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Supermax  +   839d ago
Is a great way to steal some thunder of a release day if you use your brain,stop being sheep.
Orange Juice  +   839d ago
There is no reason that titanfall shouldn't be 1080p. Killzone Shadow Fall manages it and titanfalls engine is nowhere near guerrillas engine tech-wise. I'm having a hard time believing this rumor as a result. If it is true though then hopefully a full hd ps4 version comes out soon.
hyperfire21  +   839d ago
So this douchebag makes up a story and all the big gaming news sites run with it? lame sony fanboys at GAF again
strigoi814  +   839d ago
the rumours are fake its not 720p. it will be 420p
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   839d ago
Cod AND titanfall at 720?
Fits in with the Killer instict @ 729 and Ryse @ 900 & DR3 @ 720.

I guess xbox 720 is as powerful as people were making it out to be?
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FANTA1180  +   838d ago
and the ps4 with all of its superiority according to fanboys , has half the release titles xbox has and one worthy launch exclusive which is just another killzone run shoot run shoot same ol ish title ... sad

hopefully they dont delay killzone also ...that would really be hilarious.

alot of you are quick to put down a system, before even owning an actual ps4 ...stupidest logic ever
GrandpaSnake  +   838d ago
butthurt is strong in this one, dont you know? obama is getting a ps4 too!
TRD4L1fe  +   839d ago
so is a game running at 1080p the only factor that matters in games anymore? because that is all everyone talks about.

....."what the game doesn't run on 1080p! that game sucks"

720p still looks great to me and titanfall looks like a helluva lot of fun
dethpuck  +   838d ago
I don't play resolutions. I play games. If its upscaled will that honestly matter if the game runs at 60fps? I never once played a game tie generation and thought what is the native resolution? My tv and console did the work and the games were awesome. Only fanboys really care. Not every game on ps4 will be 1080 and 60 fps.
Belking  +   838d ago
We all know why this is happening. When it was confirmed that driveclub was delayed you already know the negative xbox-one rumors were gonna ramp up. Also, it's not shocking that it all started at
Drainage  +   838d ago
you are right, its not shocking that it started on the place with the most insiders and devs
reko  +   838d ago

Dlacy13g  +   838d ago
OK I can understand the freak out on COD, but if my memory serves me correct didn't Respawn say they were initially targeting 720p and 60fps for Titanfall?

Edit: OK so I did recall but it wasnt that it was 720P but rather they just never said it would be 1080p but rather they want to nail 60fps first and foremost.

Respawn on Titanfall being 1080p on Xbox One: We’ll see, frame-rate is “king”
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cactusjack  +   838d ago
dont fear it will run at 900p. lol
durangounchained  +   838d ago
If cod is 720p on xbox one I see no reason in buying the x1. Prob cancel my preorder.. why am I paying for the x1 if its not an upgrade.
JuniorCE  +   838d ago
If this rumor is true... I simple say... Where is the Illusion of the Cloud?? LoL If you pay attention Titanfall and COD Ghost don't look as pretty as Killzone Shadow Fall :-D
FanboyKilla  +   838d ago
Maybe not but they look waaaaay more fun to play.
FANTA1180  +   838d ago
wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy funnner .... killzone is a rental at best.
JuniorCE  +   838d ago
I totally disagree with you :-)
sAVAge_bEaST  +   838d ago
Someone should tell Microsoft to quite relying on the "clwd" because, when it rains,... It Pours!

(attention all true gamers, If you care about Tech,. We are having a 1080p party over @Ps4, you are all invited.)
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FANTA1180  +   838d ago
let me know when the ps4's games actually arrive lol

xbox at least delivers on quality games

im not here to play resolution im here to play fun games.
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jmac53  +   838d ago
"im not here to play resolution im here to play fun games".
New motto for butt hurt Xbots. Give it 2 years before MS moves on to the casual crowd and leaves the hardcore in the dust with no games. But hey you will have Illumiroom!
FanboyKilla  +   838d ago
Titan Fall is months away. Lets focus on whats here. This is just you candy azz ps fanboys haten on something u want sooooo bad. All i hear on the net is ps fan boys talking about x 1 games, not that sorry azz launch of sonys. Thats why you are mad, x 1 got the games and most eveloutionary and revolutionary system. Kill zone is in my top 10 of worst shooters ever played. Knack, LMFAO.
FanboyKilla  +   838d ago
The more you haten ps fanboys rant on the net the less likley youll see the game. Im a smart guy, i know jealousy and envy when i see it. MS can see it too. Everyone wants this game lets be honest. Now that MS has the ps fan base talking about x 1 games not ps4 is not a good sign 4 sony. Titanfall on x1 has become bigger than the ps4 launch.
Mikeyy  +   838d ago
And I'll bet you still believe cod sells 10x more on Xbox. You are lost my friend.

You are seriously stuck in 2007.
jmac53  +   838d ago
I dont think anyone is jealous considering TitanFall WILL be coming to PS4. X1 players just get to Beta test and work out the kinks before it comes to PS4.
djplonker  +   838d ago

titan fall - 44k

killzone - 250k

xbone will not even have the best version of titan fall lol that will go to pc!
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BabyTownFrolics  +   838d ago
This is my favorite part of the interview:

"I think game journalism is pretty much "fun" and not "journalism."

"As for other folks like Thuway and whoever else.... I have no idea if they have real sources or not. I wouldn't be surprised if my story just made it in a circle so many times that I'm the same source to like 9 different people who all think i'm someone different. The internet is stupid."

Pretty much sums it all up.

Essentially to these nameless faceless so called insiders we are are just stupid pawns in their fun game. As a community we should really be focusing on that aspect of this story; any outrage should be focused on this pseudo industry of gaming sites, forums, and gaming news aggregates (of which N4G is one)whose mission it is to rile up people solely in an effort to cause controversy and garner hits for their partners. Hits equal ad dollars, they are literally the bottom feeders of the gaming industry.

So stop calling each other "sheeple" no matter your preferences and realize that in the eyes of folks like these we are all "sheeple". Focus your rage outward and stand up for your fellow gamer against BS like this.

I want to believe that some of you folks actually love gaming because of the years of joy it has brought to you. The good times had and the friendships it helped create and foster. Guys like this insider see that which we love as something to whore out, they see us as marks and johns, suckers to be fleeced.

I'm actually surprised by how much this has upset me, it makes me genuinely sad and I'm a grown ass man.
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   838d ago
Man, the hate train for XB1 is getting desperate. We just take a rumor from some forum now and it becomes fact? Even the guy with the rumor doesn't seem convinced.

And people wonder why MS is constantly having to correct information. People will run and spread anything they can.

This is pure BS until it is confirmed by the developers.
jmac53  +   838d ago
I would say the rumor is highly likely considering the GAF forum is now locked and the OP has not been banned.
Dlacy13g  +   838d ago
They locked the thread as it is looking too flimsy to continue. Famousmortimer is quite popular in GAF so he will get slack for a bit especially since he back peddled on the rumor a bit. Once confirmation of the actual spec comes out he could face a ban.
HarryB  +   838d ago
If it runs on valves 6 year engine. Its 720p.
MaverickStar7  +   838d ago
So this guy has mysterious sources that nobody can verify, and takes what somebody says that gives no information and reads into it however he wants to draw a conclusion. Perfect for fan wars and nothing else.
Viking_Socrates  +   838d ago
Highly doubt these suspected rumors are true, I'd like to see more credible evidence before I start jumping onto the 720P bandwaggon. However if this turns out to be true, I'm actually very disappointed as many people got promised of Zhe power of Zhe clouds.
insomniacgamer  +   838d ago
ffs, is N4G just a PS4 fanboy/girl site now? Both consoles will be great, and differ only in areas I could care less about. In the end I am a gamer and am not prone to blindly attacking or defending any one console. Articles like this just feed on the idiotic console war garbage.

I am buying the Xbox One, why? Only 1 reason, Titanfall hits first for it and nearly everyone that touches the game says it is one of those games to buy a console for. PS4 will get it down the road but it will be old news by then.

I will probably also pick up the PS4 when my wallet recovers a bit, just as a PS3 and 360 both sit behind me now. This atmosphere of bashing a console and feeding rumors or hype is all rubbish.
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Mugen_mind  +   838d ago
Microsoft and People working on the games will say this is a lie and that the XBox One will do 1080p. I have a feeling that the system will do the same as it predecessor by upconverting the graphics to 1080p. Please don't take what I'm saying the wrong way or to heart but I think the system was rushed to market and the developers had diffrent specs and goal they were work toward but their game has to be down graded.
srd4484  +   838d ago
I'd rather have a game at 60fps than 1080 all day long. You guys talk about 1080p like you're experts all of sudden.
PsylentKiller  +   838d ago
Everyone bashing the XB1 because of rumors that some games are only 720p don't have all the facts. I don't either but I'm claiming it to be the most powerful console. For all we know the games may run at 720p but the AA may be ridiculously good. If that's the case, then resolution may have little impact on image quality.
srd4484  +   838d ago
I guess they needed to start up XB1 rumors so it can cover-up the downgrade Killzone took from E3 and Driveclub being delayed.

Look for yourself. E3 vs now.
5eriously  +   838d ago
All I can say that where there are smoke there are usually a fire, no matter how small. There are at the moment just too many smoke "clouds" about the eXB0Ne to ignore the fact that that something is up and M$ are doing absolutely nothing to dispel all these rumours with facts. All we get are even more confusing PR BS from Nelson and a few others which at this moment are doing nothing to sooth my concerns unfortunately. It's only a month and still very little information and specifications forthcoming.

Luckily ALL will be revealed soon!
cunnilumpkin  +   838d ago
just wait and see how many ps4 games will be sub-1080p too

TONS of them

"next gen"

yet cannot even do what pc was doing 6 years ago

hardly next gen at all

ps4 and xbox1 are LAST GEN imo
Reem  +   838d ago
Oh man Xbox is so getting mauled, it won't be even funny!
JediDiah  +   838d ago
Xbox 720 should have stuck! I'm no fanboy I am a gamer but that sucks that 1080p is not the norm. I have a bad feeling PS4 will compromise with resolution to push more eye candy in the future too.
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Drainage  +   838d ago
Xbox720 , Xbone, Xbox 180

Which name is more suitable?
Max-Zorin  +   838d ago
These comments is proof why it was necessary to have the game release dates different. Sony and MS fanboys would have a massive shootout over a piece of metal and plastic. They're lunatics. Psychologists would rather commit suicide than deal with them. Oh and why are there people trolling just because of what happened here seven years ago? SEVEN years ago. I thought only females hold stupid grudges like that.
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kipsta  +   838d ago
Getting it on PC anyway.
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