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TripC50  +   643d ago
Yeah, lets not hurt a land mass and its people's feelings Nintendo... jeez.
TekoIie  +   643d ago
Didn't know rabbits were a European "stereotype" -_-
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GenericNameHere  +   643d ago
For 7th gen, I hope they go with Hawaii. I don't care if they over stereotype us Hawaiians. Lilo and Stitch already did that over a decade ago by thinking we all praised the Menehune, the Tiki heads, and that we all say Aloha and Ohana in every freaking sentence, etc.

Speaking of Tiki heads, there's an NPC who gives you an item in XY that is shaped like one, and the description says it looks like a Pokémon from another region not from the previous 5. I think the image was just a generic placeholder though as I doubt they've already thought up a Pokémon design so early into Gen VI, but I have hope.

Pacific Islands for 7th Gen Pokémon!

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