzzo63 ---- "Virus programs have to be renewed yearly. That would be the consoles online service. Consoles dont have to worry about viruses, hacks to some extent."

1. You can get a FREE Anti-Virus program and actually some of the Free Ones are better than the paid ones because they use less resources. I myself use a Free Anti Virus program and I get NO viruses because I'm aware of what I download.

2. You are typing this on a PC so therefore you Paid to play Console MP online and you PAID for an Anti-Virus program but you are trying to bash PC Gaming with some LAME Anti-Virus Fee that YOU yourself are paying PLUS you are paying for XBL or PSN+. OK then!

3. Xboxlive and PSN+ both have had their services HACKED along with Gamers having their accounts HACKED. It's an unfortunate part of Internet life that happens to everyone. But having Dedicated Servers and Admins sure is better than Peer 2 Peer gaming.

4. see #2 and continue laughing some more!
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Tzuno  +   819d ago
hook up a Xbox controller to your Pc and have fun.
kingduqc  +   819d ago
The only valid argument to be made here is the ease of use. That is true. I game on pc because IMO ease of user is overrated when you are not dumb and because the 10 000 reasons to game on pc overshadow the 1 argument you got to play on a console.
xJumpManx  +   819d ago
My favorite things about PC gaming are the prices and the Digital Media. I love having all my games playable within a click of my mouse instead of rooting around the collection looking for a physical disc. Also the prices of PC games are so much better than the console oounter part. With he launch of the new consoles I am looking forward to see how close they come to pc games now. I can not speak on the driver issues and compatibility since I am a software developer myself and have previous experience working in IT as well, so solving those problems is something I enjoy to do.
thebudgetgamer  +   819d ago
OMG, someone likes something different then me.
fullmetal297  +   818d ago
Is he the same person who complained that BF3 wasn't 64 players on PS3 because of MAG?
urwifeminder  +   818d ago
Best gaming move I ever made was to pc so many games cheap sold all my console multiplats replaying them maxed is great,but as a Forza fan I will be back for the xbox 1.

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