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remanutd55  +   683d ago
Just cancel the thing and give me Motorstorm!!!!!!!!
TechMech2  +   683d ago
Too bad for playstation fans. I think Xbox one launch is now better than ps4. Matter of opinion.
cactusjack  +   683d ago
not even close, killzone preorders are more than forza, ryse, and dead rising COMBINED. not to mention knack, and all the multiplats.
TechMech2  +   683d ago
Opinion. I said opinion. I think Killzone will be great, but it's the only game for playstation 4 that interests me. I like Forza and dead rising, and think that knack will not be that great of a game.
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strickers  +   683d ago
This is all quite normal for games in general, and much more common at launches.
I'm happy to be honest. I get Contrast, a game I would be paying for.
How many people complaining were buying Driveclub? How many were even buying PS4?
Most moaners are full of shite and point scoring for their team.
tudors  +   683d ago
The more I come here the more I am starting to feel like this site is infected with a mental illness.
1OddWorld  +   683d ago
You and me both. I have 27 Days until I pick up my new console and I think I will spend it not reading comments and just reading articles.

I cant wait to play Octodad :D
cactusjack  +   683d ago
this seems like the game has enough content but sony wants to add more before launching it to the public. great choice.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   683d ago
60fps 1080p- is worth the wait. Patience is a virtue.
yewles1  +   683d ago
A LOT of people are not thinking straight and not realizing why this actually makes sense...
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busytoad  +   683d ago
I dont care about drive club, im gonna be too busy owning mofo's in killzone :)
Drewminati  +   683d ago
This is what happens when you try to compete with beast like Forza, Your ass get delayed, Take your ass to next year DC.. go .. get!!
AutoCad  +   683d ago
Just put my launch edition PS4 preorder for sale on ebay.
strickers  +   683d ago
And here are the clowns ^
slampunk  +   683d ago
As someone who is getting both, this is really shit news for PS4...... This basically only leaves KZ and Knack as the exclusives, if you take out the games already on PC, multiplats and indies......

I've been gaming on Sony machines since the beginning, but come on Sony (only) fans, don't just slag MS and then give Sony a free pass when one of 3 AAA launch exclusives are delayed..... This is crap...

KZ, Infamous and the Order 1886 still look great and i look forward to them, but as it stands though, KZ / Knack are competing against DR3, Ryse, Forza and Killer Instinct at launch.
Rageanitus  +   683d ago
That is the true problem with consoles.

Yes they have exclusive games, ahem just like PC ;).

But sometimes it is not worth getting the console at launch because there is so little exclusive games. At least in a PC environment the games go through an evolution and if you get a new PC you can increase the quality and make the game fresh again. The true beauty of backwards compatability.

Essentially what I am trying to get at is your always waiting for the next great game to justify your purchase when it comes to consoles

I think this time around I am gonna wait 1>2 years before I pickup any of the newer consoles.

I am pretty happy with the PC+PS3+360 gaming at the moment (got rid of the wii long long ago) But my 360 is currently collecting dust maybe I should sell it.
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Zack_attack  +   683d ago
Quite a few people saying this is a good move. I'd love to see the trolls if Forza was delayed lol. Sony damage control is in full force today;p
buynit  +   683d ago
Yup we all know how frantic Sony fanatics would get if forza got delayed!
sAVAge_bEaST  +   683d ago
Look guys,, it sucks, (ya happy xboners).??

In all honesty though, how many people were purchasing drive club @ launch. (besides free ps+) I personally I'm buying a Ps4, for BF4. the major reason to get a ps4, for me along with KZ. -I was also thinking of picking up Watch Dogs, so that sucks even more.

a little bummed, -pre-order Not cancelled.
Rageanitus  +   683d ago
I am buying consoles for Exclusives!.

BF4 can be found on ALL platforms, and the preference is on the PC. So having an exclusive removed from launch can be a bummer
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buynit  +   683d ago
Forza 5 said Gtfo! Lol just like gta5 said to watch Dogs!
Red_Devilz  +   683d ago
My Feelings in two words
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Rageanitus  +   683d ago
I do not know why ppl are getting so hyped for a racing game anyways. I would understand if it had a track record like Gran Turismo, but ppl are hyping the game on pure imagination!.

One thing I realized about racing games, you only find out the true feeling after you really play it for 2>3 hours.

I am sure I am going to buy it down the line "depending" on the general public review AFTER it is released.

For the mean time NO game has challenged GT series in terms of Racing game, even Forza ;)(for consoles)

I open to new racing games (like them alot) but I am not holding my breath based off videos. What's going to happen if its gonna be a flop or mediocre?

One thing I realized about many games delayed..... NOT all but at times they are trying to push it out the door because they are behind in schedule a bit.

Look at Gran Turismo, they had strong enough Fan Base to buy introduce a prologue because the FULL game was not ready. Although I enjoyed playing it, It felt incomplete altogether ( I am not talking about the content) but the overall feel of the racing dynamics.
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Gamer666  +   683d ago
I know a lot of racing fans that were PS/GT lovers, and bought 360's last gen simply because Forza was cranking out top notch sims.

No real racing fan would knock Forza or GT on quality of simulation. Both are top shelf.

You either no nothing about racing sims or have never really sat down and played Forza.
Rageanitus  +   683d ago
I played MANY racing games, every since Need For Speed on PC on many platforms. Many Arcade and Many sim like games after. It was really NFS that started me into the Racing craze.

GT4 alone I put in 250+ hours and GT5 about 150. Yes I was won of those who bought an Xbox which INCLUDED Forza just to see how it was. Sorry to say this but GT still felt JUST right as a racing "sim" like game. Forza felt on the myeh side because It simply did not feel as good as a GT game

If there were so many GT lovers who moved onto Forza, but why doesnt the PERCENTAGE of sales on all the Forza GAmes reflect this?? It's because ppl still prefer GT.

Forza offers the best racing game for the Xbox universe but IMO its not as good as a GT game, and many others I am sure concur.
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horndog  +   683d ago
Too many stiches on those seats. They need the 50% more powah.

I can't wait for forza
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NEVMOR  +   683d ago
Looks like there is more interest in this game because of the delay from mostly haters.
LordHiggens  +   683d ago
Just...give me my Killzone and no one gets hurt...
Gamer666  +   683d ago
This is the same old deja vu story from Sony.

When will people ever learn... Remember Lair, Haze, Killzone 2, God of War III, LBP, GT5... And my personal favorite... Last Guardian...

Sony intentionally announces games early to make it seem like they have more exclusives then they really do. Then, they keep stringing fans along for months and even years (I'm thinking Last Guardian might hit a decade) by saying "Look at this shiny new game we are working on". By the time the game ships it is no technical wonder because everyone else is shipping just as good stuff.

The funny thing is that they even use it as a selling feature to gamers... "We're just delaying because we want to ship a well polished game"... BS... They are lying to because the competition is much more reliable on ship dates.

I'm not saying delays don't happen on other consoles. But Sony does it regularly rather than as an exception. At some point people should ask themselves... "Why does Sony always set unrealistic ship dates?"
Rageanitus  +   683d ago
The games you listed were never delayed.

I remember KZ2, God Of War, and GT5 WERE NOT delayed.
They never gave a firm date on when those games came out.

It was only public mainly the haters of the PS brand who made it seem that it had to come out sooner.

Now this game driveclub it is a true delay! We all expected it to come out at launch.
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militissanctus  +   683d ago
Well...that's disappointing. I would've played this game for free - possibly bought into a new franchise. I won't be spending $60 on a racing game though. Not my cup of tea.
FreakyFox  +   683d ago
I would have thought it was something to do with Gran Turismo 6 being released early December, 2 Sony racers too close together, this way GT6 gets to sell more.

As an example, i was going to skip GT6 because Driveclub looks alot better and is Nextgen, but now i will probably get them both.

If i was a driving/racer nut i would get them both if they would have been released on the same day, with a steering wheel and foot pedals and possibly a car door.
Max-Zorin  +   681d ago
Lmao at these comments. Thank God this site is not a country. The crime rate would skyrocket every year.
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