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Bigpappy  +   765d ago | Well said
Pach, Pach, Pach... why do you annoy me so? Have these systems not existed and strived for many years already. PC, Mobile and Console gaming, do not take away from each other directly. They can an will continue to co-exist. People like different things. There are solutions that meet the needs of different types of people. There just happen to be some cross adoption.
Lboogieskells  +   765d ago
Agreed, I think console gaming will always be around along with the other mediums.
k-dillinger  +   764d ago
yea 1st time i agree with pach man love his comment about keyboard and mouse lmao thankkkk you pach glad someone actually came out and said that and shut them up i think he just earned himself alot of respect from me here on out for that
EXVirtual  +   764d ago
Thank you!
PC, consoles and mobiles offer completely different experiences and can easily co-exist, just like Physical and digital distribution. Neither has to die.
ATi_Elite  +   764d ago
@ Bigpsppy Bubbles+ Well Said!

Console Gaming is the result of all the new things tried on the PC but put together in a more refined package.

Most Hot gaming trends started on the PC in one form but then were adapted by consoles and taken further to apeal to a broader audience SPorts FPS, MMO's, Point n CLick adventures, etc..

Console Gamings ease of use and simple use makes it very attractive for those who just want to jump ina game and relax. Console Gaming will be here for a long time in one form or another.

PC is where all the BLEEDING EDGE technology and gaming ideas are BORN. They find an apeal in niche markets, they give Indie Devs a name, they have cult followings, or whatever but the PC offers the freedom to just try something New, self publish, and on a low Budget with no pressure from a Publisher.

PC Gaming because of it's power and advantages also allows for games that just can't be done on anything else and gives Gamers the CHOICE to create their OWN Perfect Gaming Experience.

Mobile gaming has it's own specialized games to make use of the mobile tech but mostly it's great console gaming on the go or using brilliant ways to tap into PC gaming as a nice side piece. Laugh at mobile gaming if you want but Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja have millions of gamers and have made a TON of money.

like Bigpappy said THEY ALL will thrive and do well because the gaming Industry is a $40 Billion Dollar MONSTER with room for ALL to make a few bucks.
TopDudeMan  +   764d ago
Yeah, years ago they were saying mobile and tablet devices would replace consoles but it's never gonna happen.

I think his comment about keyboard and mouse is ridiculously childish. Literally all he does is insult the PC demographic and uses that as a point against keyboard and mouse- which is garbage logic.

I mean, if I can play a PC game with my controller I will simply due to comfort, but some games are just so much better with a keyboard. I'm talking about first person shooters, Action RPGs, Strategy games, MMOs- you're gonna want a keyboard and mouse for those games. I prefer using controllers for third person action games and platformers and such where you don't need the level of precision a keyboard and mouse gives you- you instead need simpler controls.
porkChop  +   764d ago
I understand what you're saying, but in all fairness to Michael Pachter, he just answers common questions from the GT community.
just-joe  +   764d ago
You're common sense regarding people having different interest is enlightening. I propose you make your own show called Pap-Attack.

Seriously, though well said.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   765d ago
Here is an out there idea. Give away all of the guitar hero back catalog for free (maybe minus the music) and then let people do a pay as you go on tracks. Nah, actually nobody will buy them. It has been long enough though that I quite fancy a bit of GH.
dumahim  +   764d ago
I love how he says his guitar broke and gave stuff away to neighbor kids but right before he took the question, you can see on leaning against the wall behind him to the left. But once he takes the question, the camera is moved over to the right slightly to take the guitar out of the shot.
Evil_Abed  +   764d ago | Well said
Why is the media so obsessed wit pitting gamers against each other? And why do gamers fall for it so many times??
KwietStorm  +   764d ago
I don't know, man. I really don't know.
ape007  +   764d ago
Comment of the year, C.O.T.Y

well Said well said
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xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   764d ago
Best comment in this thread.
thehitman  +   764d ago
Because people are insecure and feel they have to justify everything they do and buy.
hiredhelp  +   764d ago
Name few my child hood days just give idea that we happy to play on both cos that was next big thing.
Atari -console
Spectrum-home computer
Commodore-home computer
Amiga- home computer
Sega master-system - console
Super nintendo -console
Sega mega drive-console
Then in middle hand held game boy game gear neo geo
Yeh both can and will exsist for many years thoe i do beleave fonsoles will get more more like home pc
Signs already there UI interface ,OS,USB,HDMI,Removable upgradable HDD.
KwietStorm  +   764d ago
s45gr32  +   764d ago
That is the problem with consoles becoming too much like PC in the wrong areas like patching updating and installing the game onto a hard drive. Instead of implementing mods, map editors. All in all I see consoles and handhelds becoming one system.
VoodooRob  +   764d ago
Pach is awesome. I luv how he just calls out these basement PC dorks with there keyboard and
Dante81  +   764d ago
Sarcasm goes over your head, huh?
OrangePowerz  +   764d ago
Never. Both need each other. The PC as an easy and cheap platform for newcomers to utilize and consoles because PC alone wouldn`t sustain the industry. There are without a doubt some PC games that sell great, but overall PC alone wouldn`t be enough for all those developer studios that exist now.
thehitman  +   764d ago
PC an easy and cheap platform for newcomers? Is it opposite day why didnt anyone tell me?
OrangePowerz  +   764d ago
Sorry I didn`t clarify that I meant that statement for newcomer developers.
s45gr32  +   764d ago
That is not true PC can create competition within itself. The era of console hardware is over. I see turning on a PC login in to PS Plus, Xbox Live, or Nintendo network.
BattleAxe  +   764d ago
Loved the show, keep up the great work Pachter!
I_am_Batman  +   764d ago
Next month people will claim that PC gaming is dead again. It kinda changes every now and then. If all those people were to be believed gaming would have died a long time ago.
Dante81  +   764d ago
It was the opposite at the beginning of last gen. SMFH
1nsomniac  +   764d ago
*Sigh*...... This coming from Pach who time & time again year after year has claimed that PC's & PC gaming will become extinct due to tablets & piracy etc..

Now he wants a company to come out a specifically design & manufacture a brand new device to game on PC's just on your TV instead.


I actually like the guy but boy does he speak some amount of shit!
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ZombieGamerMan  +   764d ago
If its not when will iPhone kills console its PC, dear god why do people believe this will happen look here Patcher. PC is for the gaming community who likes to mod their games and or also like something to play games and use to work, console gaming is for the living room where people want to play games and then watch a movie and mobile gaming is for people who want to play on the subway train or on a bus or during classes.

So why patcher would anyone one of them kill each other when all 3 rule their own domain.
NeoTribe  +   764d ago
Pc is becoming less relevant as tablets and phones evolve. Pcs will never rule the living room. Patcher, just go away.
Dante81  +   764d ago
Gaming PCs are growing at a surprising rate. You must be talking your average desktop PC.
pandehz  +   764d ago
PC gaming will stay as a home based tool for all sorts of activities/work with max performance.

I personally do enjoy the concept of consoles but I also see that they dont need to exist if and only if a tablet can beat it. Then we can just carry around our tablet/game-console to our friends and play there etc etc the possibilities are amazing to think of.

So yea console atm do provide a reason to exist only till the time comes when a tablet beats its performance and flexibilty. Which I think is coming up soon unfortunately.

In he end there will be a mobile device which will act as a multi purpose tool for gaming, work etc etc and will exist along with a very high end pc whose function is exactly that (do what other devices cant do)

SO yea basically the future= Tiny device+PC coexisting together.
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DEEBO  +   764d ago
Gaming is gaming period!
P.C,console,portable,mobile phone,tablets even the joystick with the av cables.
all of these are part of the video game industry.
one is not killing of the other,if anything it's helping gaming reach a bigger crowd

there are a lot of bright gamers but a lot of the times we are blinded stupidity of brand loyalty.
ATi_Elite  +   764d ago
^^^^^^^^^ * Please see my first Post * ^^^^^^^

I had to write a touchy feel good post first and I meant it but now............

The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race......

is still on it's mission to DESTROY all those who are FOOLISH enough to stand in it's path of DOMINATION!

Muha hah ha hah ha

Consoles LMAO what a crying tragedy they are.
First they were ACTUALLY consoles with there custom built Motorola CPU's and Z80 processors, NO Internet No Disc Local Co-op only gameplay with codes you had to write down to save your Game.

Now look at them: x86 64 bit this USB that Online this Digital Download that Cloud based Servers this F2P that

For something that is so Beloved and better than a PC, consoles TODAY sure the HELL ACT like PC's. What's next hardware upgrades (Oh wait swapping HDD in PS3 already) LOL

"Can you feel it Mr. Anderson, can you see where I'm going with this"

While you ALL laughed at the PC's so called "Imminent DEATH" and I mean EVERYONE in the Gaming industry laughed, the PC was the one who sacrificed itself for a few years ONLY to be REBORN and move the ENTIRE Gaming Industry FORWARD. Not just PC gaming But move the ENTIRE GOT DAM Industry FORWARD!

Indie friendly, User Created Content, Digital Distribution, Self Publishing, Crowd Funding, Mods, eSports, Sponsorships, Subscription based gaming, F2P Gaming, expanding into Communist countries, Killing OFF Microsoft's Death Grip on gaming, Open Source Aps, putting together 250 million ONline Gamers, Global network of Dedicated Servers, etc. ALL for the GLORY of EVERYONE who loves games.

and what did PC Gaming receive for a thank you? HATRED!

Publishers turned their BACKS on a Platform that was the first to enter the Digital World but instead of offering insight to solve Piracy they just ridiculed the whole Platform as "owned by a bunch of Thieves and Keyboard Nerds living in their moms basement"

So with Only DEDICATED and Brilliant PC Exclusive Devs left to right the ship PC Gaming has returned with a VENGEANCE and Tools to hand down to consoles and keep OUR Glorious Gaming Industry Alive and Strong unlike when CONSOLES ran it into the ground back in the 1980's.

Yes my friends Consoles did at one time RUN the Gaming world and they ran it RIGHT into the friggin GROUND.
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ATi_Elite  +   764d ago
So yes I'm a PC Elitist Jerk because I was one of the millions of Gamers who saw the Glory of the PC and kept on buying PC Games off a self in the Janitors Closet, kept on posting advice in threads on improvements, and kept on sitting alone in a dark room on a 56k dial-up connection because myself and Million of others somehow Knew that this PC Gaming thing was good, it was Ours and it was customizable and it was OPEN to all.

So now I just sit back and laugh when I hear "PC Gaming will never be in the Living room".

I laugh because the first wide/flat screen TV's came with VGA plugs and DVI plugs thus FORCING CONSOLES to switch plugs (from RCA to now DVI/hdmi)because PC's were far ahead into HD, reminds me that TV manufactures always wanted PC's in the Living room.......

and now they are there by way of PC's or your console (if you really still want to call it a console) or your SMart Phone or Internet ready TV's.

So Next Gen when MS/Sony stop making Hardware and just use a Tablet to Digitally download games or stream games to whatever device then the NON believers will finally

witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station! --- oh wait wrong sentence

Recognize the Power of the PC and it's many uses especially as PC Power is doubling so fast that Next Gen consoles will be out Powered by Tablets a year after they release (Nvidia is HELL BENT on this one, sorry folks but no one can stop this).

So in the end the PC was first and the PC shall be last but Console gaming will live on through the power of Technology by way of a PC or tablet or smartphone but NOTHING will ever replace 1000 WATTS and $2000 dollars of bleeding edge hardware purring at your feet.

Because that is FREEDOM, freedom to GAME how you want to and in the end the Industry realizing and accepting new tech and open source APS keeps the ENTIRE GAMING INDUSTRY HAPPY.

Happy Gaming to all.
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Sy_Wolf  +   764d ago
Yeah, that's not how it works. Pachter is never right about anything that isn't blatantly obvious that everyone has been saying for months. It's like they pay him to be click bait.
JunioRS101  +   764d ago
PC might have better hardware/graphics than consoles, but...

So what?

Does that change the fact that I would rather lean back on my couch with a controller than lean forward in a chair with a mouse and keyboard?

PC gaming is not a linear "upgraded experience from consoles". There are advantages and disadvantages. Leaning forward a foot away from a monitor is a lot less comfortable than a console couch setup.
elhebbo16  +   764d ago
1) you can connect a controller to a PC and play on your couch with a big ass TV if you wanted to. only difference would be the game will look 10x better on PC.

2) I rather sit on a comfortable chair since its better for my back and long hours of gaming. HDTV are shit compared to monitors when it comes to gaming. better refresh rates and respond time for fast-paced gaming> size of a TV. but you probably dont care.
JunioRS101  +   763d ago
I had a $3000 pc gaming setup and sold it all because I didn't like having to always sit in front of the monitor. (Razer m&kb, BenQ monitor, astro headphones, gtx 680, 4.4ghz overclock, water cooled)

And you're talking about WIRED controllers even though you probably knew I was referring to WIRELESS controllers...

If you like chairs and leaning forward that's fine, but I don't see how a computer chair is more comfortable than a couch.

You presume too much about where my opinion is coming from, but you probably don't care.
JohnS1313  +   764d ago
PC's will never kill consoles. If anything consoles might help finally kill PC's. It's not worth the money anymore to buy much of a computer. You can use a tablet for most things. Maybe they should just bring out real keyboards and mice for consoles along with programs like word processors. The PC will be dead eventually. Even Microsoft has seen that fact.
elhebbo16  +   764d ago
enjoy sub-1080p at medium settings then.
Pandamobile  +   764d ago
Wat. In what universe do PCs die off before consoles? Consoles will be gone decades before PCs disappear.
elhebbo16  +   764d ago
oh great more words from prophet patcher.
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mysteryraz11  +   764d ago
pc has to many different configurations and specs, it will never be a threat to consoles when consoles only have 1 set of hardware, easier to develop for then the thousands of different pc setups plus all of the ppl still using old pcs with windows xp and before, high end pcs are in the minority and will never be mainstream

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