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cunnilumpkin  +   837d ago
there should be ZERO hours of single player

this is battlefield

only the lame bad company spin off should even bother with the single player and only on those consoles that cannot even run real battlefield games
quaneylfc  +   837d ago
how shit can you get, if ea get a modern day war story right i'll backflip on videocamera
spektical  +   837d ago
cmon is anyone surprised. anyone buying COD, BF for the single player clearly does not have priority in gaming in check. You want a FPS story, check out KZ, Spec Ops, Resistance etc.
quaneylfc  +   837d ago
cods has the courtesy to be longer than 6 hours. people need to cut cod some slack, its not THIS lazy
venom06  +   837d ago
All these stupid responses and NOBODY I MEAN NOBODY read his review where he said he ACTUALLY ENJOYED the SP campaign.. Typical N4G..
kingcorey  +   837d ago
Hmmm. Ill take kzs and titan fall
wishingW3L  +   837d ago
but Titanfall doesn't even has a story at all. It's an online only game.
pwnsause_returns  +   837d ago
That's so disappointing smfh....
310dodo  +   837d ago
With such a small single player why do they bother making it?

Battlefield should be multiplayer only.
Thats why you buy it in the first place.
arbitor365  +   837d ago
ultra linear and 4 hours long

and people didnt want to believe me when I told them that KZ shadowfall would have a much better campaign. typical
Xristo  +   837d ago
So if 4 hours is too short and BF4 is a "rip off" for charging full price, who's buying Titanfall? You know it will be $60. Why do I not hear anybody calling Respawn out?

.....I'll tell you why. Just haters and hypocrites.
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AceBlazer13  +   837d ago
dice could never do a story right. even mirror's edge, great game sure but if not quitting from frustration every now and then the game could be beaten in one sitting.
JuniorCE  +   837d ago
And I see people complaining that Killzone Shadow Fall has only 10 hours of the single campaign... Crazy people...
ajax17  +   837d ago
Why do they even bother with the single player campaign? The same goes for CoD. They both should just make MAG like games.
ALLWRONG  +   837d ago
Battlefield is the new CoD
KodevEx  +   837d ago
They should remove SP and increase time in building the MP. I don't play COD or BF for it's story. Ever.
mii-gamer  +   837d ago
Why bother if you are not going to make it meaty? DICE should have focused on a Multiplayer only game
MrChow666  +   837d ago
lol , thanks, but no, thanks!
90Supra  +   837d ago
....don't give a fuck!

Need that MP!
Gore-Content  +   837d ago
qzp  +   837d ago
The single player for BF3 was pretty bad, if you didn't play it exactly how they wanted you to, you would walk into invisible walls and have scripting errors.
lyliade  +   837d ago
It's more 3 hours than 4! but more action than bf3.It's better more action for a short of time than too long and less action,no?
SlyFamous02  +   837d ago
Well thats pathetic.
ninjahunter  +   837d ago
you know how much 4 hour games cost? Not $60 that's for sure.
Tru_Blu  +   837d ago
I've played countless hours on BF and I could care less if they just skip the single player completely.
monkey602  +   837d ago
I would usually be annoyed by this being a story lover but I'm getting this to play with friends and the campaign is of no interest to me whatsoever. I'll have killzone for that. I bought blops 2 to play with friends and barely touched the single player at all. (Actually that's a lie I won blops 2 in work)
Angerfist  +   837d ago
If i would have the money and interest for a new console right now, i say Killzone is the most advanced FPS out there, no strings attacheed, nothing. Just pure next gen. BF and even more COD make it look pointless to go next gen right now, they look average.
Relientk77  +   837d ago
Lame, I'd like a longer campaign
DirtyBollix  +   837d ago
What was the point of even adding a campaign if they weren't going to do it properly? Blehh...
tonywood  +   837d ago
4 hours is all u need!

First person shooters is about robust online play. I have playstation, there are plenty of lengthy single player games for my heart's delight.
Naughty__Boy  +   837d ago
4 hours is enough
i still have bf3 and have not touched the sp
bf is all about the mp
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