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MultiConsoleGamer  +   845d ago
In the US they have more, a lot more.

But the rest of the world is a different story.
cyclindk  +   845d ago
Apart from price point and features, it is the timeframe people should consider this time around and marketshare after this last generation.

Micro made significant ground due to the early launch last gen, have a larger install base/fanbase now.

Each console launching around same time now, with similar fanbases (statistically speaking) with Micro at a higher price point.

We will see how it all pans out with this in mind.
KILLERAPP  +   845d ago
Nothing is impossible but if this were true, knowing how MS is they would be screaming it and saying it over and over. That is how MS has always been, they always throw a party every month they outsell the PS3 in the US. if this where true they would be saying it over and over in all the interviews they need all the good press they can have but they been quiet about actual number and there is a reason why. Is probably the same reason why they gave a free game in Europe and did the 180 reversals, the numbers are not good. But it is possible that in the US there neck and neck with the PS4, the buzz and the Amazon and GameStop number have always been in the PS4 favor even in the US. But nothing is impossible, the Nov and Dic number are going to be fun...
sAVAge_bEaST  +   844d ago
-repeating- over, and over, -and over.,
hey, at least it plays better with Call of Duty, Doritos, and Mt. Dew.

(rinse, wash -repeat-)
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ACEMANWISE  +   845d ago
According to Vgchartz, the PS3 is in 2nd place by about 2 million consoles.

Given the fact that video games today are largely tied to online accounts I'd say consumers will weigh heavily on their investments before deciding to change brands.

This appears to be the strategy of all digital based gaming consoles. Hook consumers into their product and hope they don't jump ship.

The PS4 and Xbox One will be a close preorder situation but I think the trend points to the PS4 winning out within 2 years. I'm not talking questionable numbers either. I'm talking at least 5 million clear cut.
no_more_trolling  +   844d ago
youre a credible source of information

SoulSercher620  +   845d ago
We all know that's a bunch of bull. The PS4 leads in every county including the US.
The Captain  +   844d ago
Everyone is bringing up TV integration, but I am an old school gamer who just wants the console for games. I already have IP TV and many of the integration smart TV's already have or will add.
zpoc  +   844d ago
even though i'm not getting one, i hope the xbone sells well. i'm pretty sure it will, too. but it's not going to sell as well as the ps4, at the very least not in the first year. the evidence continues to pile up that the ps4 is more anticipated and more pre-ordered than the xbone, which i think will play out when the consoles are released.
NeoTribe  +   844d ago
Microsoft lieing again... they have no idea what ps4 preorders are. Online polls prove sonys demand destroys xbox.
thrust  +   844d ago
Online polls , hahahaha the polls people can click multiple times?
mediate-this  +   844d ago
Xbox dev go home
tonywood  +   844d ago

It will come down to Halo/Gears, and XBL success....
Vs Naughty dog (if uncharted comes out) killzone, and PS plus.
Also, Bungie's Destiny could hurt MS (Halo).

Sony makes more exclusives...but Halo and Gears have been able yo carry xbox. We'll see how it goes.
coopman300  +   844d ago
Personally, i plan on going all digital so i have no need for pre orders unless there's a special content deal.
Trekster_Gamer  +   844d ago
You all act as if this really matters...

It won't change anything...
Multiplatform games will still come to both..

System exclusives will still come to both...

The user base far and away big enough for both systems to thrive.

I could only see the Wii-u getting passed over as usual on many titles.

So if the Ps4 does sell more big deal! I am still going to get my games on my Xbox One and enjoy the heck out of them.
MajorMayhem70  +   844d ago
If the Xbox One sells over a million out the gate, Microsoft would have to see it as success. Between the whole reveal debacle, price point and 180's and still manage over a million installed base numbers. Who wouldn't see that as a hell of a turn around? Sony fanboys put your hands down...lmao 😝
ghostrider32  +   844d ago
Who cares? Only idiots that will never see a check brag about sales. Brand loyalty is for the weak.
tarbis  +   844d ago
Straws straws for sale. Get your straws here. Cheap straws for everyone.
Chevalier  +   844d ago
Lol. Never once have we had more units available for xbox one. MS cut us off at ridiculously low stock. We 'sold out' at a whole 30 units when we were told to stop preorders. Now that we were allowed to reopen preorders we have a total of standard and day one editions of 62 orders in my store. Our ps4 preorders? 352 preorders. Canada is easily 4-1 PS4 for our company. Our company allotment for Xbox One is not even close to to PS4. This article is a joke, somehow now MS is being humble when every chance they got they throw out stats and now they say they have as much preorders as Sony?! Yeah because Sony just let's their competition know how many units they sold?! I have asked my friends at Best Buy and Futureshop and they have no where close to our preorders and even they said they got very low stock as well.
PS4FEVER  +   844d ago
All the ps4 launch edition have been sold out at EB(gamestop) australia, while you can still secure an xboxone on launch day.
DOOMZ  +   844d ago
GREAT news for gamers!!!
Themba76  +   844d ago
all of them laughing at xbox one?
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Indo  +   844d ago
I guess my PS4 buy is invisible.
gigoran  +   844d ago
Feeling insignificant and inadequate so they need to convince people they are not being outdone by Sony when the truth is... HAHAHAHAHA are these guys for real? It's like "my dad could kick your dads ass" when we all know my dads name is Sony and he is an ex-marine that can take out whole teams of soldiers by himself, unarmed. Geeky I.T dad got served!
MichaelLito79  +   844d ago
Go with the choice that caters to you. and let time tell what the pre orders are.
AD705  +   844d ago
So a random developer just decided to gon on reddit one day to claim that the preorders of the xbox one are the same as the ps4? A guy who cannot even tell us the numbers of the preorders let alone show us his true identity?

Seriously xbots stop stooping so low that you're relying on anonymous sources as information.
SuperBlur  +   844d ago
I think he meant "We have as many pre-order as number in our new console name" - 1 - . muhaha muhaha
AD705  +   844d ago
lol good one

also what is this xboxone developer working on anyway? We know absolutely nothing about the guy whos saying this. he tells us he or she is a developer yet shows us no evidence, doesnt tell us what game company he or she works for or what games he or she is working on right now.
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horndog  +   844d ago
^^^^^^^Sounds a lot like the so called devs who stated that ps4 was 50% more powerful but no names were given as to who they were or who they worked for but for some strange reason it got accepted here as facts so why not this rumor?? Oh Right!, its positive xbox1 news. How convinient. We will only beleive un-named sources when its pro ps4 news, anything pro for x1 is BS. Got it.
beebap  +   844d ago
It called common sense yes developer are working on games so they see which console is more powerful while why the hell would a developer know the console preorder numbers for xbox one and then also know that it similar to ps4, were he get sony number from. They announced they reached a million ages ago so thinking what it is now is spectaclation.
pinocchio2600  +   844d ago
Geppetto preorder me an xbox one. You know i'll be in line at my local gamestop on nov. 22. I also plan on going on nov. 15 to stomp on fools waiting for their ps4.
SynestheticRoar  +   844d ago
"Microsoft" We have just as many pre-orders as SONY. Also a controller that has AA batteries don't laugh, it's new like SONY. Oh we have bluray now like SONY. Yes we play games like SONY. Are components closely resembles SONY. The system is the color black like SONY. We have exclusives coming out like SONY. YES a share button. Oh sorry we miss that. Lower resolution than Sony, but that ok. Lower frame rate than Sony, but the hell with it. We're hundred dollars more than SONY, but "hey damn it were SONY" lol 2funny.
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Jigga69  +   844d ago
PS4 beats xbox even in US and destroyed it in UK (look at best seller in 2013).

In Europe and the rest of the world it will be a genocide on xbox.

For example there is a poll on big frenchwebsite with more than 70,000 vote : 3:1 in favor of PS4.
thrust  +   844d ago
You can click on that poll as much as you want tho, kids with time refresh click it, pretty sad.
Arcanine  +   844d ago
The PS family is way more popular than the Xbox band... there are 4 generations of PlayStation and only 3 of the Xbox.
jek7  +   844d ago
aw i guess the ps4 is not as good as i thought it was
kewlkat007  +   844d ago
Microsoft already had said the demand for the Xbox one is greater than the xbox360. Couple that with the positive news that have been flowing the last month.

Microsoft has over 40 million paying members of Xbox live. With the recent dedicated server news for all games if the devs want to take advantage, why get a ps4 of you love multiplayer..

I got 2 preordered..
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