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snitch_puck  +   851d ago
personally can't wait for this! The past DLCs have been great so far!
-Foxtrot  +   851d ago
This DLC is probably totally different to the one they announced for Saints Row 3 since SR4 (SR3.5) is basically the old Enter the Dominatrix glorified DLC.

Probably used the same name so people wouldn't catch on to what they did. Paying full price for an's a practice which shouldn't be supported in my opinion
tristanwerbe  +   851d ago
Its longer than SR3
Pwnagraphic  +   851d ago
Feels as if they're taking advantage a little too much, but this is something of the norm now in the industry and a majority of gamer's are fine with it.

I don't mind buying DLC IF it's something I really want. I can think of dumber things I have, or can, spend my money on. haha
Hitman0769  +   845d ago
they scrapped the entire game and re-did SRIV, it isn't a glorified DLC its a completely different game than the DLC originally announced. They aren't even at the same publisher... do your research don't just believe forum trolls such as yourself.
ajeezy09  +   851d ago
This is going 2 be off the chain, they are really pushing the envelope with this game and the dlc.

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