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badboy776  +   821d ago
It's Micro$oft.
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WitWolfy  +   821d ago
"Updated with new pictures showing PS4 box which reads: 'Offline play enabled on PS4'. This message isn't available on the Xbox One box."

Am I the only one seeing this.. Why would Sony state on the cover of the game "offline play enabled on PS4", are you telling me that future PS4 games will eventually say "offline play disabled on PS4" for games like COD, BF ect ect in the future????

This worries me.. THIS WORRIES ME A LOT!!!!
Orpheo  +   821d ago
I'm guessing this means one of three things.

1) Convenience - PlayStation wants (casual) gamers to know that certain games, such as MMO's, will require the use of an internet connection to play. If you're a generally uniformed parent that may not have internet, or are very protective about letting your wee ones get online, you don't want to waste money buying your kid a game, having him / her rip through the packaging, not be able to play it, and than have the retailer who sold you the game refuse you a full refund because the game has been opened.

2) Advertising - Perhaps some multiplatform games on X-Box one will require an internet connection of some kind to work while the PS4 version will not. This could be PlayStation's way of informing the consumer that their system is more offline-friendly than their direct competition.

3) Perhaps a mixture of the previous two.

I'm leaning more towards reason one.
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ballsohard2013  +   821d ago
Didn't MS say a few months ago when they reversed the DRM policy that it would require a day one patch that would be available on day one....

Funny thing is that all the people complain about NSA type policies on the X1 but these are the same genius' that have cellphones which information is not only sold to third parties but is also subpenaed by the goverment, as already confirmed by all major cellphone carriers. Look down at that Iphone 5s, 5, 4s, 4, IPad, IPAd Mini, NExus, S4, S3, HTC One or whatever smartphone you carry around. See those two cameras (one on front, one on back)? Its always on too morons. And your every move is tracked... look at crime reality shows like Crime 360 or First 48 and witness how easy it is. So x1 kinect and DRM are minor issues compared to the larger scheme of things.

PS... if your reading this, that means your on the internet. What are you doing here? lol
bornsinner  +   821d ago
oh no i can't boot the ONLINE multiplayer OFFLINE :( how will i play ONLINE?
kingPoS  +   821d ago
I know Microsoft hiring Thor for banning duties was overkill. Sometimes the big guy enjoys his given task a little too much. lol
Goku781  +   821d ago
The never ending nightmare. Who really wants to put $500 into this knowing the hazards of what lies ahead. The high chances of this thing not being able to keep up with another system at 1080, not being able to play single player offline, inaccurate voice commands, and no real 1st party support.
ambientFLIER  +   820d ago
I truly enjoy giving you negative feedback every time I see one of your posts.
DJStotty  +   821d ago
Wow this is about the 5th story i've seen on this issue. As i remember Microsoft stated that until the DAY ONE patch is applied you wont be able to play offline? They said this when they qouted that "the xbox one will need a one time connection on purchase, and then you will be able to play any game offline" The guy that is sayin his console is bricked surely has the common sense to understand that the day one patch hasnt even been released?? Or is he suffering from mental retardation?? #gotoplaystationnews #stoptrolling #flamebait #rollonxboxlaunch
cactusjack  +   821d ago
so you need XBone live to play offline. haha makes total sense.
Clarence  +   820d ago
Seems like M$ still has it's DRM policies in place. Watch out people M$ might be trying to pull a fast one.
kungfuian  +   820d ago
So let get this straight?

The guy downloads the day 1 patch, which worked obviously or he wouldn't have been able to use the system at all and post the videos he did; plus we know the system will not work until the patch is downloaded from others who got the system early.

So he posts videos of his system working online on their store and Microsoft bans his system, and now the banned system can not play online or offline games and is basically bricked.

If this is what happened it does not imply they are imposing mandatory drm and it has nothing to do with the patch (which obviously worked at some point)!

From the evidence it appears they can brick your entire system (both online and offline) with a ban. This is huge if true!!!

Has anyone gone to Microsoft with questions about the nature of bans on the new system? Can and will they be banning systems both online and offline (aka fully bricking systems)? If so what does this mean for bricked systems? Can they be resold/rebooted or are they worthless bricks until bans are lifted? Will they ban systems or accounts? If I have multiple accounts on one system and say my little brother gets banned on his account will they brick the entire system for all accounts???etc. etc.

Anyone ask Microsoft about these things????
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tonywood  +   820d ago
I ain't gonna lie.....MS gets on my nerves. Thing is this through: Microsoft is a computer company, and runs EVERYTHING that way. All these policies are made to e sure they take 100% NO losses.

Look at their games....only have 2 dominant exclusives. They buy a the good games/devs and live off those. In my opinion, MS doesn't really care about gaming, and only see the dollars. These policies are just the thing that made MS the software they live that way. Old school gamers hate this (myself included), but these mainstream "fanboys" (who talk about games, but probably didn't even play/finish most of the great ones) don't get it. MS don't want to take losses, could care less about the fun of console launches, new games, review magazines & shows (Xplay needs to get picked up by spike TV!), or internet/YouTube personalities.
Harmy666  +   820d ago
This has already been debunked by Microsoft, this isn't news...
cell989  +   820d ago
where? how?
cell989  +   820d ago
hmmmm I was wondering why my COD box said "play off line" I was like "why would they put that" this explains a lot
Tommyboy4550  +   820d ago
I'll just say this if Xbox One games require Cloud Computing for games then the only logical answer is you have to be connected at all times. I am surprised they don't have that labeled on the back of the games. If you don't have a Xbox live connection enjoy your $500.00 Xbone.
XSpike  +   820d ago
It needs the power of the deee Cloud to get 720p, online only!
McScroggz  +   820d ago
I have a hard time believing this. I have no real basis for my opinion, other than I don't think Microsoft would make CoD: Ghosts require XBLG to play offline - that's pre-DRM reversal. Maybe the update isn't finished, maybe somebody is lying. I guess we will know in a couple weeks though.
4lc4pon3  +   820d ago
mean while over in the sony camp a user gets his PS4 early and Kazuo says go ahead and play. Gotta love M$
Morgue  +   820d ago
If it wasn't for the internet I would've even been able to read this article.
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