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CRAIG667  +   843d ago
Ladies... Gentlemen... who gives a f%*k which multimillion dollar corporation sells the most launch consoles!!!
I want to play cool games, not argue about who's shareholders are getting the largest dividend...

***cool games available on both platforms.
pyramidshead  +   843d ago
Not disclosing numbers, says they have just as many, xbox one dev...

hmm.. lol
KNWS  +   843d ago
The consoles will launch before Christmas. The people on the fence about what console they'll want for Christmas will be more informed leading up to the 25th, as both consoles will have been out for a month.

Microsoft announcing dedicated servers for all XB1 multiplayer games is a big reason to go for XB1 this gen. Player hosting is horrible most of the time. I kind of annoyed Dice and EA refused X Box cloud compute dedicated servers day one. It seems they've decided to continue milking gamers by charging them for using private servers. Call of Duty will have be using XB1 dedicated severs day one so there is no valid reason anymore for Dice to not do so too! Its solely a money issue Dice said no.

I digress, Microsoft PR has improved last couple of months, so pre-orders are bound to rise and get better.
Tooly  +   843d ago
How can they say that when they dont no how many sony has .sony never released a f**** Statement on the exact amount they have lol
uncharted56  +   843d ago
arbitor365  +   843d ago
lets say for a second that this is true. the PS4 has been sold out for nearly 2 months at every outlet. and every time amazon re opened pre orders, they sold out within a day or two.

so there is still a much larger demand for the PS4
PFFT  +   843d ago
A lot of people where the XBO wont be launching this year will be importing from one place or the other. Lets wait till both consoles launch to see real numbers rather than speculated numbers.
KYU2130  +   843d ago
Now i cant and won't dispute if MS has just as many preorders for the XB1 as Sony has for the PS4, because regardless of region its possible that that MS does. My issue is if that is so why when i walked into my local FRYs Electronics did the guy in the gaming department tell me i can still order an XB1 and get it on launch day(guaranteed ).

now from a sales stand point both MS and Sony must have enough consoles so that retailers can put a few on the shelf for release day. It would make no sense to have all incoming consoles to be for preorders only. This would segregate an rather sizable market that doesnt want to or cant do preorders.
Viking_Socrates  +   843d ago
I predict that both Microsoft and Sony will sell at least one console, more data will become available in the future.

But no they'll probably both do really well.
Belking  +   843d ago
Xbox-one FTW! Xbox-one has a great lineup with no delayed titles. I only pre orders I care about are the two xb1s I have coming.
Themba76  +   843d ago
I thought you would be gone by now why are you still here?
majiebeast  +   843d ago
Hey atleast he wasted his 1 bubble for that.
Kayant  +   843d ago
If this was true MS will be shouting about it like they were just recently with more the announcement of more than 50% More Gamers gaming online on X360 than the PS3. Also they are launch in about 10+ less countries at a higher price.

Also let's not even ask why an XB1 dev would have such kind of data.....
KNWS  +   843d ago
You forget though Sony left out the PS camera to reduce the price. Microsoft included Kinect which by all accounts is superior to the Sony camera.

I got Fifa 14 next gen (From Europe)XB1 day one edition and kinect for 500. Fifa 14 costs 65 Euros sold separately. So 500 for XB1 was a steal.
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Kayant  +   843d ago
It was not to reduce the price it was to reduce the amount they were going to lose by including it. $399 was the magical price for them.

"Sony's Masayasu Ito says US$399 was deemed "the magic price" for the PlayStation 4 – bringing it in US$200 cheaper than the PlayStation 3. Efforts were made to include the camera at the US$399 mark, but pressure from above forbade Sony Computer Entertainment from making too much of a loss on the PlayStation 4 hardware."


Also PS Eye is not as heavily integrated into the PS4's OS as kinect is with XB1. MS is using kinect heavily to deliver their experience that want you to have on XB1 rather than it being a gaming peripheral addon like the PS eye is.
Asv6SEMPER  +   843d ago
"Xbox One Dev"

I just stopped reading here, 0 credibility.
Asv6SEMPER  +   843d ago
How can, in the name of this fu***** world, the preorders of the XBO being higher than PS4 in 13 country and by the same time Sony trying to play with preorder number ?

Don't you smell the Microsoft faggot & Lies behind it ? Does it not seem totally irrationnal ? Come on Microsoft, admit: not only you were the one playing with preorder numbers but you're now accusing Sony to do what you're doing.

Microsoft should be hanged, one day people will start killing Microsoft faggots for real.
KNWS  +   843d ago
Because users of the X box 360 will likely stick with Microsoft. Microsoft had a rocky start, but their coming back strong again.

Those 13 countries is were most of the X box 360 users and consoles are based and been used. I still think PS4 will sell more worldwide but not by much on Launch day.
Asv6SEMPER  +   842d ago
KNWS you are simply fucked up: Europe is dominated by Sony (even in the north), Asia is also dominated by Sony and America is moslty Half Sony half Microsoft.

You aren't going to believe that in these 13 Microsoft will do better than Sony in 33 Countries (even more ) ?

After all the things what happenned with the XBO ?

And guess what: those 13 concerns 7 european states (Austria, Irelandn, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and UK), only in the UK the Xbox one has a small chance to sell well.

And btw, your comments about the xbox 360 community will stick to Microsoft are a prove of your arrogance and absolute fanboyism towards Microsoft: you should not judge about the opinions and belives of anyone, specially if you don't know what's going to happen (it might get against you)
strickers  +   843d ago
Lies. No sales chart anywhere even hints at this anyone who follows MS will know they would have shouted from the roof tops.

If you believe this, you are either naive, foolish or a fanboy
Angels3785  +   843d ago
Not only that but then they would immediately contradict themselves and say they are very "humble" while shouting it from the rooftops
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True_Samurai  +   843d ago
I see all of you making a big fuss about this, so I suspect many of you to have stocks Or shares in either company?
Majin-vegeta  +   843d ago
You would think if this was true M$ would be shouting it off the top of Mt Everest just too get some good publicity and not bad publicity.

Btw don't most companies actually announce something when they hit a certain mile stone piece?
LeCreuset  +   843d ago

These numbers are true. It's just that MS can't announce them because their bound to secrecy by a nondisclosure agreement with AMD. Expect them to reveal the truth a day before the console releases. It will be a last minute bombshell that swings things in Microsoft's favor.

This is obviously sarcasm.
Majin-vegeta  +   843d ago
You sir have earned a bubble xD.
LeCreuset  +   843d ago
I don't believe the crap that Microsoft OFFICIALLY spews. Why on Earth would I believe the unsubstantiated claims of an anonymous supposed dev speaking UNOFFICIALLY on behalf of MS?
gdguide  +   843d ago
I'm sorry, but this is so unlikely. I could see this happening if they were launching with Gears 4 or Halo 5, but Ryse and Forza 5 aren't going to make up for the $100 more price tag and all of the PR disasters Microsoft have made. Every preorder chart, poll, polls from attendees at game conferences, comments from both companies all point to the PS4 selling more period.
sigfredod  +   843d ago
MegaRay  +   843d ago
Lol yea right. PS is more popular thus it will sell more easy as that. (Im not gonna buy one till kh or ffxv released or sony announce a platformer other than knack)
Stuart81  +   843d ago
In the UK its pretty much neck and neck pre order wise. even though PS4 doesn't come out here til the 29th which puts it on UK shelves one week after X1
fractured74  +   843d ago
WOW Why do you people even react to a,hang on ,another trolling article from n4g.The worst thing is there are way better articles on this site that only get five comments,this site gets worse as time goes on ,i hope the actual release of both consoles will keep you lot to busy from buying in to this crap.
DynDasE  +   843d ago
When you think that M$ will not do an even worse PR....
jjb1981  +   843d ago
I'll be getting both, so why are people arguing again?
akaFullMetal  +   843d ago
I know my best buy, preorders are 2 to 1 in playstations favor. Something like 93 ps4 and 43 xbox one preorders.
neocores  +   843d ago
I dont understand. First they lie bout the system now they want to lie about numbers..... Mirco180 go home come out in 2014 maybe u got a chance then
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CuddlyREDRUM  +   843d ago
The more Xbox One compares itself to PS4 the worse it looks, they should stop doing this.
synaraha6609   843d ago | Spam
Goku781  +   843d ago
Don't really care anymore, enough with the talk. Showtime in 26 days for Sony, 33 for Microsoft. All I care at this point that both show an prove with their A Game. Sony better be in PS FFVII, Metal Gear mode, and MS in Halo 1-2, Gears of War 1-2 mode. Nothing but the best from both, no excuses, on same level hardware or not, the games better be the shit and nothing less!
IHassounah  +   843d ago
I want to understand , when will they begin counting us ? here in Saudi Arabia alone , it's the first time in history people want the Xbox brand more than the PlayStation brand
SegaGamer  +   843d ago
Jeez, it's like children. "Oh we can do just as much as such and such"

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