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deanobi  +   769d ago
Xbox One is starting to own PS4! :D
deno  +   769d ago
You fanboys are absurd. Buy both systems and play video games.
boneso82  +   769d ago
"Sony having a million or 1.5 million pre-orders for the PS4, I didn’t even think twice about it. We’re not disclosing pre-order numbers at the moment for accounting reasons but I know for a fact we have just as many."

Ummm... I think you just disclosed them...
Clarence  +   769d ago
More pr bull$h!t from M$ I see. It's going to be hilarious watching M$ and Xbox fans trying to explain why the PS4 numbers are crushing the xbone.
sonicjam  +   769d ago
For anyone saying that some game stores still have ps4 for pre-order its because Sony is making more consoles than MS. Sony will sell a lot more because they gonna have more available than MS. Its the reason why Japan is getting the PS4 next year.
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