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parentoftheyear  +   826d ago
Seems Luke there is some tension with Microsoft.
Fireseed  +   825d ago
Lolwut? They have different programs, that's it.
UNCarolinaBlue  +   825d ago
Yeah, but can you cross platforms with the upgrade. I mean, from XBox 360 to PS4, and get the "for $10 more" deal. I seriously doubt the stats would transfer over, but could be possible.
dazzrazz  +   825d ago
Upgrade lol , more like a downgrade for extra cash to a 2007 title
LaidBakLazyHippo  +   825d ago
To bad I can't trade in my 360 version for the ps4 version :(
Fat-Milkers  +   825d ago
Should be Call of Duty Ghosts: Refund Program explained.
Flipflopp  +   825d ago
What gets me is that if you want to trade up from the PS3 it says to hold on to your disc. Put the code in, download the game on PS4, then insert PS3 disc into PS4 to play the game. If the PS4 is not backwards compatible to PS3, then why does it need the PS3 disc to run the game?


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