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GdaTyler  +   843d ago
3DS is doing well as usual. <_<

It's good to see the Vita selling at least 20K. I really can't wait to see the software and hardware numbers the week when GE2 and Vita TV come out on MediaCreate. O_O Also PS4 will be releasing in Europe and US. I'm sure November will be the best month of the year for Vita and I believe it'll have quite a bit of momentum going into the holidays. ^_^
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GirlOnFire  +   843d ago
Hope Vita gets higher numbers along with Wii U soon. 3DS had a big jump with Pokemon and Vita too with the new model. That's good. ^~^
Tei777  +   842d ago
next week it has a gundam bundle so numbers should be quite high, at least 30k
gunboss201  +   843d ago
Wait for the VITA TV to arrive, and combine that sales with the new VITA..
Greatness Awaits...
GdaTyler  +   843d ago
Greatness awaits? Bitch Please. Prodigiousness Awaits!

Those Vita Sales will skyrocket like never before. That Vita TV is less than 10000 yen! They have no excuse since it's so affordable.
gunboss201  +   836d ago
Not to mention Straight on Remote Play alongside PS4, no matter which room you at!! Who doesn't want this good shit?! XD
khyu7777  +   843d ago
PS3 – 11,643
Wii – 806
Xbox 360 – 539

congratulations SONY!!!
Misaka_x_Touma  +   843d ago
Wii sits at 12m and PS3 is at 10m
Mr_Writer85  +   843d ago
Quite a big drop from 60K to 25k for the Vita but still not awful numbers.
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GdaTyler  +   843d ago
There's no other big releases. Wait till November 20th's Media Create and your jaw will drop to the floor.

$100 Vita variant and God Eater 2? Eat it haters!
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