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Omar91  +   830d ago
How am I not surprised...
allformats  +   830d ago
For me, Battlefield = Multiplayer.
ZBlacktt  +   830d ago
This and that is why 90% of the dev focus in on that. The life of a game is multiplayer. More so in FPS games.

Back at you iamnsuperman

Countless hours in a very well supported online "mainly" game.

Meanwhile look at the single player trophies compared to online.... looks 95/5 ratio going to the single player. Anyone can rush a game....

Now, pull up this ONE person word on the game ( yet millions will be sold ) and see just how much he did trophy/achievement wise in his well spent 4 hours.
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SanMarco  +   830d ago
I may play it then. Fps sp should always be short and sweet.
iamnsuperman  +   830d ago | Well said
"The life of a game is multiplayer"

I completely disagree. Its community is the social aspects but that isn't the full package. I have far more respect for those developers who make a brilliant story and tell it so well because it is so difficult to achieve. The experience some developers create out of nothing is remarkable. That is a huge part to a game and multiplayer can never create those experiences that only occur in single player campaigns (some big experiences to have). Multiplayer does its thing but don't knock the single player campaign
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Blastoise  +   830d ago
They should have either focused 100% on multiplayer like Titanfall or put some effort into a worth-while campaign like Killzone Shadowfall
Kran  +   830d ago | Well said
And this is what is wrong with gaming.

It's like people who buy CoD for Zombies.

TopDudeMan  +   830d ago
Because they know 70% of the players are gonna just skip the single player.
Septic  +   830d ago
Battlefield 2 was a pure multiplayer game. I couldn't care less if BF4 had a single player portion to the game. The core of the game is MP.
Army_of_Darkness  +   830d ago
I'm definitely not buying this crap then.. . Bf3 campaign was fun but I found it to be to short and this is even shorter? ! F#uck that. Killzone shadow fall all the way.
joab777  +   830d ago
Exactly. Most wouldn't even care if they replaced sp with 3-4 new maps. But, 4 hrs is about 8-10 with higher difficulty and a little more for trophies. But, for $60 to get what should b a gorgeous high octane sp campaign in addition to the mp...definitely worth it. The trailers look pretty good.
Ju  +   830d ago
$60 + tax and a 4 hour campaign? Hmm....
Enemy  +   830d ago
Meanwhile, Guerrilla says Killzone: Shadow Fall's campaign is well over 10 hours. Some developers really don't care much for telling a story. But Battlefield 4 has always been about the MP.
minimur12  +   830d ago
im not really a fan of FPS shooters tbh, but i thought id give one a go at the start of a new gen, why not? and i can tell you that im pretty happy ididntopt for BF4, went woth KZ SF instead,im more of a single player guy anyway, and this completely turned me off it.
Bzone24  +   830d ago
It's a really good deal for people that don't have internet. $60 for 4 hours. $15 an hour. Should be marketed as an online only game.
Christopher  +   830d ago
So, I might pick it up a few years down the road. Good to know.

Until then, everyone enjoy the MP. Truly. Just, not for me.
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LOL_WUT  +   830d ago
The single player is just the icing on the cake everyone knows that BF's multiplayer is where its at ;)
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Sevir  +   830d ago
LOL DICE's Producer on BF4 said that their main focus was story and that this was about making players feel emotionally connected to the game and that shooters these days struggle and that BF4 would put more emphasis on making a stronger, lengthy campaign!... LOL and here we find out that it has a 4 hour story campaign!

Not that I had any doubt in my mind but Killzone is looking to be the FPS to own this Fall, with everything surrounding BF4 and COD I'm really glad that Ive got my head focused on that ONE shooter, built from the ground up for NEXT GEN.
ohiostatesman  +   830d ago
I shall be playing BF4 on Xbox One. Should be fantastic.
MysticStrummer  +   830d ago
If this is true, then I'll be buying it on deep discount if I buy it at all.
FATAL1TY  +   830d ago
BF 3.04 DLC
Zeniix  +   830d ago
It's the first time I actually got interested in the campaign of a bf game and now to hear it's only 4hours long made me a bit sad :/

This trailer especially got me hyped up for the story
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   830d ago
Of course Battlefield is all about the MP it always has been.
paranoid1971  +   830d ago
@Ju and hundreds of hours multiplayer
AliTheSnake1  +   830d ago
It's a cinematic experience with high production, that's why it's 4-5 hours long.
BattleAxe  +   830d ago
The best single player DICE ever made was Battlefield: Bad Company. If they could make another game like that, and have a fully featured multiplayer suite, they would have an absolute gem of a game.
Brix90  +   830d ago

No you I would have never guessed /
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Irishguy95  +   830d ago
Thinking back for myself...I have never played a Single player of Battlefield. Its a Multiplayer game to me.
NewMonday  +   830d ago
never cared before, but BF4 with a short campaign may actually get me to play it this time, this should mean it's not bloated.
badz149  +   830d ago
4 hours on NORMAL? LOL looks like they put the SP to justify the $60 price! looks like BF4 is gonna win the shorter campaign competition over CoD this time around!
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   830d ago
Games like this should be $40.00.
Sono421  +   830d ago
I'm telling you Battlefield 4 is going the way of cod! After playing the beta i'm convinced..

The whole beta felt like batttlefield 3.5 and i'm not the only one who felt like this.. alooot of Youtubers did as well.

Just seemed like Battlefield 3 with upgrades here and there.. don't get me wrong it was fun.. I was just a bit dissapointed..

Now the same people on here that bash cod for doing the same thing (very short campaign and very little changes to multiplayer) are here defending battlefield for doing it? Really guys?... I mean i'm still getting it because I paid it off before the beta came out and i'm hoping the final version will be great but seriously the double standard on here is ridiculous... and now all a sudden it's good to buy a game just for multiplayer? What is going on here?
ZodTheRipper  +   830d ago
- 4 hour campaign
- Purchaseable Private Servers
- Tons of DLC
- Cross-Platform game (releases on 6 platforms?)
- and not even a big difference to BF3
Have fun with that, guys :D
R6ex  +   830d ago
Short campaign?

I'll pass.
VENOMACR1227  +   830d ago

I agree, BF is all about the multiplayer. Single player games just don't have the life of a multiplayer game. Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Last of Us, all amazing brilliant games that are beautiful and have a great story, but after you beat the game once, maybe twice (to find hidden items and what not), what's left of the game? Multiplayer games stay in the gaming cycle for years. I'm still playing Ghost Recon Future Soldier online and the game is like 16 months old. I have friends on my friends list playing different COD's still. All the DLC is multiplayer related because thats the meat of the game. Titanfall has no single player and it's going to sell amazing. I've been waiting for a company to just produce a multiplayer game. Some of the most popular games are all multiplayer, COD, BF, Halo.
UltimateMaster  +   830d ago
Killzone's Single Player is 10 hours long.
You can also replay every map and use different tactics in them.
Some people say multi-player is important and I would agree. Killzone SF has both.
If you go off and play it, I'm sure you are going to enjoy both the single player and multi player aspect of the game.
I personally enjoy both.
pedrof93  +   830d ago
There's a campaign ?
MizTv  +   829d ago
Some games I get for sp others for mp
This is mp for me
Dude420  +   829d ago
I honestly think most of the reactions here are hilarious. BF games at the heart were always about MP. If you're really shelling out $60 for SP, then you're in way over your head. People should have learned by now that for all BF games, SP is not the main focus here, so why try to argue whether or not buying BF4 for SP is worth it?

I've also played BF:BC2 and while the SP was enjoyable, it was still kind of short. However, I didn't care because I clocked in so many hours in MP, it was worth the cost.

My take on the SP component? It's really just an introduction to the basic gameplay mechanics of the game, just so you get a feel of it. At the same time, they want to make SP exciting to keep you engaged and learn.

You guys should know by now that MP is not a tacked on game mode, it's a completely different experience from SP and has a lot of quality to it. There are just so many things to do in MP of BF than say, in the MP of Killzone.

Buy BF4 for the MP, not for the freakin' SP. If you want a better SP, there are tons of other shooters out there.
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Kleptic  +   829d ago
well...I'm 3 hours in on normal...haven't died a single time, not rushing through it, but not taking my time either...and just started mission i'm barely half way done, mission wise...

i guess I could've got everything done in half the time it took me...but it involves what it always does...just mindlessly rushing past stuff in a speed run fashion...

The length so far is nothing to criticize...the persistence system within single player is actually pretty awesome, too...

and f* me this game is silly gorgeous on ultra...
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malokevi  +   829d ago
The single player has even been dragging down reviews. I don't know why they even bother. Next time around, I hope they wise up and focus all efforts on MP.
Ritsujun  +   829d ago
BF got COD'd.
iamnsuperman  +   830d ago
I agree and it is bad. First they confirmed is was basically a tutorial for the multiplayer and now this. I am sorry Dice but just scrap it. Not every develop can do single player games but it doesn't mean you do this. Either do it properly or not at all (BF3's story was awful. I had hoped your learnt from that)
angelsx  +   830d ago
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angelsx  +   830d ago
If you think bf3 story was awful you should see Bf4 story.I'm shocking
ZBlacktt  +   830d ago
Is this really you? 13 of 64 Trophies.... again, another person on this site who talks poorly on games and the only thing I ever see poorly is their effort put in the game.

Btw, I'll save you the time...

Mine from 2012:

Base Game
36 of 39 Trophies

I was lazy and never went back to do two Co Op missions ( two brozne trophies ) the other trophy is the Plat.

Anyone want to knock them out, I'll do them anytime.

One's the sniper no alarm, the other is no alarm with the pistols.
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Killustrious  +   830d ago
Did anyone else hear Killzone: Shadow Fall campaign is around 10-12 hours?? If so, I'm glad I pre-ordered KZ SF over BF4. Multiplayer for it looks amazing too
Applejack  +   830d ago | Well said

What does trophy count have to do with the effort and enjoyment of his game? I can't believe you just said that. Has this what these achievements/trophies have done to people?!?
kneon  +   830d ago
I got BF3 free with PS+ and that's a good thing because an hour into the SP I gave up due to boredom. I never even bothered to try the MP, there are too many other games to be played.
optimus  +   830d ago

What i learned from battlefield 3 was not to buy battlefield 4... It's inexcusable for a big time company like electronic arts and the millions of dollars they have not to put more effort in having a good lengthy single player what if a lot of people end up playing multiplayer more... If i was developing a game i would try to make it so it appeals to EVERYONE.

Personally, i never buy a game for multiplayer alone, in fact i barely play multiplayer on any game, mostly due to me not liking to play with strangers.
solid_snake3656  +   830d ago
If they drop sp they better drop the price on the game.. $60 for a multiplayer plus $50 for premium that's waaay too much
ZodTheRipper  +   830d ago
I hope Battlefront will be MP only. DICE's campaigns aren't worth my time, just as CoD's.
GTgamer  +   830d ago
I mean yeah people buy BF for the Multi but i also like to play the campaign and it looked awesome in those trailers but only 4 hours why even waste time to make a SP Campaign smh.
vickers500  +   830d ago
"why even waste time to make a SP Campaign smh."

This is just my guess, but it's probably to give the perception of value to the consumer (casual, hardcore or otherwise). I imagine there's some people who perceive a game that has a sp mode as automatically a better game (as there are some people who perceive a game that has a mp mode an automatically better game).

From what I understand, and correct me if I'm wrong on this, but multiplayer ONLY titles don't seem to do very well sales wise. And I'm guessing EA realize this fact, so they force DICE to slap together something that can barely be called a "story mode/campaign" in an attempt to please and cater to those casual gamers who make their purchasing decisions based on some stupid checklist of features. The casual gamer does not research a game before they buy it, they look and see if it has sp and mp, and unfortunately they will make their decision to buy that game based on the inclusion/lackof those modes.

The casual gamer might see that a game has no mp and might not buy it because of it. The same can be said of sp. That's why we don't see very many mp only titles outside of mmos. So they throw together some crappy mode, even though it isn't very good, because some people will buy it based on the fact that it has that mode, they wont do research on the quality of the game like those of us who visit game websites would, they just look at the words on the box and purchase accordingly.

The same thing can be said of games that are mainly sp games with mp tacked on. A lot of people are just looking for a check in the [x]multiplayer box.

Hopefully something like TitanFall or Destiny can change this perception and people will stop buying games based on that, so that mp and sp games devs can stop wasting time on modes that shouldn't be in their game.
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GTgamer  +   830d ago
What you said is very correct and understandable i think that's why multiplayer only games become free to play in the end.
Kurt Russell  +   830d ago
I play for the Multi, but even I think 4 hours is just bad... either DICE should make a good go of it, or not bother.
titletownrelo  +   830d ago
LOL, 4 hours!? Battlefield 3's was more than 6!!!
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vigilante_man  +   830d ago
I got mad at COD MW2 because I beat the SP in 5 and a half hours on easy - and I am crap at fps games! The story was so lame.

It seems this may be even worse. It is a shame because DICE seem like great developers with bags of talent. Getting Killzone SF anyway but would of looked at BF4 - not now.

And Killzone MP will have free additional maps.

This puts COD Ghosts back in the running, I guess...
lets_go_gunners  +   830d ago
Yet I don't understand how people get mad at titanfall. Does that 4hrs justify the 60 dollars more?
Ju  +   830d ago
No, it should be $30 or something. And if you like it so much, go buy map packs for the other $30. But this is a ridiculous trend, IMO.
MysticStrummer  +   830d ago
It's the same with any online only game. People complain about no story mode, then when a big multiplayer game has a short story people say it doesn't matter. It's two different groups of people, with some hypocrites mixed into both.

And no, that 4 hours isn't worth 60 bucks and I won't be paying 60 bucks for this game because of this news, assuming it turns out to be true.
assdan  +   830d ago
Yeah lol. jesus, no wonder they've barely even mentioned it.
Deadpoolio  +   830d ago
Uh COD isn't much longer...BF is about the MP...If you want SP stick with COD
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Steelmanner  +   830d ago
Sorry I am going to call fowl on this one. Although it is only 4 hours, keep in mind the battlefield series have had much stronger single player campaigns than COD has. Although it is only 4 hours, we can't say it isn't going to be a well written and designed 4 hours. However, in the same sense it could be a bad campaign, we won't know until launch.
Tsar4ever  +   830d ago
ONLY 4hrs? Very disappointed. I was hoping for at least 10 to 15hrs!! I know well that BF series is built on MP, But come'on Dice. 4hrs is all you can give "US" single players gamers who likes your game too? How bout some NCP's or AI-bots that could be played with or commanded on all mods & MP maps? ala Unreal Tournament series.

......PSSSZZT! Why Am I even trying? Well, I decided I don't want BF4 anymore, not for Ps3 or Ps4. I'll just tune-in on YouTube for the play-through & then watch all the crazy BF4 MP Follies.
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Zancruz  +   830d ago
I'm not surprised either, That's one of the main reasons I would like the option this Next Gen just to be able to buy the multiplayer part and save $20 or so...
xtremeimport  +   830d ago
showtimefolks  +   830d ago
i hate this idea that FPS shouldn't be judged too much for their short story when some excellent games in FPS genre have delivered as long as 10 plus hours of single player story. As someone who is mostly interested in single player story games the developers should really look into making the stories better and longer so people don't feel ripped off when they spend $60 on a 4 hours game.(grant BF4 is gonna have 100's of hours of MP)

killzone shadowfall is 10 plus hours
blackops 2 has atleast 7-8 if not longer
spec ops had 8-10
DeadlyFire  +   830d ago
You know Medal of Honor also had a 4 hour campaign. It didn't work out so well.

I feel like BF4 is just a quick cash in for next gen console launch pretty much. I don't mind it personally.

BF5 shouldn't come out for awhile so hopefully 4 fixes alot of stuff.
PSX04  +   830d ago
FPS = multiplayer speciality
ritsuka666  +   830d ago
Gaming has changed for worst, and part of that can be attributed to developers trying to please or draw in casual crap gamers to their titles.
EditorAtGNG  +   830d ago
It's not like they can't make a good Single Player campaign. The Bad Company games had simple story-lines but they were still interesting and featured a hell of a lot of fun set-pieces and awesome destructible combat.

Why can't Dice just use that formula, rather than make up a laughably short 4, hour campaign that doesn't even deserve to be there? Seriously, if you aren't even up for doing something, why do it half-arsedly?
CJDUNCAN  +   830d ago
And there's a problem that Titanfall is strictly online? At least the story is tied into the multiplayer, but this is a shame that some will buy a full priced game and get shortchanged like this.
clouds5  +   829d ago
Guys it's an EA game... What are you expecting? Since 10 years all they do is releasing DLCs to their franchises with (sometimes) updated graphics.

I don't say that much and in general I'm against piracy but plz pirate their games. EA has to go.

Btw I never understood what's so cool about BF anyway. Consoles have KILLED the FPS genre for multiplayer IMHO (SP story FPS like bioshock are amazing though). I played alot of Quake III, Unreal Tournament and CounterStrike back in the day and when you compare those games to what we got today, like CoD...
The controls have gotten worse, everything is PeerToPeer and lags like shit and all the games are sooooo slow.

My opinion: Either make a story driven 1st person experience like Bioshock or make the best Multiplayer experience possible like QuakeIII. Most FPSs these days try to do both at once and fail at both aspects...
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Magicite  +   829d ago
Its not like Battlefield ever had awesome plot with twists and turns and heartbreaking moments, yet 4h is way to short for any AAA game.
They could just make it multiplayer-only, since that main purpose of the game.
joe90  +   829d ago
Now console are are using digital more why not just make BF5 online only and every 2 Years make a standalone single player game that is at least 15 hours long?.

Although i only play BF for the MP i am sure plenty of people just play for the single player BUT it isn't right selling a game for £40 for a 4 hour single player.

If EA can not put effort into a 10 hour game for £40 i suggest they just stop.
boneso82  +   829d ago
Black ops 2 campaign was fun, but still only took less than 5 hours to finish, the BF3 campaign was about the same length, it was playable enough but a bit dull. Single player campaigns are just a bit of enjoyment and shooting practice before you get into the core of the game, multiplayer!

I'm still undecided if I want killzone or battlefield though, argh I know I'm going to get both eventually. COD can suck it.
OllieBoy  +   830d ago
What a joke. I know hardly anyone buys BF for the campaign, but 4 hours is ridiculous.
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hesido  +   830d ago
I haven't played 5 minutes of BFBC2 Single player or BF3. Am I doing it right?
Pintheshadows  +   830d ago
With BF3 yes, but Bad Company 2 has an incredible campaign.
SonyKong64  +   830d ago
really, you are.. a veteran battlefield soldier care not for sp..

I'm literally in shock scrolling through these comments reading grown up cod kids whine about a 4 hour sp that someone obviously charged through as fast as he could..

Remember when fallout 3 could be beat in an hour?

If you buy battlefield for the sp or even really care about the sp, then you are definitely doing it wrong.. you've hit puberty and no longer like cod, but don't go being ultra stupid and think the battlefield series ever had anything to do with campaign..

I miss the old days when they didn't do campaign, and it was still worth every penny of 50$
CJDUNCAN  +   830d ago
I enjoy SP, it's a way to introduce the player to the game mechanics and get involved in that world. So I agree with you @OllieBoy
DeadlyFire  +   830d ago
Hey Medal of Honor also had a 4 hour campaign. I believe they hired the same guy to try again.
Magicite  +   829d ago
Maybe they have cut out all of the dialogs?
daggertoes83  +   830d ago
Holy crap that's short. I mean I think we mostly play for the multiplayer but I enjoy a good story as well.
porkChop  +   830d ago
That's even shorter than the average CoD takes me... Jesus, and Dice used to preach about long campaigns giving their customers "better value". What happened to that, Dice?
brish  +   830d ago
EA bought dice that's what happened.
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porkChop  +   830d ago
That was back in 2005, before Dice made all their claims about long campaigns having better value, free map packs, etc.
brish  +   830d ago
"That was back in 2005, before Dice made all their claims about long campaigns having better value, free map packs, etc."
- porkChop

I don't follow your logic.

EA bought DICE between 2004, and 2006. Later (aka not the DICE purchase date) EA changes it's fps direction which many point out appears to be to make all their fps into clones of COD. Battlefield falls victim to EA's new direction (AFTER the DICE purchase date).

Why do you think the purchase date of DICE has anything to do with the current direction of EA games?

Buying a company isn't as simple as a single purchase date. EA started buying DICE in 2004, and completed the purchase in 2006.

More importantly EA didn't always have the "short campaigns and sell you DLC for maps" business model. This was added to their corporate culture later as they tried to copy COD's model into all of their games.

"The campaign is weak because it doesn’t actually feel like a Battlefield game. Gone are the wide open expanses of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which are now replaced with tight, static corridor environments that feel more like a Call of Duty game than something of DICE’s own design."

"It seems that every new first-person-shooter EA publishes has to be compared to Call of Duty in some way, both by the press and by EA itself."
porkChop  +   829d ago
"Why do you think the purchase date of DICE has anything to do with the current direction of EA games?"

My point was that Dice made all their claims years after EA had purchased them. So EA buying Dice isn't what caused Dice to pull a 180, like you claimed. EA's change in direction, becoming very greedy, etc, would be what caused Dice to change its stance.
brish  +   829d ago

"My point was that Dice made all their claims years after EA had purchased them. So EA buying Dice isn't what caused Dice to pull a 180, like you claimed. EA's change in direction, becoming very greedy, etc, would be what caused Dice to change its stance."

Are you being serious or are you just trolling?!
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Wizziokid  +   830d ago
Well I tend to buy Battlefield for the MP but that is damn short.

I would hope that means more in terms of MP but I can't see it.
Bio_Mod  +   830d ago
I'll get shed loads of hours out of mp, four hours though...
kratos_TheGoat  +   830d ago
damm why make a story then, four hour is bad for next gen. compare kzsf 10 hour to this is a joke
CJDUNCAN  +   830d ago
BF4 isn't truly a next-gen experience, whereas KZSF is.
ZBlacktt  +   830d ago
And I heard the MP is 1000+ hours?

Meanwhile look at the single player trophies compared to online.... looks 95/5 ratio going to the single player. Anyone can rush a game....
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Blastoise  +   830d ago
That's pretty weak, even Call of duty has about 6 and a half
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   830d ago
its amazing how the budget for games get bigger and bigger. the graphics get better and better. but the campaigns just keep getting shorter while maintaining less substance. its funny how a lot of these more graphically intense games hook you by showing beautiful looking moments during single player when thats really the shortest and (in many ways) most neglected part of the game.
TENTONGUN  +   830d ago
i feel ya. i might just skip the sp especially if the a.i. is just as bad as bf3. it would be a joke imo
WeAreLegion  +   830d ago
Depends on the game. The Last of Us and Bioshock: Infinite are both incredibly long games.
Hazmat13  +   830d ago
oh come on! the storyline looks cool but only 4 hours. its the main reason i still buy COD and BF its because the storyline looks epic as hell!
HarryB  +   830d ago
Isn't that less than homefront? Hahahah.
Funantic1  +   830d ago
Wow. It'll never touch my console.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   830d ago
4hours ahwell should still be good, it's about the length of a cod campaign if you don't do a speed run, I did a speed run of mw2 completed it in 2hours 33mins
WeAreLegion  +   830d ago
Riderz1337  +   830d ago
As long as it's better than BF3, then I don't mind. BF3 single player was dog shit
xKugo  +   830d ago
Jovanian  +   830d ago
BF4 campaign is strictly a tool for marketing, to make trailers look interesting

I mean BF3 campaign was kind of terrible and tedious to play through but I appreciate campaigns like the bad company campaigns
Finalfantasykid  +   830d ago
This is a little off topic, but I'd love to see a Naughty Dog FPS game so that they could show most other developers how to do a proper single player story in an FPS. (I'll be honest I don't play a ton of FPS games, so there might already be lots with amazing stories, like Half Life?)
mcstorm  +   830d ago
I think this is the issue with gaming now. For me I want to see fps games with a good story just like 343 did with halo 4. Sp was great and mp was fun but games like bf and cod are not giving up a full sp game any more and I think that's why I've been more excited with the wiiu games so far because they offer a lot in the sp games as we are starting to see less of them.
thebudgetgamer  +   830d ago
Come on!
jjb1981  +   830d ago
Battlefield is a multiplayer game first and foremost. I never play bf3s campaign.
thebudgetgamer  +   830d ago
What about the BC games, they did both things great.
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Supermax  +   830d ago
I have played every battlefield game since 1942 and have never played the single player and I haven't missed hopeing battlefront has no single player whatsoever.
Pintheshadows  +   830d ago
Well, I will hold out for a bit then.

I thought the singleplayer looked good but 4 hours isn't good enough for a buy for me. I know BF is all about the multiplayer but if you are going to do something, do it right.
Lionalliance  +   830d ago
That is extremely short!
Should be around like 6 and it be ok.
thehitman  +   830d ago
I find the best part about games is the single player, games w/ no good story and single player mode = no buy. Those that like to buy 60 dollar only multiplayer games that is just repetitive from start to finish all the power to you.
sevilha82  +   830d ago
This kind of action reminds me how overpriced the games are and that it should be alternatives.

Alow me to elaborate.

-By knowing now that the campaing is only 4 hours long i´ve lost full interest in the singleplayer,i´m basicly an Rpg player with a lotta a love for shooters as well so 4 hours is not even a warm Up in a gaming sesson for me.

Thus only being interested now in the MP(not that i wasn´t before,common it´s Battlefield)i strongly belive that the industry should alow me(the consumier)to be able to purchase the MP aspect of game separatly from the single player,as we all know that is possible ,thus only paying for the part that interests me at a reduced price insted of the tipical 70€plus that we all pay,but no i will be forced to pay full price for an item i as a gamer have no interest of posessing....

What do my felow gamers think of,do you agree or not or even have diferent ideas and alternatives.
mhunterjr  +   830d ago
Since its inception, battlefield has always been about the multiplayer component.
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wishingW3L  +   830d ago
thank god I did not pre-order this game since I give no craps for the cookie cutter online MP of modern FPS games.
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cell989  +   830d ago
this aint no cookie bro, its more like a full blown pie
MysticStrummer  +   830d ago
No. It's just a larger cookie.
ufo8mycat  +   830d ago
Ahhh yeah, because I can't wait for the SP campaign...LOL
kidhero99  +   830d ago
fuck the campaign
cell989  +   830d ago
this game will be reviewed based solely on the campaign like previous occasions, and so expect the low scores. Then idiot reviewers will praise the online mode for being amazing, but still receive low score for short campaign.

PS: I completed the BF3 campaign 2 years later after playing multiplayer to death, just to get the trophies, I actually enjoyed the campaign it was good, I liked the jet level, sure you cant control it, but it was fun.
#30 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
MidnytRain  +   830d ago
"but still receive low score for short campaign."

The obvious solution being to pay the score as little attention as possible.
cell989  +   830d ago
masa2009  +   829d ago
"I actually enjoyed the campaign it was good"

No wonder you stick to MP, you have low standards for SP.
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