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objectivePSfan  +   754d ago
pretty game that plays horribly. Those are my thoughts after watching a good chunk of that.
mikeslemonade  +   753d ago
It's average looking. Y'all are just too easily pleased. Just because it looks better than current-gen. Its gotta look better considering the scope of the game is pretty small.

The beginning looks good but once they get into the action in the middle the environments just look barely ahead of current-gen.

Seriously, take a closer look at the water, the pieces of wood, and ship in the back ground. Some current gen games actually meet or surpass that garbage.
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JackISbacK  +   753d ago
man you are realy pathetic ,i know you are sony fanoy ,just tell me what makes you please that you must buy killzone shadowfall yeah i know the answer graphics and is the same reason here ,i've tried killzone shadowfall and it looks and play likes just mve on ,if you fing some guy lokking to other direction ,just take them out and move forward yeah this is what i played ,it was having amazing graphics ,i never found any preview that state that killzone is a good game very one said there is terrible level design and multiplayer is more weak then cod mp ,yeah they wewre having one thing in common that it is having amzaing graphics ,yeah i also say that ,but atleast this game brings some chalenges to player yeah it is not having much scope but it is more kind of cinematic game where more you listen to story and watch cinematics than playing game ,and yeah your comment on water ,yo ho buddy i think you are wrearing glasses made by sony especialy for fanboys ,these are the best watter efects ever seen on any game.
mikeslemonade  +   753d ago
What's pathetic is your message is barely comprehensible.

As for the water it doesn't look real. When I played GTA5 it was either I didn't have high expectations, but all I can say the water in GTA5 impressed me mainly because it was open-world and they made the water look this good. Putting in context for Ryse's background water, the water simply doesn't look real. The water looks good but not good enough and it does not meet next-gen expectations.

And I'm pretty much saying Ryse barely meets next-gen graphics expectations. You are pretty much fooled into thinking it looks great because of the cinematic camera zooming in and out. Just look at the gameplay. Stop being biased about the beginning part and look at what the game offers in the middle.

In Killzone there's damage, there's multiple ways of completing the mission, and different avenues of approach. Don't even bring Killzone into discussion because quality wise it's better than COD and looks better than BF. It looks more interesting than BF too.
UltimateMaster  +   753d ago
Is it my screen, is it the livestream?
Damn, it's really choppy.
Has this been taken directly from the Xbox One or an external capture card? Because this sucks.
Game looks good btw. But the framerate issues are horrendous, I'm assuming it has something to do with the stream.
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UltimateMaster  +   753d ago
Ok, it was worst than this this afternoon, now it's more decent.
But it looks more like 20fps at some times.
Ko_Uraki  +   754d ago
Very beautiful. Maybe it is a bit repetitive, but I've heard that there are final bosses and of course the hack and slash genre is it is not a surprise.
Saviour  +   753d ago
well batman games are repetitive too.
Polysix  +   754d ago
1 hour or 1 minute.. it's all the same.. QTEZzzzzzzzzzzz
Fishy Fingers  +   754d ago
A game I'll get bored of playing before I'am at looking at it. Great graphics though.
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Jovanian  +   754d ago
Oh look a sword fighting game where you don't control the directionality of strikes, people patiently wait in line to attack you even if they are at your flank, and you can do extravagant moves killing 2-3 people by pressing a single button in a very generous time window
MiloGarret  +   753d ago
What are you talking about? He kept getting hit by soldiers striking at him from behind when he was fighting another. Finishing moves are no different than say obliteration techniques from the Ninja Gaiden games, except here you get more specific rewards from executing two/three button prompts correctly.
Maxor  +   754d ago
I don't see the hate at all. These gameplay footage actually look good. The graphics are amazing and truely nextgen. Just look at the texture quality and high poly count characters.
christocolus  +   754d ago
ryse looks really good..
CaptainPunch  +   754d ago
Game defiantly looks great, however looks pretty repetitive. I really hope it turns out to be a good game.
GmIsOnPt360  +   754d ago
Well I agree that it's not the most impressive in terms of variety is basically Batman combat Myness gadgets. And the lack of gadgets is actually pretty big because it doesn't Leavue room for variance you basically hack and slash but Batman offered hack and slash with free flow and also had gadgets to make doing the same thing somehow different by mixing it up with a bad orang by mixing it up with a stun. But Again this is a launch game not only is it a launch game it is also the first iteration of a launch game it's not God of war for launching God of war this launching Batman three watching it's rise one it's their first venture into the franchise I feel like everybody wants to be so critical of everything gaming in and take it to this intense level that everything is Pulitzer Prize I mean it's like sometimes when you read a review of a comedy and people say it wasn't serious or what have you. We got a let games be what they are sometimes and this one fills the void of a emotional pack and/filled with violence. Game I think that too many people hold everything to this high high standard it's 60 bucks you want to buy don't don't bye
LordMaim  +   754d ago
MRMagoo123  +   754d ago
So in all honesty this game should be bagged by the xboners right ? I mean the game looks ok but the gameplay is a snorefest and if i remember correctly gameplay is the only thing that matters to xboners, this game has no gameplay lol
lifeisgamesok  +   754d ago
Throw spears, 100 different executions, coming together as a unit to block arrows from archers like in the movie 300, God powers, kicking down enemy ladders, choosing health or damage multiplier during battles

Here is your gameplay
MRMagoo123  +   754d ago
choosing health and damage multiplyers, kicking ladders and telling units to block arrows is gameplay to you ? Come off it, i swear you guys would defend the game if it had one button and you could just hold it till the game ended, and from what some reviewers have said its not that far off.
vallencer  +   753d ago
I just don't understand why you have to come onto this article spewing your negativity. If it doesn't look good to you then fine. But it looks great to a lot of people. Not every game has to cater to you.
Hercules189  +   754d ago
Gameplay looks boring because he cant swing around a 30lb sword like a baseball bat, and he cant shoot fire from his hands. In all honesty when an xbox game tries to go for a slow,realistic gameplay it gets hated on that it doesnt have the variety of Gow or Dmc, well duh it doesnt and you shouldnt expect it to. Now you can see all the Sony fanboys circlejerking about how bland and realistic Killzone 2 was and even tho it was trying to be different from Halo and other games, it doesnt have the variety of games like any Halo game
Saviour  +   753d ago
u want realistic games? enjoy ur own life start playing games :). games are for fun not real life.
ExitToExisT  +   754d ago
If the guy on the thumbnail is the main character, he looks like Cevat Yerli (CEO of Crytek).
James Vanderbeek  +   754d ago
i can only imagine what god of war is going to look like on the ps4.
Vectrexer  +   753d ago
pretty I am sure and also make more repetitive than ever ...
aviator189  +   754d ago
When did having a very deep combat system become so important for hack-and-slash games?
God of war doesn't have it and neither do the majority of other hack-and-slash games and they receive heaps of praise..

Why single Ryse out?
Honestly, I'm just wondering.
LordMaim  +   754d ago
It's not necessary for a hack-and-slash game.
It's necessary for a *good* hack-and-slash game...
LordNikon  +   754d ago
Doesn't GoW have more variety (as well as, great animations) in the gameplay? Multiple weapons to equip, multiple combo's and skills for those weapons, and magic. What variety is there in Ryse?
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vallencer  +   753d ago
Probably a whole games worth. It's not even out yet and the most we've seen of it is this gameplay video really. Every hack n slash starts out slow and gradually builds to being more diverse and fast. I'm sure this will as well.
max0583  +   753d ago
I know why,it's not on PS4.otherwise people would be saying "omg Did you see that deep combat" "best exclusives on PS4.etc.
thejigisup  +   754d ago
now i dont even have to play the game. sweet. watched this, and they'll have ryse tv show on youtube im sure. so yeah that was a great game.
LEOPARD1030  +   754d ago
Looks good, maybe would be great if the combat were more real, maybe a stamina indicator and more realistic injuries on the main character could change the experience in favor of the immersion, but technically looks great. Maybe the studio hadn't the enough time to go deeper in the gameplay but is a nice game, congratulation MS.
wages of sin  +   754d ago
This is the game I want to play the most, but I can already tell that ratings wise, it will be very polarizing.
Obscure_Observer  +   754d ago
Many desperate around here. We get it. You don´t like it. Don´t need to repeat yourselves to many times.

Besides, once you made your comments and opinions clear, try to not show up in every Ryse article to criticize.

Makes you sound like a liar, envious, and a sad fanboy. You see, person with an opinion that cannot be taken seriously.

Just saying.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   754d ago
The game looks amazing can't wait.
Vectrexer  +   754d ago
watched the entire video and it looks like a blast. Some say it's repetitive? Well that's about 98% of any game you have ever played. The game looks really fun with a good story.

Can't wait!!
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max0583  +   753d ago
Agree.Multiplayer looks promising
PaulFiend  +   753d ago
Cute but boring. :(
strigoi814  +   753d ago
if i am the AI i will just walk away, sit and wait for my turn..lolz
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jhoward585  +   753d ago
The questions is, are we comparing Apples vs Apples here?

I think not b/c the PS4 doesn't have a games that has lots of characters and objects on screen at the same time Like DR3/RYSE. Rendering over 100 characters/objects on screen at the same time demands more processing power from the CPU/GPU to run. That why RYSE it ruining at 30 FPS. My point is, I would like to see the PS4 render 100s of character/ objects on screen.

I Won't 'pass judgement on the bone just yet.
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