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Nocando   625d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
Deltaguy  +   625d ago
lol ps4 officially has the worst launch line up in recent history...
strickers  +   625d ago
Vs what? I've seen every console launch and most of you have no clue what you talking about
Destrania  +   625d ago
32 games are still available day one on PS4 dumb a**
Deltaguy  +   625d ago
3rd party saved sony...they should be ashamed of themselves letting on their fans like pre ordered ps4 is going straight to Ebay....
leogets  +   625d ago
couldn't give 2 f***s I just want bf4 on ps4 like now...
Torgul  +   625d ago
Whaou, what a chance that the ps4 is the easiest console to developp for And has 50% more power than the xbox one.

Who s next? KzF?
hankmoody  +   625d ago
I've reached a point surprisingly where this news actually makes me somewhat sad. Kinda makes me wish it could be like the old days where these delays weren't as commonplace and the big guns weren't so eager to promise us the world just to snatch those promises right out of the gamers hands just as they were about to come true. I know a lot of Sony fans were waiting for this title so all I can say now to them is to be patient, delays usually make for better results in the end. Hopefully this will be the last delayed title we see before launch.
bjmartynhak  +   625d ago
Say thanks to the Internet.

In the old days we could only get a glimpse of a new game from magazines or when it was already on the shelves.

We have too much access to information and end up hyping too much.
Rimfro  +   625d ago
I don't know man, the psone/N64 era had a lot of disappointing delays. I remember Ocarina of Time getting delayed repeatedly. It also seems like MGS suffered many setbacks, too. Funny enough, my two most anticipated games in my lifetime, dropped within weeks of each other. Neither disappointed and it was EPIC! That was my favorite Holiday of gaming, EVER! They have all been slightly disappointing since. Haha. I love living in a first-world country.
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xKugo  +   625d ago
Probably going to be 60fps now.
Good news for PS owners, actually.
PharaohX   625d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
bsquwhere   625d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Jaqen_Hghar  +   625d ago
Also a man is pretty active on VGchartz and this game was nowhere to be seen on preorder charts so it won't make a big difference on launch numbers
bjmartynhak  +   625d ago
Of course that you could find it on pre-orders charts, people would try the PS Plus version first.
DoubleM70  +   625d ago
Whew glad I'm getting my PS4 Christmas 2014. By that time The Order should be out. Along with a game from Naughty dog hopefully. Xbox 1 will be purchased during the launch window.
Viking_Socrates  +   625d ago
I see the "fans" of both systems are coming out of the woodwork to engage in a fierce pointless battle of the superiority of one console over another, truly the world is going to be blessed with such appealing and tasteful people such as "fans" (boy/girl, although I hate to be gender specific) Thank fucking G-d that on the internet we can justify what we do but solo bashing everything X or Y does.

Anyways - This is rather a disapointment for me as I had planned for this game to be my alternative to Forza 5 on the Xbox One. It's not going to make me switch over to the Xbox but I'm rather dissapointed.
solidboss07  +   625d ago
How about GT6 on the good ol' PS3?
solidboss07  +   625d ago
I suspect Drive club will be a beautifully smooth 60fps. If a delay is needed to meet the 'vision' then that is a good thing to do.
Sayai jin  +   625d ago
Tough call, but it is for the best.
bjmartynhak  +   625d ago
Makes me a bit sad, but hopefully:

1) Weather effects will be at release, not after patch

2) The game will be fun in single-player

3) 60 fps, so I can stop reading people whining about 30 fps (which is fine imo)

4) They can correct the camera that makes the car cover the track. I like to see the track when I'm driving. :p
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feraldrgn  +   625d ago
This was disappointing news.

But if we look on the bright side, we get an interesting looking game (Contrast), which I don't think would've gotten as much attention otherwise.

It also means Sony decided against crunching & gave the devs freedom to finish their game in their own time.
Which is conveniently just after the Ryse crunch fiasco on Twitter.
Jazz4108  +   625d ago
The only thing the devs did wrong is mention it. It happens with any game a month before launch. People are looking for anything to jump on x1 hate. It goes for sony too. If they get a rash of bad news you will see devs and rumors coming out of the woodwork and saying the console it shite. The only reason they stay quiet is because of the feared backlash. When the hate starts its hard to stop. Just ask sony with the ps3. Thats why sony is going to great lengths to make sure nothing but good is printed about the console. With this...I would say sony is happy about the preorders and dont see this as that damning since they are currently financing gt6 on ps3.
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feraldrgn  +   625d ago
Well said.
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kenshiro100  +   625d ago
Oh noes, the game was delayed! Whatever shall any gamer do! :O

Wake me up when the game is canceled. This fanboy war is petty.
PraxxtorCruel  +   625d ago
So now the only decent exclusive PS fans have to look forward to is Killzone? Knack looks like a joke and everything else is multiplatform, albeit the list of indies that most people won't even bother with. I can see people jumping ship already. Here I was beating myself up over the decision to purchase an X1 and perhaps making the worst choice of my life. Glad I stuck to my guns. What a blow for PS+ subscribers. Ideally it seems that current gen should not be forgotten so soon. It'll have the new Battlefield, Ghosts and Fifa if I remember correctly. Such a poor start to next-gen. Both companies having their fair share of problems.
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kenshiro100  +   625d ago
How pathetic.


How do you know people won't bother with Indie games? How do you know what people like from what they don't like? Those games aren't even OUT YET.

Stop being a fanboy and stand down. We all know you're getting a XB1. Good for you, hooray. Now go find a XB1 article to drool about.
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Jazz4108  +   625d ago
This will add some sales to the xbox1. Sony seems to lack at the beginning of a consoles launch and ms at the end. Its all about wash to be honest if you like both ms and sonys exclusives.
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isyourhouseonfire  +   625d ago
Sony struggling to release exclusives? I see nothing has changed lol.
kenshiro100  +   625d ago
Because no other company IN THE WORLD has ever had games delayed before.

You guys crack me up.
Drewminati  +   625d ago
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Drewminati  +   625d ago
exactly.. what's the point of getting a ps4 first day?

just killzone... come on now
PharaohX  +   625d ago
I am New to posting on this forum but have been quietly and silently reading post, articles for months now. Mostly just getting a vibe and feel for the community. I have to say this I am new to this forum but have been gaming for at least 30 plus years. So with that said let me clear the air for the Mature and Immature folks that post on this forum. You can love a console, be very supportive and even loyal to it. You can respect other consoles and respect people views without being inconsiderate.

However and I say this not being mean there is a growing band of what I call Fan Girls. They differ from Fan Boys because they are extreme in their views and have tunnel vision. You do not have to be a Fan Girl! Fan Girls are easily upset and will down vote you when you make a comment that hurts their feelings. Fan Girls are the first to jump on news and spew unofficial information to feel good about their game purchase or console purchase. They are on both sides of the fence. Fan Girls are annoying and have to always have the last word. They do not know how to debate or have their own formed idea or opinions. Fan Girls multiply and will gang up on an opinion to feel good. They will read one post and attack until the person with an opinion no longer feels like sharing ideas or thoughts. If I call you one that's because you have exhibited all the traits that make up a Fan girl. I do not care that you will down vote me or call it trolling. Facts are Facts. Truths are Truths. Again I have all three current consoles right now and enjoy them I have both new consoles reserved. I will enjoy both the Xbox 1 and the PS4 equally at times, and at other times prefer one over the other due to releases. I will though own and enjoy both.. Starting with Ryse and Dead Rising 3, Kill Zone, Infamous 3 and so on. What irks me is that Fan Girls have been bashing both systems but the PS4 Fan Gils far outweigh the Xbox 1 Fan Girls. I call them how I see them and guess what Fan Girls are always angry. I am Neutral meaning I don't care about delays, 1080P vs. 900P, I don't care about 30 fps vs. 60 fps. I want enjoyable experiences, great epic games and Fun adventures. I care that you mutually own up to the information that is put out there. I care that you learn that both consoles can coexist and thrive and push each other forward. You can also reduce your paranoia about cameras spying on you. It is ok to envy another console or their features because the console you have does not share the same feature. There are differences!!!! I am neutral about gaming but biased against Fanboys to a small degree but severely dislike FanGirls, because I love gaming and will always love and enjoy gaming. Having one console is such a piss poor way to enjoy gaming because you limit your self. You will continue to down vote me because you are pathetic and can do nothing but bait, flame and Troll. This has been a Public Service Announcement back to your baiting and trolling Lives.
BabyTownFrolics  +   625d ago
wall of text

anyway..... this site is fueled by fanboy flamebait. There was a time when n4g was split in to two parts. One was heavily moderated and did not tolerate this sh*t while the other was a fanboy free for all. Then one day they collapsed both sides together and we have the modern N4G.

Gaming sites spur hits by provoking the worst of our community, and here they live endlessly bashing each other and acting unreasonable.

You see this site is not about gaming, but gaming news. In fact most gamers dont even know this site exists. I'm here because I am guilty of trying to promote my own biases.

I am the dual console owner, we try to play peacemaker but obviously its futile. Its like going to a boxing match, getting into the ring, and trying to convince the fighters not to fight and the crowd not to enjoy and encourage it.
eman3d  +   625d ago
Really enjoyed reading your comment and agree with 95% of it. It's great you have the money to get all 3 systems but MOST people can't do that so to conclude not having 3 systems is a poor way to enjoy gaming is pretty harsh.

I've been gaming for over 30 years as well and you know only a hand full of exclusive games are even worth their price per system during their respective life cycles.

Me, personally, rate the Xbox as the better system at this point. It's had the most influence over the industry over it's lifecycle and has introduced brand new games that initially were exclusive and now on Sony, that's something to be proud of. Just think, if it wasn't for Microsoft and Bungie's Halo Sony fans would not be excited about Destiny. Again, Microsoft pushed gaming for the last 10 years while Sony had to play the reactionary role.

On the other hand, Sony hasn't really influenced the industry with it's offerings unless your a Playstation Owner. Most of their best games are of the single player experience and does not have great replay value.

But, in the end, you are right with everything else you said, Fangirls are annoying and most of them have to be minors, at least I hope so, grown ups acting like that would be very embarrassing.
PharaohX  +   625d ago
I appreciate it. Thanks for your insight. I get what you mean not everyone can own all the systems and that in itself lies the point of what I really mean. How can you knock one system and have never owned it. There is a difference in owning a system and playing it at a friends home. Ownership means you have a vested interest in it so you want to see it succeed. When you only own one console that persons views are clouded by an internal vested interest in only that console. IK am fortunate to own a number of consoles in my life. However I tend to make wise choices like payment plans, barter and trade ups and buying used. With that stated it is really good to see other open minded gamers like yourself and Baby Town Frolics.
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Loki86  +   625d ago
+ bubs for you, I agree with everything you said 100%, this site has become a cesspool for trolls to get rewarded for immature behavior. While people who post facts and articulate in a way that actually states their opinion clear and without insults get bubbled down and torn apart. I wish this site could go back to mostly being unbiased and seeing both sides of the fence, but sadly people think because they have a monitor between them and the person they are insulting they can say whatever they like.

OT: Driveclub will no doubt look fantastic when it is finished, but this delay was a very bad move by Evolution.
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slampunk  +   625d ago
I have never agreed with a single comment more in all my time here on N4G...... Great comment mate....
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NaAsAr  +   625d ago
as long as we get 1080p/60fps and no screen tearing. i can wait. i have enough to buy at launch as it is.

ps namco,

eman3d  +   625d ago
Sony fanboys are truly amazing. They are the only consumers on planet earth that will spend their money on a system to play games later. They are the only consumers on planet earth that gives a company money and pledge loyalty to wait on a return. These consumers have to be mostly kids telling their parents to buy the PS4 for them, no way in hell will an adult purchase a system just to wait for game several months later. The launch lineup for the PS4 is garbage and they know it. If not for 3rd party help what is actually left?

Sony pulled a PR stunt that took the focus off their system and put all the attention on the Xbox One, it was a clever move, and most of you weaklings fell for it. Meanwhile, Microsoft has steadily adjusted and kept focus on their vision for a TOTAL gaming experience.

How can people really get excited over 'free to play' games is so damn funny and even those games are being delayed on the PS4. Wow.
WickedLester  +   625d ago
Wow! I didn't realize that my PS4 pre order along with Killzone, Knack, and Assassins Creed 4 was so terrible. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I guess I can go and canel my pre order now that you've caused me to see the light.
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kenshiro100  +   625d ago
Who are you to judge what's good and what's bad? Real sad and pathetic that people like you can't just act like gamers and have to stoop low to the level of the fanboys you're always complaining about.

Wow, one game gets delayed and all of a sudden, PS4 lineup sucks.

Get real. -___-

You're not fooling anyone.
#112.2 (Edited 625d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
badboy776  +   625d ago
Smart these games won't get overshadowed by Call Of Duty and BF4!
Soldierone  +   625d ago
It's bringing back memories of being stuck playing RFOM for half a year..... lol Wasn't Ridge Racer or whatever also delayed for NA backwhen PS3 launched?

I'm just debating if I want to be stuck with only shooters for who knows how long, with InFamous helping tide me over at some point.
Destrania  +   625d ago
People throwing a hissy fit about this are ridiculous to me. Do you want the most amazing next-gen racing experience or not? Also, you don't warrant a purchase of the most incredible gaming console ever conceived by day one games (DUH!). And if you're worried about what will be available on launch day (for no reason), there's still 32 games that will be available right on day one, including some great free-to-play games. We have more than enough to play right from the start. Don't get your panties in a bunch. Oh, btw, look up how many confirmed games each console has right now. Xbone is at 70, while PS4 has 150. Something to think about.
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Grindlefly  +   625d ago
Bit gutted, dc was going to be the 1st game played for me, however, will it make me regret my decision to get a ps4? No way. Have killzone and assasins creed, plus am intrigued by the indie games. Would rather have a good finished product later than a half baked one now. Sony's gaming legacy is such that I know there will be great games coming. A blow but not the end of the world. Certainly not the doom and gloom that the Xbox brigade are pushing for people to believe
LoneWolf019  +   625d ago
Im fine with this, the game didn't look that impressive when I played it at Gamestop Expo. This delay does nothing for me as I wasn't planning on playing it anyway.
voodoogts   625d ago | Trolling | show
etownone  +   625d ago
Now can everyone agree that XB1 has much better launch games?


If Infamous and Drive Club came out on launch.... Then it would have been about even .
ZHZ90  +   625d ago
I am sure the delay was good idea or else it'll be incomplete.
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