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KillrateOmega  +   765d ago
I feel like the YouTubers are way overreacting. Yes, you can't review the PS4 early, but at least none (or most of) your competition can either.
DOOMZ  +   765d ago
Let him genuinely review the system & games! Whats Sony scared of? Why do the games have to be reviewed in a controlled enviornment like that. Sometimes these things take a week or so. Just let reviewers do their jobs & stop being deceptive cheapos Sony!
DevilishSix  +   765d ago
Maybe because Sony doesn't feel the need to give these game reviewers and journalists free PS4's. If they want to review games early come to event, if they don't they can buy their own system and review at launch. I buy my own tools for work much of the time.
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DOOMZ  +   765d ago
But as a reviewer, he needs he needs time to put out the most accurate review to the public. Giving reviewers the systems/games ahead of time is how its been done for years. I want a accurate review.
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DevilishSix  +   765d ago
Doomz that is all well and good about getting some games early for review embargo, this is a system launch and some may get systems (probably big sites like IGN, Gamespot, etc.) others can either go to the review event or they can get a launch system install the day one patch and review the games. They have choices. It appears to me they are complaining that they have to go to this event because they weren't given free PS4's. What I say to those guys aren't special flowers and grow up.
CaliCholo  +   765d ago
Adam sessler is probably getting payed by xbox to trash talk Sony he did the same B.S. on X-Play
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Fiestabrian  +   765d ago
Sessler is a little bitch
DevilishSix  +   765d ago
If you are a game reviewer that is not part of well established game sites then you may have to buy your own PS4. boo fn who, there is such an entitlement mentality in the world today, that our society is rotting and it needs to stop.
5eriously  +   765d ago
So much ado about nothing? Who cares about a two bit games reviewer punk? Get a life or a real job drama queen Sessler.

Oh. before I forget! I hope you changed your wet panty ol' Sess!
joeorc  +   765d ago
this maybe have something to do with it people
I LIKE Adams videos, but

maybe the reason is Adams own self Abuse, that maybe got some people (Execs) that maybe want someone a lil bit more ....

non Drunk or under the weather on set for a console launch with reviewers on video Set!

Adam Sessler drunk/medicated at E3 wrap-up??

if your going to be doing web shows, maybe not being "Drunk" or under the weather would be a good idea at a console launch. showing your ability to be drunk on set is not a good idea if your going to cover a product launch for another companies product.

i know its a wrap up show, but execs may have an idea of " be sober" on set at a launch party. if your not Sober, keep off set.
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T2X  +   765d ago
Actually, I used to enjoy Adam Sessler on G4TV, but he kinda became too self important. And I don't give crap what any fools say, he certainly is biased against SONY and has been all along. Go do a bit of research to prove it to yourselves. They (G4TV) were always bashing and making fun of PS3 while artificially building up MS with thinly veiled backhanded compliments. Another thing to remember is this is a game system and a toy, not something life altering, it's not that important to everybody. Personally, I know as much as I need to know about it and I'll get to see for myself in a few weeks. BTW, the best part of G4TV and Adam Sessler was Morgan Webb!
Palaven  +   765d ago
Sounds more like he is dodging the question.
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5eriously  +   765d ago
Reading between the lines I formed my own opinion about the "life changing career saga" of Sessler. He was practically shilling for Micrsoft most of his career and at times very anti Sony. Now Sony does not treat him as a top dog in journalism and in my opinion he knows that the TOP console will be the PS4 in future. Now if I was him I will also be in a frantic and know my livelihood will not be the same with Sony on top. That's life Sessler son, if you burn your bridges openly and publicly where your have clearly shown your bias towards Microsoft while openly opposing Sony and now you find yourself in a pickle as you clearly know who and what console is the most popular at the moment. So then live with your own decisions you made in the past. You rode the wave of popularity from the majority eXBox fans and now you will just have to be sidelined like them in future.

Remember internet warriors don't cry!

PS: Lesson to gaming review Journalists: Be non biased and honest about every console platform and you will benefit the proceeds of the advertising rights on your site. But when taking sides with open bias then be prepared that the proceeds will diminish when the tables turn.
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KNWS  +   765d ago
I thought the problem was Sony was restricting access to its console. And some gaming journalists like Sessler are unhappy about it. Sony will not allow reviews video of the Sony console and games with voice and analysis. I guess the question why is Sony been so nervous about gaming journalists reviewing their console?
joeorc  +   765d ago

Look i see where you are coming from

" I guess the question why is Sony been so nervous about gaming journalists reviewing their console?"

you also have to think of this:

Its one thing to say, that a company would not just keep sending out review units , because they may not have enough units right now left!

Its a another thing to claim that somehow someway Sony does not want to have the unit reviewed out in the Open , because they are trying to hide something? Look if Sony was trying to hide something why is there demo stations for many people to try out the d@mn system in the first place?.

Not just PC's in under encased in a box, but real PS4 Demo units and has been for the past few weeks.

post E3 being that Adam was under the weather or was freaking drunk in a Post video show, Maybe the (EXEC'S) looked at that and said you know this is a Freaking Console Launch event, and Adam while awesome, has been in the industry long enough to know being on Video show's like that under the weather or maybe even "Drunk" while live on camera is not a good thing.

At a Console launch event when your trying to talk about a Console that another Company spent Millions and Millions of $$$ on and if your going to be doing a video cast. They want at least Some one Sober doing it. That's why there is an event ready to go, Yes it may be short Noticed but its indeed there for the Media to go to.

But its there for the Media to go to if they want to put out a Review on a Product. Sony do not have to invite Adam, the fact there is a complaint about this could be for many reasons, Adam has not even disclosed it all yet, but what we do know, is as recent as E3 Adam did a live video event Under the weather or was in fact "Drunk ", and that may not bode well for review Media Talent when Exec's look at those video reels.

You may not be treated to being seen as first choice for a review, the same thing with annoyed gamer- Marcus Beer.

Ironic thing about it is most of the time he has a "Drink in hand" on Live Video casts, and there is nothing wrong about having something to drink, nothing at all, its once again, this is a Launch event, and maybe just like in sirius radio.

Just because you have a format that pretty much gives you carte blanche, does not mean you have the right to get your own way all the time in the Public eye, it works both ways.

even though you may have "your" Standards, does not mean that others cannot hold you to theirs.


"It's very anti-consumer to not let your products be reviewed, without the review process and peoples opinions online we could be stuck in an Atari 2600 age where games are just shoveled out good or bad and gaming becomes a huge gamble."

Again, its one thing to have the right to be able to review any product, but the People's product you are Going to Review also have the right, to say, well just because you have a format such as (sirius radio) with the Review Process being as Lax as they may have, the companies can give you 2nd tier treatment because you may have on Air talent , that has no Quams about being under the weather or "Drunk" live on set..At a launch event!
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ruefrak  +   765d ago
Maybe Sony is trying to hide something, but what they're hiding is a surprise feature they haven't mentioned yet? They are only giving review units to trusted reviewers who they know will not leak anything or break an NDA. Sessler and Polygon's less than favorable view of PlayStation put both of them as suspect and not trust worthy.
xxV0rschlaghammer  +   765d ago
Lol? Honestly I think Sessler has a point in being upset.

It's very anti-consumer to not let your products be reviewed, without the review process and peoples opinions online we could be stuck in an Atari 2600 age where games are just shoveled out good or bad and gaming becomes a huge gamble.
Empire X  +   765d ago
Looks like a job well done to get the talk off of the Xbox One. To me it seems to be more about that then anything. The timing of this is crazy. You have 2 or 3 guys who have been questionable Xbox fans complaining about something no other reviewer in the industry is complaining about. What a joke.
Supermax  +   765d ago
You all need some good pussy or something you way to wond up.what happened to people looking forward to consoles comeing out.
StarFockz  +   765d ago
I believe he could be referring to what is explained in this video...

Related video
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CuddlyREDRUM  +   765d ago
I haven't heard Sessler's name since he swallowed Rockstar's golden gun in a pretty immature review of GTA5. At one point he was giggling with joy.
KNWS  +   765d ago

I think this Article is best one yet, i've read it, and it explains what the problem is.

Stop being a fanboy and think like a gamer for a second!
Snappy  +   765d ago
Simple not invited to the review event = spat out dummy. I can understand his frustration if that's the case.
KHATL66  +   765d ago
Ok, let me see if i got this straight. These journalist (and i use the word loosely) are not being supplied with a PS4 in advance to review and on their terms? Is that the core of all this??? I'm all for a side by side comparison and it will happen soon enough. Sounds like they are not going to get to be the first to make these comparisons so they are pissed and trying to start bad press. These people should be drummed out of the business.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   765d ago
Well, just to piss him off, Sony should hold review events where game journalists trying to earn a wage, can only use Sony provided gameplay.

Then he would learn his lesson?
stellarock420  +   765d ago
does any one remember x-play on g4 tv well sessler was a co host on that show and from my take of years of watching it he is a microsoft/xbox favertiem aka fanboy in fact he stated it lots of times
NewAgeisHere  +   764d ago
Wow just wow:

Reason why Watchdogs and Driveclub were delayed......apparently Sony was planning a DRM as well, release patch will disable DRM on PS4 lol wtf:

I'm getting a PS4 but this shows that Sony is just as greedy as Microsoft to be fair.
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