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Belking  +   244d ago
Drekken  +   244d ago
Say it loud, say it proud...
IcyEyes  +   244d ago
"Please Don’t Expect to Play D4 on Any Platform Besides Xbox One"

It's not a problem for me ... I will not buy both (XBone and D4)anyway.
Lalanana  +   244d ago
Exclusives lol
Rashid Sayed  +   244d ago
One of the only Kinect game I am looking forward to.
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4Sh0w  +   244d ago
Of course Swery its built from the ground up for Kinect.
saber00005  +   244d ago
Enjoy 720p!
creatchee  +   244d ago
Not as much as you enjoy making snarky 720p comments.
saber00005  +   244d ago
Not as much as you enjoy trolling trolls. XD
Mr Pumblechook  +   244d ago
Microsoft wouldn't touch Heavy Rain with a barge pole because it was too different and the risk was that the game would make a loss. But when it made millions they saw the potential in this new genre of games and have decreed they want their own version.
4Sh0w  +   244d ago
...edit damm well this game is very different Ill have to see how it plays out a bit more before being sold on it, all I know about this dev is hes really weird.
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Vithar  +   244d ago
Fishermenofwar  +   244d ago
My thoughts exactly...
NiteX  +   244d ago
Also what?
MorePowerOfGreen  +   244d ago
A guy making a buzz worthy game. I'm surprised you don't know, this game alone gets more buzz than any PS4 game. Oh I kid I kid. Or Am I?
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Gore-Content  +   244d ago
Though sh*t! Less money for you then. If the game won't come out on other platforms, don't expect people to buy your game at all, 'cept for those xbone loyalists.
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Sitdown  +   244d ago
If I plan to own both a ps4 and xbox one, and purchase this game, does that make me an xbox loyalists?
Gekko36  +   244d ago
Hey it's not the developers fault that the Praystation Move Technology is SH!T. (though they did get rid of the glow in the dark anal probe this time round,instead you shake your controller around.. so original)

As long as MS Kinect 2.0 delivers on it's promise Sony are f@cked with emersion and this developer think MS have got it right.
Orpheo  +   244d ago
Aww, the premise sounds interesting. Hope the XBO gamers have fun with this, I would've liked to see this come to PlayStation Move.
Shinox  +   244d ago
Nothing new here , Swery65 are the only japanese fanboys for M$ since the reveal of the original Xbox in 2001 so don't expect them say anything else beside that , overall most of their titles sucks and i'm surely expecting this game to flop like the rest of "D" games they make
christocolus  +   244d ago
its definitly on my list of games to get.
lifeisgamesok  +   244d ago
This is one interesting game I love the artwork and it's a murder mystery

The IGN gameplay video sold this game to me
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   244d ago
All I hope it doesn't get put out to pasture in the long run. I've seen too many games laid dead in the water from publishers expecting ludicrous numbers from niche titles.....
xxchicago33xx  +   244d ago
okay...thanks for the heads up Hidetaka Suehiro
MikeGdaGod  +   244d ago
never heard of him or it
DiRtY  +   244d ago
I think D4 might surprise some people. I will give it a shot for sure!
DARK WITNESS  +   244d ago
Well they have to try and justify the extra cost of Kinect with something.
babis1974  +   244d ago
what? d4? what is d4...XBOX1...ok
Shinox  +   244d ago
Funny thing that there wasn't D3 in the first place to begin with !
Its actually sounds like this LMAO

Xbox 360 >> XB1

D2 >> D4

A sudden switch come out of nowhere , makes sense though /s xD
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2cents  +   244d ago
Dark Dreams Dont Die

Four D's in the title, hence

2paclives  +   244d ago
Oh well.
ELFANKOOSH55555  +   244d ago
Lord Maim  +   244d ago
WeAreLegion  +   244d ago
Looked good. Sad I'll probably never get to play it.
SaveFerris  +   244d ago
Well, Deadly Premonition eventually ended up on the PS3. Never say never.
WeAreLegion  +   244d ago
Good point. I LOVE Deadly Premonition, btw.
AbortMission  +   244d ago
Meh, I don't think anyone cares
d0nT wOrrY  +   244d ago
Who cares? Go away with your mediocre game haha
XboxFun  +   244d ago
Excellent, another great exclusive for Xbox One.

*reads comments above*

Wow, I have never seen so many tears for a game not on their console of choice. Don't worry you guys have all those great two to three year old PC indie games to play.

Thank goodness for the Xbox One!
HUMDANGUR  +   244d ago
ooo ya cause indie games are so bad you derp ... we are getting warframe which is incredible , outlast , daylight which runs the unreal engine 4 , so please tell me why the ps4 is so bad ? the order 1866 , or maybe infamous second son ? , quantic dreams new game ? , yup and xbox one has sunset overdrive , this , and quantic break , and you guys get a good ol fashioned spy bot in your home GET EXCITED ! talk crap about ps4 indies all you want but indies are the SAVING GRACE ! of the industry you square minded fool .

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