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drsfinest72  +   847d ago
Lmao ps4 launch titles looking slim..

Sony fanboy are on 100% damage control now. Stop defending your precious console and just enjoy it. Sheesh I'm getting both console. It's just ironic...
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Clarence  +   847d ago
Lol Xbox 1 being rushed.
drsfinest72  +   847d ago
I'll clearly be playing dead rising Ryse forza and killer instinct.'s ok keep your killzone, kiddy knack and resugo + contrast.
blackbirdi  +   847d ago
i want need for speed :D i think they delayed just because of gran tourismo 6
Jaqen_Hghar  +   847d ago
Well it wasn't charting on preorders so it may have been a "avoid the holiday rush" kinda deal
fsfsxii  +   847d ago
1080p/60fps confirmed.
Clarence  +   847d ago
Big deal GT 6 will be out. Sony is still able to support both consoles. What the last big exclusive 360 had?
Clarence  +   847d ago
Lol enjoy those leftover kinect titles and the overpriced underpowered xbone.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   847d ago
Yes it's delayed but it will only make a better game. We have still got knack, octodad, contrast, blacklight, planetside, warframe, war thunder, daylight, killzone shadowfall, resogun, daylight (not sure if launch title) and every other 3rd party game like battlefield, call of duty, need for speed and assassins creed etc so while we wait for driveclub we still have loads to play
beebap  +   847d ago
It disappointing as was watch dogs being delayed but dont actually mind that much.still plenty to play and that new free game contrast looks interesting, I love the style. I just can't wait to ps4 out now, the amount of free games is amazing and to any xbox fanboys stigger at the launch games I forsee me stiggering in future with the quality and quantity of ps4 exclusive games as microsoft need to get more. That is why I am getting ps4. Gamers dont put indies down it just hurts the industry so please no one act like they not games it's insulting.
vigilante_man  +   847d ago
Killzone Shadow Fall
AC 4
are 4 of the 6 games I was looking at for next gen for the next 4 months. 2 have gone. Still plenty of f2p games indies and BF4 or whatever shooter you desire. But it is always good to have a racing game from day one.

Its a shock, but when I look at what is to come I'll get excited once again. I trust Sony and they have studios that produce amazing games. I am so looking forward to Infamous SS and I really do have loads of Vita and great PS3 games to play as well.

The world of gaming is awesome for me right now. So much to play and look forward to. Still, if this was XB1 we would be ripping them apart so at least for this week us PS4 owners to be are fair game...
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fghtrer3fb5erg  +   847d ago
Im not too worried, we got more games to play at launch and alot of ppl seem to forget one awesome game that can get more hits than driveclub and that is deep down! Ive heard some ppl saying "oh now its just knack and killzone blah blah" o.o This guy i read his commentat gaf said he cancelled his pre order over fifa14 and knack cause they looked like current gen games and he thought every other next gen game would look the same, he sounded quite bitter.
iistuii  +   847d ago
I can only imagine this site if it was an Xbox one exclusive game being delayed. So now your PS+ Fee is just like Xbox, pay to play online, which you all slaughtered Microsoft for. Funny how things change.
pwnsause_returns  +   847d ago
well, at least we got confirmation, but at least this will mean a better game in the end.
jay2  +   847d ago
Ouch. Ps4 Launching with two retail exclusives. Is and knack. Bearing in mind injustice is on everything else bot xp one though.
microproze2000  +   847d ago
looks like PS4 will release with no games :D
Jaqen_Hghar  +   847d ago
A man will be too busy with Killzone, F2P titles (3 or 4 if he's not mistaken at launch), Resogun, Contrast (both free), Knack, BF4 (with full 64 players), AC4 (1080p version), and so many more.

A man finds it ironic that Xbox fans are insulting the PS4 launch linup when it has more games available this year than Xbox will. Watch Dogs is delayed for BOTH consoles a man would hope everyone knows.
mkis007  +   847d ago
One thing is bugging me about how people are talking about launch games.

Why is everyone assuming that every launch game will be a great game (9/10 10/10 reviewed. It is not just about the number games, it is about how fun they are and how much replayability they have. Any title could review less then favorably most likely Knack and ryse will. Theoretically all of sonys game could suck, same thing goes with Microsoft. How are you judging launch line up before you have completed a single game.
sibbor  +   847d ago
Actually I think Knack will get good reviews. It's simplistic, yet immersive. It's not a game for everyone, but I think undependent on age people will enjoy it. Personally, this is one of the games I'm looking forward to the most. I love old school games in a modern package.

Ryse however? Not sure in its current status - I think Crytek should delay it and polish it up. We need variety and deep in such a game, not just simple buttong mashing.

EDIT: Yeah, most people think that the launch games will receive great review scores automatically. I think not. Killzone 2 got 91 on Metacritic, meanwhile Killzone got 84. Looking at Killzone: Shadow Fall so far I bet that the game will receive great score than that. Graphics is awesome, AI great, the gameplay looks fresh with a lot of more variety than its successors.

Only time will tell. Either way, looking forward to next-gen!
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Baka-akaB  +   847d ago
Personally i expect most non exclusive launch games to be justk ok/average easy to forget 6-8 months later for both consoles (saves forza and KZ SF) .
mkis007  +   847d ago
Agreed I think Forza and Killzone will be the better reviewed games and everything else will go down from there... knack may surprise me. I cant wait to see more infamous. Need to see the newest build. Can you believe that gameplay video out there is from a build that was made over 7 months before the final game comes out!!! In for a treat with the final product.
VonBraunschweigg  +   847d ago
In the coming weeks I would like to hear what they are struggling with, or what they are trying to improve. The online structure, the framerate, number of opponents, what? They always said they were aiming for 60 fps but untill a month ago all we saw was 30 fps, and no races with a full grid. Now if Evolution could confirm this delay for a few months is to guarentee a silky smooth ride for a few years, I'm willing to see this as good news. More details please.

Killzone, Warthunder and Planetside remain for me, hopefully the last 2 will become available for download this year. As for racing, there's still GT6. I'll just put my PS4 in front of my PS3 and pretend.
weirdo  +   847d ago
disappointed, but also happy that it will be released in better condition. i was ready to cancel the entire system, instead i cancelled DC (two days ago) and swapped it for BF4
PS4isKing_82  +   847d ago
So killzone, knack, bf4, nfs, and maybe a sport game for me then. That's more than enough till spring when the next wave of killer titles start coming out followed by the big holiday 2014 titles. :D
rmw2hot  +   847d ago
Man this sucks I have this game pre-ordered at GameStop, really was looking forward to picking this up at launch. Welp looks like I'm only going 2 b picking Killzone shadow fall launch day. Let's hope they don't delay GT6.
josh50187  +   847d ago
Wasnt planing on buying it or even downloading the free version....

so this has absolutely no effect for me at all

28 days!
ElementX  +   847d ago
I bet they are having trouble reaching 60fps
thejigisup  +   847d ago
I got so many dislikes for even mentioning that instead of a downgrade for ryse they should have just delayed it and polished it to the max. Glad to see there are some sane people here that realize a bad game that is on time is not with my money but a complete late to the starting line game totally is
GiantEnemyCrab  +   847d ago
Have you looked at the comparison from the old to the new? It is pretty much unanimous that the game looks better now. They lowered the "polys" in the main character but then added a ton of detail.

Ryse has been in development for a long time as it was originally going to be a 360 Kinect game. From what I've seen the game looks great and what I played at PAX was fun.

The fact you even suggest Ryse needs to be delayed for polish doesn't make sense based on the info above so that might be why you got disagrees.
llMurcielagoll  +   847d ago
The bright side, my wallet will be in less pain at launch than it uesd to be lol
Lboogieskells  +   847d ago
Im extremly pissed off, this is the title I wanted toplay the most. I refuse to pay EA another dime for NFS.
LordNikon  +   847d ago
Not a fan of racing games, but i always thought the delay was needed. Will still get my PS4 as soon as possible, as there's a lot of other games that i wanted. I think the most important part about this is, we'll get Driveclub next year, but it will be better than what we thought it was.
ebreda  +   847d ago
Man I wonder how people would react if Forza was to be delayed...

And can you imagine if DC runs at 30fps even with the delay?

This is also bad news for MS, people wont be able to compare Forza to DC and see how much better the former is.
Lboogieskells  +   847d ago
My lovely day? :(
MCTJim  +   847d ago
As I sit here and watch the squabbles, I've come to the conclusion that I just dont care that its delayed. Does it prove that the system was rushed..No, does it prove they jumped the gun in offering this as a launch title..maybe/yes. What it comes down to is in the last month of rush rush rush to get things done, not all things fall into place. From what I have seen is MS took the heat earlier and Sony was real quiet for a long spell. Now, before launch at less than a month, they decided to delay the game and take the heat later in the game. Both systems will sell well and everyone who ordered either will be enjoying it next month.
BLAKHOODe  +   847d ago
I was excited to try DriveClub via PS+, but I thought of it as more of a day one BONUS than a game I was willing to invest in. (I'm not really into racers.) I'm sure Sony will make up for it and offer us another PS+ "freebie" in it's place, so I'm not worried about this. Besides that, I'll be busy launch day with Killzone: Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4. Now, if those get delayed.. I might cry.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   847d ago
They are and it's called Contrast. Yet another Braid side scrolling clone. It looks like it has a great art style but nothing like a AAA racer.

I'm not mad though. Now PS4 owners get yet another free game at launch because DC will still be free whenever it launches(Plus version).
N4Gguy1  +   847d ago
Okay I'm not getting my ps4 on release first watch dogs and than this? The ps4 hast to wait for me but still its a great decision because the game will be better with that :)
ShinnokDrako  +   847d ago
Too bad, i wanted the PS+ eidtion day one.... Oh well, i hope they sobstitute it with something else (i hope Knack, so i can play with my wife ;) )

EDIT: damn, Contrast?!? Ok, can be fun, nice, whatever but i was hoping for something better, like a retail game (why not Knack like the japanese?? sigh...)
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Crazay  +   847d ago
Meh..... No skin off my butt. I personally can't stand racing games so I never would have given it a second look.
305LoneWolf  +   847d ago
Well theirs other games to have a launch, I'm upset and glad at the same time though, I was looking forward to playing driveclub at launch, but I glad because they want it make it better
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