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rambi80  +   834d ago
Not counting digital sales? Good grief
dcj0524  +   834d ago
I'm one of the digies
Zefros  +   834d ago
WHAT!?! 29 million!!!! holy shit!
BitbyDeath  +   834d ago
Well deserved
marc 1975  +   834d ago
defo what a great game !
DanielGearSolid  +   834d ago
ivan510  +   834d ago
People seem to be understanding this wrong. They have SHIPPED 29 million copies not sold. Which means most of those copies have gone to stores and waiting to be bought. Same thing happened with BF3 when they shipped 14 million copies and people thought it sold more then MW3, but they many of those shipped copies didnt sell.
KwietStorm  +   834d ago
And they've sold through 23 million weeks ago. Insane and remarkable numbers no matter how you want to look at it.
solidt12  +   834d ago
Yeah but the store already bought 29 million so to Rockstar that's sold. but not retail sold.
cdrorbaugh  +   834d ago
You still don't understand the number's 23 million copies sold retail in store..
hay  +   834d ago
@cdrorbaugh: You both are right.
solidt12 wrote clearly retailers bought 29 million copies, therefore Rockstar already made their money.
It's shops problem now to sell all of it. But it's also true that 23 million copies have been sold at retail.
B-radical  +   834d ago
It will surpass cod which is an amazing feat
kingPoS  +   834d ago
Over 23 million sold in less than sixty days... tell me that's not impressive.
AntoineDcoolette  +   832d ago
That's not impressive.

cell989  +   834d ago
the huge install based definitely helped
cyclindk  +   834d ago
I don't play sports games, let alone Tennis (not since some demo disc on PS1!!!)

I can honestly say, I loved playing tennis in GTA V, game is astounding with all you can do and how well it is all implemented.

Love the submersible as well.

Truly a top of the line game
RXL  +   834d ago
i found myself playing golf and messing around in the stock market more than stealing cars and causing mayhem..that is ridiculous and funny to me. where are the headlines? "Video games teaching our kids about.....GOLF and ECONOMICS!?"
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cyclindk  +   834d ago
Or yoga of all things!
Spontogical  +   834d ago
what the actual fuck? 29 MILLION units? Whether that's shipped or sold doesn't matter.

29 Million units!? how is that even possible?
Misaka_x_Touma  +   834d ago
mario kart wii is at 34 million it possible
Spontogical  +   833d ago
yeah I know but that's Mario Kart - they bundle that with everything in existence.

These days any game that crosses 3 million I'd say is a super success.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   833d ago
Mario Kart Wii was not bundled at launched.
But it came with Wii Wheel.
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josephayal  +   834d ago
good job rs, nothing can beat game consoles
plaZeHD  +   834d ago
The single player disappointed me to a degree. Not a lot of fun content like in San Andreas.
KwietStorm  +   834d ago
You sure you're not talking about GTA IV?
Pogmathoin  +   834d ago
I just love switching between the characters to see what they were doing.... Trevor waking up on a beach wearing a dress and dead bikers around him..... Brilliant!
sprinterboy  +   834d ago
I wonder how many of them are under 18, I bet 50%.
paul-p1988  +   834d ago
Judging by who i have played against online, i would say you could be right!
DJrantz  +   834d ago
Good news. Now the company will grow and invest in bigger better games
Killman  +   834d ago
$60 x 29,000,000 = 1,740,000,000

I know there are other markets to consider, that is insane profit.
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kingPoS  +   834d ago
I'm quite sure it doesn't follow that pattern. I highly doubt any one corporation takes in 100% of a $60 game.

How are Sony and Microsoft getting paid, Hmmm... I'm guessing they take a cut.

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