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rmw2hot  +   764d ago
Killzone is one of the only games where the graphics in singleplayer and multiplayer looks exactly the same. Ryse and crysis 3 multiplayer graphics are a huge downgrade from singleplayer.
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annus  +   764d ago
Ah yes, I take it you have put many hours into all three.

The fact that KZ MP runs at 60FPS instead of 30FPS means they have sacrificed something.
1nsomniac  +   764d ago
Have to admit Ryse is starting to look pretty shexshy! - although I don't think its real-time.

And Although I don't even think those images are from KZ there's no doubt they're the worst of the 3 games listed. I see a lot of people in desperation trying to find excuses.
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LeoDDestroyer  +   764d ago
I feel that crysis and ryse are both even with killzone in last with these pics. I will say one thing to keep in mind at least with the skin tones is the helghast character. All of which have pale skin and when compare to something with a natural skin tone can be misleading.

I'm mostly speaking of the women char who I'm assuming is a helghast.
Gamer666  +   764d ago
Deep Down > Ryse > Killzone > Crysis 3

And after saying that I declare the comparison a bad assessment. Things that affect how much devts can put into character models include game lighting, environment, and game genre...

They are comparing to FPS, to a hack n' slash, to an RPG... The ability to dedicate processing and GPU resources to characters is completely different in each genre.
Rageanitus  +   764d ago
IMO RYSE on the 2nd photo looks the best.

Crysis 3 is this gen tech but not so distant since it recently came out.

KZ is in between those two.
TomahawkX  +   763d ago
Ryse and KZ:SF are both representing next-gen. Both look great and this is only the beginning. Let the good times roll!
LoveSpuds  +   763d ago
All this arguing is so pointless. They all look amazing but the differences in lighting etc make a fair comparison impossible.

However, to say that Crysis on PC doesnt come out on top is delusional - you would need a super expensive PS to achieve those results so its hardly a surprise.

For me its got to the point where graphics arent a consideration any more. Games generally look great regardless - albeit some don't run as well as they could.

What is more important to me is the art style and whether the game is any good.
yay111  +   763d ago
KZ: Shadow Fall and Ryse can keep fighting over this, while Crysis 3 sits down and has a martini
RedSoakedSponge  +   763d ago
id say its a pretty even match. people saying its obvious that one is better than the others is either a fanboy or is in need of an eye exam.
purp13m0nk3y  +   763d ago
All three look very impressive. But to be totally honest you have to see facial animations in action to truly be able to judge properly.

I'll give the recent example that comes to mind. A mate and I were discussing Mass Effect 3 graphics the other day and he mentioned how impressed he was with the faces (texture details mainly) my argument was that the actual animation and expressions were very disappointing. The characters look like robots.

I fired up Uncharted 3 and TLOU for him to compare and he was blown away (he only games on xbox 360) He couldn't believe how realistic the expressions were. How you could read so much from a simple arched eyebrow, or slight curving of the lips.

That is where the true magic of facial animation lies. IMO there are very few games that pull off truly believable characters that almost seem like a real person.

I know I'll probably get torn to shreds but honestly I'm yet to see anything "next gen" that rival naughty dogs mo-cap facial animation techniques that they used in UC3 and TLOU.
Max-Zorin  +   763d ago
All three look great. Now shut up.
solidboss07  +   763d ago
We really need to wait for awhile before any of us, PS'ers or XB'ers, get a feel for next-gen tech such as seemingly expressive characters faces and all of the little intricities that convey realism.
While PS3 launch game Resistance FOM can hardly be held up as anything special, over all it was a competent and enjoyable game. One thing I remember from Resistance was how NPC's eyes would follow you around, they were creepily realistic, and it was a great thing to have them watch your every move when not engaging alien scum in battle.
Lots of next-gen games will have nice little features that all add up.
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digitalkid  +   763d ago
Ryse, no doubdt looks way better.
Order and Wizard are too far from release.
Xenomorph  +   763d ago
I think if you want a better comparison of killzone, you should look at the models for the helghast.
Hemp  +   763d ago
I think BF4 face expression lookin good too. theyre definitly on par.
strickers  +   763d ago
Ryse has better facial tech that Killzone. In most other graphics areas Killzone is superior.
CyrusLemont  +   763d ago
Pfft, facial tech peaked with Halo Combat Evolved on Xbox, see:

Jokes aside, all three titles look amazing and it can only get better from here. PC/PS4/X1 era is dawning, can't be more excited than I already am!
gamer7804  +   763d ago
ryse and crysis looks really good, but is it just me or does something seem "off" about KZ Shadowfall, i can't put my finger on it.
BLAKHOODe  +   763d ago
I'm kinda torn between Ryse and Killzone. The girl looks great in the Killzone pic, but not so much the guy. With Ryse, I think the helmet in the second pic is throwing me off a bit, but the facial features still look really good.

We really won't know how they compare until we see them actually animated.
Wh15ky  +   763d ago
"We compare Killzone Shadow Fall, Ryse and Crysis 3 to see how far the facial tech has evolved for games"

How is comparing those games going to show how far facial tech has evolved?

Surely comparing KZ SF to KZ 2 and 3 is a better way to do that.
e-p-ayeaH  +   763d ago
Next gen is gonna be amazing hot damm!
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   763d ago
Who approved this flame-bait?
EditorAtGNG  +   763d ago
At least there's a protagonist who isn't bald (Ryse) or has a mask/helmet/whatever. I can understand animating hair and making it feel real is tough and can take loads of resources but damn... this is next gen, bring it on, dammit.
saber00005  +   763d ago
Lol, I suggest NOT reading the comments. There's a HUGE flame ware going on in that website lol.
pete007  +   763d ago

ryse looks allmost cinematic, crysis is..........crysis,
deep down only third because killzone´s faces look great but keep reminding us of a game more than anyother here
Emilio_Estevez  +   763d ago
I wonder if anyone is going to use the LA Noire tech this coming gen, could be very impressive.

Not a tech guy, can't declare a winner, they all look excellent.
Tzuno  +   763d ago
To make a top

nr.1 Crysis
nr.2 Ryse
nr.3 Killzone
iRobotGaming  +   763d ago
I'm definately getting Killzone
whome  +   763d ago
I wonder what Don Mattrick's face looks like right now.
Darrevilen  +   761d ago
I don't really care what game they compare Killzone Shadow Fall to graphically. Killzone had always been so beautiful for me.
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