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allformats  +   317d ago
Word is the game's single-player stutters badly on Xbox One and less so on PS4.

As for multiplayer, we haven't heard of framerate dips for PS4.

So this is good news for both platforms, I suppose. Smooth framerate in MP.

Still though, Infinity Ward could have done better, man. Especially after copy and paste-gate.
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black0o  +   317d ago
u know COD is all about MP so i guess they gve 110% on the MP section of the game

no issues with MP = :) customer
4Sh0w  +   317d ago
yeah I think a lot of it was damage control after knocking the X1 version for the lower res, then we find out a lot of actual reviews say the ps4 version had framerate issues so the same haters had to find more fault with X1. Either way its evident COD has been rushed besides launch games are just devs first shot at working with new hardware so better stuff always comes later.
black0o  +   317d ago
^^ it u the one doing damage controll, the xBone version has frame drops worst then the PC/PS4 version which run at 1080p
Volkama  +   316d ago
It's a shame COD turned out to be a poor game overall. If it was awesome it would have been an interesting clash between the philosophies of the new consoles.

Better resolution on the PS4 vs dedicated servers for the One. Which would people go for?

Unfortunately the people educated in the differences between versions are also people that see the game is a dud, so the answer will be "neither!"
theRell  +   317d ago
Not many, but this one review did say it happened in multiplayer for reasons unknown.
Bigpappy  +   317d ago
You are trying too hard allformats. The only issue X1 version has is resolution. I consider that miner for the game itself, but is a 1up to PS4 in "the console war". If they fix the frame rate issue with the PS4 version by release, that might move some COD fans away from X1 version. If they don't then X1 will be where most will play. That is all to it.
Visiblemarc  +   317d ago
Look at the only public xb1 footage of multiplayer. There are obvious framerate issues. Also, many who have had time with the xb1 version say that both modes have serious framerate issues. Of course that excludes Destructoid....that said, some have said their PS4 experience was smooth. Bottomline: won't know till the embargo lifts, but expect xb1 issues (afterall, even high end pcs have COD:Ghosts issues, it's not connected to the usual power debate)
FamilyGuy  +   317d ago
X1 version was getting more pre-orders for ghost (in the U.S.) before any of this resolution stuff was even known. PS4 gamers have been divided further because in addition to Ghost and BF4 we have Killzone SF. There are also some free to plays FPSs that might hold people over. X1 basically only has Ghost and BF4.
SilentNegotiator  +   317d ago
"The only issue X1 version has is resolution"

I guess that's why it's being reported that it has framerate problems?

Lie much, Pappy? Talk about trying too hard.
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strickers  +   317d ago
Well that's not what some are saying. I guess you know best and it just happens to align with your world view. How odd.
scott182  +   317d ago
Do we know for sure either has frame rate issues or not? We know for sure about resolution, but we have heard that both platforms stutter somewhat. Is it a fact or just a rumor for both? I know what the speculation is...
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kayoss  +   317d ago
The problem is not x1 or ps4, the problem is activision. They are too lazy to optimize the game for the platform. PC s are powerful and if they have issue running a game like Cod ghost then the problem lies with activision.
Don't know th reasons for frame drops or stutter but it seems that activision is trying rush this game out before next gen launch so that they can increase their sales number. If you think about, people who buy a next gen console will have a high chance of picking up COD so that thy have one thing to play.
FanboyKilla  +   315d ago
lol xone day one.
whoyouwit04  +   317d ago
I seriously doubt that there are problems with the campaign, if there were don't you think we would've hear about from a reliable source by now.
Juiceid  +   317d ago
Only problem I know of is its only four freaking hours long! Boooo!
FrigidDARKNESS  +   317d ago
Of coursE it does after seeing the direct feed video of game play .all these lies and FUD from the folks on the other side is horrendous about the game frame rate.
B-radical  +   317d ago
Well all i know it supposedly mainly it's the next gen consoles that are having frame rate issues yet this site says otherwise
NatureOfLogic  +   317d ago
We'll see.
W3R3W00F  +   317d ago
That's nice.

But it's still Call of Duty.
Objective  +   317d ago
First wave of games on a console should never be taken as indicative of the potential of a new console anyway. Game was probably designed with current gen in mind anyway.
1lawrence  +   317d ago
Caution guys he just played one match not long enough to no if the framerate is stable
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MorePowerOfGreen  +   317d ago
Like I said I can't believe Sony talked devs way into making PS4 games run at higher resolution at the cost of performance just for marketing hype bragging rights(weak offerings so make PS4 seem more capable among media and fanboys that would eat it up)

As if this turd of a game with current gen graphics and an outdated engine is some sort of performance milestone proving hardware strenght based on resolution of 2006 visuals. MSFT said make it run well, Sony said make seem like PC spec.

The animations! Good! GOD!

There is no excuse for this effort by the COD devs. Xbox One exclusives are the most visually and technically impressive on consoles and they offer this?
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Lord Maim  +   317d ago
Well that's paranoid beyond the pale.
SpinalRemains138  +   317d ago
You blame SONY and Infinity Ward for Xbox One's weaknesses.

Never underestimate the power of denial.
Riderz1337  +   317d ago
I don't understand how the game can have FPS drops when running on a GTX Titan but it runs perfectly on an Xbox One, which is even less powerful than a PS4...This does not make sense.

Also, the dude played on match?! From the article:

"and I really enjoyed the one match I played"

The majority of the FPS problems reviewers were complaining for the FPS Drops was in single player...
B-radical  +   317d ago
It all comes down to optimization not power..... Why are you so upset by this article?
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Riderz1337  +   317d ago
Never said I was upset, it's just weird to judge the way the game runs by one multi match.

FPS drops on Xbox One version.
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NikonSteve  +   317d ago
Went to youtube to see Xbone Cod Ghosts gameplay playback options: 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and LOL yeah right!
Mini0510_13  +   315d ago
Lol you are concluding the resolution of cod ghosts on xbone based on youtube videos? You do realize that some people dont even upload 1080p videos regardless whether the game supports 1080p or not
NikonSteve  +   313d ago
Yeah especially when Microsoft uploads it. Your argument is invalid.
Mini0510_13  +   313d ago
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Mini0510_13  +   313d ago
So? Even though Rubin said this game is 720p on xbone, thats the point.

Just because an uploader doesn't upload 1080p videos doesn't mean the game doesn't support 1080p? it might be optimal for the companies to upload higher resolution videos for promotional purposes. But that doesn't mean if they upload 720p videos, oh, right away, 1080p is not supported for sure

lol wow. you got the right idea but your logic is flawed. fail. But then again, i was too lazy to type 5 sentences that day...
Kayant  +   317d ago
How is it possible that only the XB1 seems to have no framedrop issues yet on pc frames drop just from something simple as zooming in(Titan) --->

Something doesn't match up here. He did also play one match also.
KNWS  +   317d ago
Sony fans you guys are in complete denial its scary really watching it.

The PS4 multiplayer drops frames it been confirmed by numerous gaming media outlets now. Players have said it too.

The XB1 multiplayer is running fine so far no drops.

I don't blame the PS4 for this, i blame the game. There is a reason the XB1 runs ghosts at 720p is poorly optimised to run higher than that.
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georgenancy  +   317d ago
the multiplayer has drops,you're the one in denial
GrandpaSnake  +   317d ago
Lol @ the people in here acting like the x1 has no frame problems haha.
MasterCornholio  +   317d ago
Two words: Digital Foundary

Nexus 7 2013
FrigidDARKNESS  +   317d ago
Digital Foundry reviews are biased and can't be trusted.
MasterCornholio  +   316d ago
OK then Lens of Truth.

But let's get one thing straight, you don't want to see comparisons between multiplats because you know what the results will be like. Your afraid of the PS4 getting superior versions of multiplats right?

Nexus 7 2013
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DoesUs  +   317d ago
Yep. DF analysis will do a fair comparison unlike the recent BF4, but at least they're redoing that one at launch.
BobBelcher  +   317d ago
lol, classic commenters: if you don't like what the article states, you just find another article that says the opposite and state that as "more factual."
starchild  +   317d ago
Yep, such is the way of the fanboy.
ELCUCO  +   317d ago
Digital Foundry better get this one right come Nov 22.

Edit: I just read the article. That guy only played ONE MATCH! Cmon GTFO here with your impressions off ONE MATCH. Any COD veteran knows you can't judge COD off one match, let alone write an article about it.
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SpinalRemains138  +   316d ago
We've seen the videos and every version suffers from frame rate issues.

I trust what I've seen more than what someone says.
Trekster_Gamer  +   316d ago
all the haters can hate, it still looks just as much fun to me as all the other call of Dutys have been. Over the top single player action and really good multiplayer, can't wait to play this on my Xbox One day one!

Trolls and Sonybots disagree and reply below...

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