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evilhasitsway  +   840d ago
ant no way both have the same amount of preorders someone has the lead on the other.
HiddenMission  +   840d ago
This is MS reputation management that's all. If MS really had those numbers Aaron Greensburg would be all over twitter talking those numbers up.
awesomeisjayell  +   840d ago
i'm a X1 fan and i know that the PS4 will have the edge this holiday mainly due to followers and miscommunication but the tides will turn very quickly once the consoles are out when people find out that the PS4 is just a PS3 with a new casing.
Dee_Cazo  +   839d ago
Although I feel you put that rudely, you aren't wrong.

For the most part you are buying a PS3 with improved hardware. They aren't really doing anything new for their system that is really enticing for consumers that aren't already Playstation fans.

Regardless if you love or hate the new features the XB1 is offering, it is clear that they are offering a new experience rather than just updated hardware.
strickers  +   839d ago
Hardware gimmicks aren't what make a GAMES console. Games are what counts. Sony devs( plus all the other devs backing it) are going to push innovation in games. I have TiVo. I don't need a new interface or to run my console an extra 5 hours a day, everyday. Weak argument
Dee_Cazo  +   838d ago
@strickers you say that as if innovating/making great games is a console exclusive?

Both systems are going to push out great games and about 80% of all games released are going to be on both systems. If anything is a weak argument it is trying to make it sound like the XB1 isnt offering that.

Regardless of your expected criticism of the XB1 cloud, Microsoft is making it really clear they aren't just offering innovation to the games, but also to the system itself to offer really great experiences, and to improve play in-general.
josephayal  +   840d ago
MS should give us Forza 5 for free with our console purchase Xbox One would sell like hot cakes
Reem  +   839d ago
This is laughable, PS4 will maul Xbone
Many-hat5  +   839d ago
I don't beleive this to be true, and I'll give you an example why. I live in UK,and this gen my four closest buddies and myself all have an 360(I also have PS3).However, all of us will be PS4 only this time around.Casting the net wider, most of my work colleagues who have expressed a preference have pre-ordered, or are going to buy later,PS4. Now, I know this is only anecdotal, and doesn't in any way constitute a scientific sample, but there deffinately appears to be a shift away from MS. For me, and many others it appears, the DRM fiasco was just too much. I know they have reversed all the DRM stuff now,but the intent was clear and the trust relationship broken -there's no going back. Conversely, I haven't heard anyone I know mention they are moving away from Sony to MS.Sure, MS will shift bucket loads of consoles, but I really don't see them shifting anywhere near the quantities that Sony will just because of this change in attitude towards MS' policies.I'm not a fanboy, and really don't care who sells the most consoles, and I'm not trying to say saying Sony is good, only that MS is pretty shitty -therefore, I have chosen what I see as the lesser of two evils. I pre-ordered my PS4 on 01/06 and recently was lucky enough to be offered the upgrade to the full bundle for £429.00 (killzone, two controllers and camera)Whatever console you choose will be good,but I think to claim MS will sell as many at launch will prove to be false.
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Bo-Diddly  +   839d ago
Have to say it's the complete opposite for me. I'm also in the UK and I own both at the moment but will be buying an Xbox One at launch. Practically everyone I know is getting one and of the few people in work who are gamers it's about 50-50. The main reason is that they've loved the 360, Xbox Live and the controller and didn't like PSN as they found it slow, hated applying updates as it took an age and didn't get along with the controller. It's also worth pointing out that most of them weren't even aware of the DRM debacle.

I've based my decision on the games I want and nothing else, to let your 'allegiance' to MS or Sony doesn't work for me, they're both after your money, both have a track record of misdirection and both have reaped in the cash at our expense through various proprietary bits of hardware (HDDs or memory cards spring to mind). I'm in total agreement with you in that I couldn't care who sells more, why should I? I may be getting an Xbox One at launch but that doesn't mean I won't get rid of it down the line if I find it's not for me.

One thing I would note is that I have PS+ at the minute and enjoy the great games I've been getting for both my PS3 and my Vita I hope I can click download online like I can at the moment for the PS4 offerings and then when I eventually pick up a PS4 next year I'll have a nice little games library.
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QuickdrawMcgraw  +   839d ago
Why argue and insult each other.Let's wait till after the launches then we will know.
souldestroyer14  +   839d ago
Why does anyone give a shit?
The-real-Kratos  +   839d ago
The six different bundles for ps4 are all out of stock on amazon, while the xb1 stndrd edition is still available out of just its two bundles... doesn't that say anything?
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thexmanone  +   839d ago
Yea, It tells me we don`t no how many consoles are available to the retailers for preorders.
Krosis  +   839d ago
People that think the Xbox One will fail simply don't know much about business...

On the bright side, the launch line-up for this generation of consoles is much better than last. Thankfully Oblivion launched not long after last gen.
AceBlazer13  +   839d ago
the true meaning in this statement is that the xbone finally reached a million pre orders. how many months has it been since the ps4 got a million pre orders ?
isa_scout  +   839d ago
I am quite curious to know how a developer(not MS)knows exactly how many Xbox One pre orders there are...Then he covers it up by saying that it's not about how many consoles are sold, but what games the player is going to come back to over and over again...Sounds like he's saying, "We don't have as many consoles sold, but our games are better."
For me the launch game I'm going to be playing over and over again is the MP for Killzone:Shadowfall. I'll pick up the Xbox One when Halo comes out.
TristanPR77  +   839d ago
I don't believe x1 have as many pre orders as PS4. PS4 have a clearly big edge over X1. The manager of the gamestop where I reserved my console told me reservations for PS4 are way bigger than x1. If you followed amazon it's clear that the PS4 is ahead.
LoneWolf019  +   839d ago
Cool story, numbers mean nothing to me. Ill be enjoying my Ps4
Evo21  +   839d ago
Xbox has no chance in some countries in Europe , the preorder of PS4 crushes everything here.

I can buy a Xbox One in France the day of release without preorder ...
2pacalypsenow  +   839d ago
Yeah cuz MS has never lied to make themselves look better
MajorMayhem70  +   839d ago
Don't get caught up in the games presale numbers for the Xbox One. There will be many that will buy into the digital only concept as I have. To be able to sit down and say "Xbox play (insert game title) and have it effortlessly start up without a disc is one of the reasons why I want an Xbox. Digital downloading will be heavily used by Xbox Owners. It would be silly to dispell Xbox One preorders by game preorders
strickers  +   839d ago
You know PS3 has be doing digital more heavily than 360? Day and date too.
You'll buy a console to talk to? Oh dear.
MajorMayhem70  +   839d ago
Talking to the X1 and it complying to what I'm saying is what it can do... And did I mention it still plays games?!? Don't worry, I'm buying a ps4 too, but it doesn't listen to my commands so I'll buy physical copies for that console. Xbox One will be 100% digital though. I'll fill up my 500gigs then store the rest in the cloud. Hope you enjoy just your Playstation.
XisThatKid  +   839d ago
At this point MS don't worry about what Sony is doin in terms of that stuff just get your sh!t together.
BobBelcher  +   839d ago
Pre-Orders don't really count for the majority of a product's sales. Hell, most people that will get a console aren't even 'gamers.'
corvusmd  +   839d ago
I actually hope that PS4 sells a lot more at doubt XB1 will catch up and perhaps take over, but judging by the amount of ignorant trolling that goes on at sites like this...I kinda hope that crowd latches onto PS4 and PSN for as long ass possible before realizing what they did...that way the XBL experience will be that much better!!! :) It's gonna be awesome!!! Just over a month away and I've never been this excited for a system launch....but first time I'm not getting both at launch.
strickers  +   839d ago
Some of the guys on this site are great. The ones that moan the most about trolls , are the most ignorant of the lot.
So let me get this straight. You want more people to go on PSN because of all the wankers on Live? Cart before horse.
corvusmd  +   839d ago
Nope because of all the morons on sites like this.
MCTJim  +   839d ago
I for one am tired of the rhetoric on both sides. Please bring me actual videos of games running and not some captured cell phone video or crappy gifs. Only a few of these really exist and you would think both Sony and MS would indeed be showing us more.
slampunk  +   839d ago
People people..... When will N4G learn not to click on any article from Flamebolt ...... !!!!
AceofStaves  +   839d ago
I'm certain if pre-order numbers were that strong, MS would have released an official statement to that effect, since that sort of press release would be great for the company. So I'll take this 'dev's' statements with a grain of salt.

That being said, anyone who believes the XB1 won't have strong launch sales is deluding themselves. The question remains as to whether the PS4 or XB1 will emerge as the dominant console this gen, but both are guaranteed to have strong launches.

I'm curious to see how the initial sales will play out, but whatever the final numbers are, they'll have no impact on my purchase decision. PS4 offers me much more of what I want for my money, just as the PS3 did back when it launched. In the end, the console(s) you buy should reflect your preferences as a gamer, not blind brand loyalty.

Next month is going to be good times for all of us, regardless of which consoles we buy.
pop-voxuli  +   839d ago
Hey, it's your story M$ tell it how ever you want!!
busytoad  +   839d ago
LMFAO @ X-bone Dev. Sad to see them dishing out lies every week in a attempt to make kids think wow x bone is good i better get one lol. Ps4 is kicking their A$$ plain and simple.
Ch1d0r1  +   839d ago
Who cares about this... Just enjoy what you get. Articles like this always bring negativity by opposing console players. Ill be having fun enjoying my PS4 when ever i get it. For the people on the other party enjoy your Xbones!

Ill probably get an xbone myself when it drops to $300 no less. I firmly believe Sony will drive them to a super low price, and when ever that happens in 4-6 years ohh well...
spoonard  +   839d ago
Do we believe the retailers who are telling us the pre-order numbers, or do we believe the bullshitters who are playing catch-up? lol
strigoi814  +   839d ago
oh snap..Microsoft even preorder their own console just to hype it up lolz!
S2Killinit  +   839d ago
just as many? you don't say
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