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PopRocks359  +   843d ago
Release more games that people want. Duh. Pikmin and Zelda Wind Waker HD spiked sales a little. The price cut also helped. Now combine all that with Smash Bros. or Mario Kart. If the Wii U isn't selling better by next year, then it'll probably be another Gamecube at the worst.
Sincere0121  +   843d ago
I hope it is another GameCube or n64. As them consoles had the best games on, don't really care about sales. Im a gamer, couldn't care less about sales or spec as long as good quality games are being produced.
hollabox  +   843d ago
If the games don't have sales, developers, publishers don't get paid. We all know what happens when game companies can't make money.
_QQ_  +   843d ago
browngamer41  +   843d ago
There's an idea, market The U to the very crowd who hates it(that'll work).. I'm sick of people wanting the big N to cater to the "core" crowd, let's stop the madness and make your main fan base(the core Nintendo fan) happy, with games like Mario 3d world looking more and more awesome I think they are headed in the right direction..
lilbroRx  +   843d ago
The "true" core cround are the only people who know who know what the Wii U is, and have one.
Chrischi1988  +   843d ago
Ok, I watched the whole video and again, I am stunned by the fact, that people really are not able to see its use.

I understand, that you do not need it for every game, for many games, it is simply for off tv play, sure, but we just have to wait for games like X. X looks like an MMORPG and for such games, it is perfect. Every RPG game, which is actually more complex and has a lot of different Items, like Skyrim, Oblivion, Diablo, maybe a DOTA. For these games, the Gamepad just adds so much more and everyone denying that, just doesnt want to see it or simply hates Nintendo, because of this stupid console war taking sides letting their life be consumed, by which console you have and play, but not the playing counts, it counts, what you can speak on boards... Gamepad is way more not a gimmick, than lets say Kinect.
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Venox2008  +   843d ago
well said, i hope Wii u sales gonna pick up even more, gamepad is awesome and very comfortable
RobbyGrob  +   843d ago
I propose Wii U Free Edition. There are a few games that interest me, but the console itself isn't worth such a price tag. That's what Ps4 is for.
Magnus  +   843d ago
Nintendo pumping their own titles on the machine is a temporary patch if at best to keep the machine a float and same with a price cut. Nintendo has to prove to developers why they need to put a title on the machine. A game like GTA 5 would do great on the Wii-U the version of the game could incorporate the tablet controllers. Making that version of the game different from the PS3 and Xbox360 version of the game. Right now when a company looks at the Wii-U they see a machine that will fail in sales of a title. That right there is the problem Nintendo has to fix is convincing the developers that the Wii-U is a worth developing for. Right now way I see it Nintendo can either do that convince developers about the Wii-U, scrap the machine and start a new console or scrap the Wii-U and focus more on handhelds. Or go the way of Sega and put Mario on another console.
SpiralTear  +   843d ago
First off, why in the world should Nintendo focus MORE on handhelds? That market is theirs and no other gaming company is taking it away from them anytime soon. They don't need to invest even more resources into a market that they dominate when the market they need to support, the console market, is showing such weakness for them.

Second, scrapping a console would alienate everyone who already has a Wii U and then some. There's no confidence in that gesture for either the consumer or the company. It's a sign of corporate concession.

Even worse, it's one that could also damage Nintendo's relationship with the developers who actually support the Wii U like Sega and Ubisoft. That's essentially saying "You guys made these games for Wii U, but this console isn't going to work. We're scrapping it and ending production, so those games you worked hard to make will now make zero sales instead of low sales."
Robx8  +   843d ago
I don't like when articles use terms as "saving" as if to fuel the trolls because Nintendo is doing just fine. They usually employ a similar strategy; stay the underdog but be unique and cheap enough to warrant it as a second console, if not for the zelda/mario fans who will probably buy it anyways at the start. It's not a bad strategy because after a few months many people will be able to afford a second system for 'different' games and the hardware hype will have died down, manufacturing will be cheap and if they haven't yet they profit from every system sold. Sony and MS sell systems at a loss and expect million dollar studios to produce AAA titles to make them worth it. They usually hype the power of the hardware but then make it hard to make these system cheap. Let Nintendo do Nintendo because direct competition isn't always a solution. Hopefully they do change management because a lot of their best most prominent IP's are going to waste (i.e. Starfox and Metroid.)
TheEnigma313  +   843d ago
It's the name it's the name it's the name. That was such a bad idea for Nintendo to keep the wii name. The system has major potential, but the name should have been handled better. People are confused about it.
SpiralTear  +   843d ago
Absolutely: the name is a big problem. Consumers are confused about it and employees of stores like Best Buy have been cited as calling the Wii and Wii U "the same." While I'm not saying that those employees are innocent (they should fully research the products they're trying to sell), the Wii U name is a big issue in the marketing department. It does not sound like the name of a successor, especially to the average consumer.

If not a brand new name, Nintendo should've called it the Wii 2 or Super Wii, something that clearly illustrates being a generation up from the Wii.
truechainz  +   843d ago
So this author's solution is to drop the gamepad to lower the price. I don't know why the only solutions people offer to the Wii U are to take away the differentiators and make them more like PS4/X1.

"They need more 3rd party"

"Should have made a stronger system"

"They should have dropped the gimmicky tablet"

All these complaints basically say "The Wii U should have been a PS4 with Nintendo games!" I mean what would be the point of even existing in this industry if the only theoretical way to survive is to offer exactly what you competitors do. That is indicative of close-mindedness of gamers when it comes to hardware in this industry. This is really all just white noise until someone can actually come up with a creative solution to Nintendo's problems.
Sincere0121  +   843d ago
U hit the nail on the head. Agree 100%
josephayal  +   843d ago
They need a gamepadless version they can sell for $89.99, They made a cheap 3DS without the 3D, now just do the same thing for the Wii U
Chrischi1988  +   843d ago
And if they do it, it will lose all of its special capabilities towards MMORPGs and RPGs alltogether.
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Venox2008  +   843d ago
no, just no
Gemmol  +   842d ago
dumbest article ever, its either this person wrote this article and not own a Wii U, but why put a gamepad less controller in there......I admit coming from ps3 only I thought I would hate the gamepad controller but in my opinion that is the best controller ever made for gaming, if that controller was missing from the Wii U I would not of bought it....that controller bought new life to games I played on my ps3 that made me bored....all I am saying if you have a Wii U then you know this article is garbage with a garbage idea

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