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TristanPR77  +   646d ago
Killzone looking pretty better than ryse.
Pandamobile  +   646d ago
Are you blind?
JasonKCK  +   646d ago
@TristanPR77... glasses, get some!

All I need now is MS and Crytek to bring this over to PC, since that is where my money is at.
mysteryraz11  +   646d ago
ryse looks the best, kz sf looks good to and so does crysis 3, they all look good
solidboss07  +   646d ago
Xbone games get a 'facial' from Sony games.
TKCMuzzer  +   646d ago
Welcome to trailers guys, you see what they want you to see, I see one trailer with in game footage and one with plenty of cut scene footage. How a comparison can be drawn up baffles me.

(What im saying is, one game shows what you will actually see when playing the other shows you a lot of other things you won't see whilst actually playing)
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AnteCash  +   646d ago
The faces in bullshots of ryse look the best, guess the only good thing about the game....
jonli1  +   646d ago
killzone graphic look last gen their nothing special with overrated junk of a game
black0o  +   646d ago
kz is a FPS I only see faces before I knife it ..
horndog  +   646d ago
Easy pickings. Ryse without a doubt. Why would they compare killzone for the ps3 to next gen games. At least put some killzone sf pics for the ps4 in there .
theXtReMe1  +   646d ago
They all look great. Ryse seems to have the best skin, while Killzones eyes are the best. The eyes freak me out, and will definitely make me feel bad if we have to kill anything without a helmet of some sort. Very expressive and realistic looking. Not the dead eyes gamers have been used to for the past 20 years.
Belking  +   646d ago
A screen shot doesn't mean jack.Ryse wins this easily. Those facial animations are the best out there right now.
Nocando  +   646d ago
I often wonder what each company will push when realism becomes the standard, and at that point, what will fanboys argue about?
ninjagoat  +   646d ago
All Ryse does is show where the x1 bottlenecks and the shame is its not even a couple off years and the xbox one is already back pedaling. Everything promised has been cut back on in this game. Maybe developers hoping to much. Maybe PR getting a bit to excited either way it ends in people being disappointed. This game should have made a PC release aswell to reach its full potential imo.
horndog  +   646d ago
How long have you been a developer for crytek? Or a dev for MS?? YOURE NOT?! Than stop trying to pretend like you know what yoi are talking about.
ninjagoat  +   646d ago
Mate its not even hard to work out lol. there running the game in 1600 res now instead off 1080 there's a reason for that. At 1080p they could not maintain a solid fps.

Be that 60-30fps. They needed to take a drop. Easy way to test for yourself 'yawn' is to get a decent PC that can run BF3 in 60+fps in 1080p and reduce the resolution and have a lock at the frame boost you get.

This is the same issue they ran into. But where as on the PC the said guy I'm talking about already have 60+ fps depending on his GFX card the guy on the console is looked to certain settings that the card that is standard for the lifetime off the console limits it to.

Hence this is not PC vs Console but an easy way for anyone without a clue to get a clue. Lower resolution = higher fps, lower polygon count = higher performance.

What would be a more interesting conversation would have been would the PlayStation 4 have put these limits on Crytek as well guess we have to wait for there first PS4 release to see.

Now if you want to pretend to be a developer your welcome lad ;).
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cyclindk  +   646d ago
As far as most "realistic" look:

I'd say

Crysis 3
Deep Down

Now how many polys each is pushing, resolution and all that, this is just my opinion on the "look."

And I am a fan of Killzone, impressed with SOME of the visuals in Crysis and smooth gameplay, Ryse and Deep Down are relatively unknowns for me apart from what I have seen in trailers and such.

Maybe it's screenshot selection, or something else, but that's my lineup from "most realistic" to "least."
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creepjack  +   646d ago
OK, this should be re-titled to "Let's see who's a Sony fanboy", because you people saying Killzone looks the best are full of crap and you all know it.

In these pics, Killzone literally looks last gen compared to all of the other games shown.
JasonXS12  +   646d ago
You shouldn't really compare Crysis 3 and Ryse mainly due to the fact both are from Cryengine. The first face in Killzone looks pretty good but the second picture I'm not too sure. The eyes are nice but the overall face just looks a bit strange to me.
ziggurcat  +   646d ago
It's between deep down, and ryse for me... Am not that impressed with KZ's or crysis 3's facial tech.
FanboyKilla  +   646d ago
gamer2013  +   646d ago
Killzone looks so good it makes me wanna fap!
wishingW3L  +   646d ago
Crysis 3 > Ryse > Killzone, although to run Crysis 3 on ultra you need a PC more powerful than the PS4 and XB1 combined. And even though Ryse looks better than Killzone, Killzone is running at stable 30 frames and 1080p while Ryse is not only sub 1080p but according to previews it has pretty bad frame-rate, so Guerrilla's delivering a better balance. And not to mention that these are only first gen titles, it's only gonna get better from here. Killzone in particular is using only 14 CU on the PS4 instead of the 18 and no ALU either.
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lifeisgamesok  +   646d ago
Ryse latest build is 30fps with no issues
wdb0207  +   646d ago
ryse. one of the reasons ill have the xbox.
zbg31610  +   646d ago
Screenshots vs pictures taken from gameplay videos and such are not equal. Look, Ryse looks great, but these pics aren't really fair, I mean look,

KIllzone: http://media1.gameinformer....


Point made..
Pandamobile  +   646d ago
You're compared high-quality character renders from KZ:SF to a screencap from a video...

You just refuted your own point, so congrats, I guess...
zbg31610  +   646d ago
The point is pictures can be deceptive. Killzone looked better in those and Ryse looked better in the ones from the article. THAT IS THE POINT, did you hit your head? I am not trying to say Killzone is better looking. You could at least read my comment next time.
Pandamobile  +   646d ago
All the screenshots used in the comparison are actual screenshots though. If you compare press renders to screen caps of videos like you were doing, that's hardly a comparison at all.

Screenshots are screenshots. As long as they're not rendered offline, they're valid for comparison.
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Pandamobile  +   646d ago
(I just realized that the KZ:SF pictures are screencaps from the trailer, my bad).
Pandamobile  +   646d ago
Ryse and Crysis 3's characters are objectively better looking.
zbg31610  +   646d ago
Because you are qualified to "objectively" make that claim...
Pandamobile  +   646d ago
All you have to do is look at the screenshots. There's more texture detail and much richer shading going on in Crysis 3 and Ryse.
Trekster_Gamer  +   646d ago
All 3 look great but Ryse has the edge..
-Gespenst-  +   646d ago
All three look impressive, but are the games good? We already know Crysis 3 is not. Ryse is looking pretty mediocre and is being made by the same people who brought us Crysis 3 (see above). Killzone? Looks like another big, stupid, AAA, linear 5-10 hour murder fest. Not interested. Stop supporting this tripe.
assdan  +   646d ago
Killzone is one of the most fun shooters out there. That's what it is. It's also stunning, and has tended to have very good campaigns. I have a lot of faith in that game. And you can't say much bad about deep down at this point.
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ATi_Elite  +   646d ago
It's safe to say that the CryEngine is just a BEAST!

I don't care what platform uses it, The CryEngine is a MONSTER.
assdan  +   646d ago
All 4 look amazing. Ryse might have a little more realistic structure, but I can't get over the glistening of people's eyes in KZ, and other parts of there face. Then deep down does everything well.
tubers  +   646d ago
Skin shader on Ryse blows KZ and Crysis:
SITH  +   646d ago
Ryse looks even more impressive when compared with other games. The lighting is spot on.
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lifeisgamesok  +   646d ago
Ryse has the best facial animation. The characters look so real
Silly gameAr  +   646d ago
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