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GarrusVakarian  +   858d ago
Nobody does the little details like R* does.
Mad Aizen  +   858d ago
R* is insane but PD GG and ND say hi as well :)
Agent2009  +   858d ago
Gosh, when will people stop idealizing Naughty Dog? They are no way as revolutionary and as thoroughgoing as Rockstar Games or as much as many other development teams in that matter, such as BioWare, Team Bondi, Kojima Productions, CD Projekt Red or even Ubisoft, to some extent. Everyone with brains knows that Uncharted is nothing more than a tech demo porn brought for PlayStation worshippers, built on a pretentious storyline with cliche characters and unrefined gameplay mechanics aka "it's only another game in which you shoot everything all throughout its campaign".
slimeybrainboy  +   858d ago

Shhh. People dont love Uncharted for the graphics, otherwise Crysis 3 would be a bigger hit. They love uncharted for the characters and the awesome moments which admittedly are improved by groundbreaking graphics.

Did you play TLOU. Every room in the entire game felt lived in, and like it had purpose. TLOU is such a hit because it has an incredible tone and consitent theme that runs through every inch of the game, that complements the story and characters and the gameplay so well.

Now if you want to say ND arent on R*'s level that's fine, because nobody is. Nobody has their budget and they make incredibly deep and detailed worlds and games. Nobody quite does it like R*, but to say ND arent in the conversation for next in line is just wrong. Why would you disagree with him saying ND when he mention GG that really dont deserve a mention at all.

You - "it's only another game in which you shoot everything all throughout its campaign"

Yes, where as in GTA all I did was go around giving free hugs and slush puppies to to homeless people. You're coco loco.
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Ravenor  +   858d ago
PD and ND? Absolutely. I think you're giving Guerrilla far to much credit.

Nobody does the OPEN WORLD details quite like Rockstar North, that can't be argued. Saints Row 4 and Sleeping Dogs both lack all the small details that gives Los Santos the feel of a real city.
Hellsvacancy  +   858d ago
When your in car, select your fist, then press L1 and your stick your middle finger up at people whilst your drive past
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PhantomT1412  +   858d ago
I called Lamar for a hang out and a little grocery robery. This a**hole only gave the finger at cops instead of shooting at them XD
PLASTICA-MAN  +   858d ago
So many details, next-gen will even add more.
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-Foxtrot  +   858d ago
Except for NaughtyDog
GarrusVakarian  +   858d ago
Although i did find TLOU to be incredibly detailed(especially the facial animations), GTA5 is above anything else i have ever seen when it comes to detail (sweat on the back on your shirt when cycling or running, water only soaking your clothes up to the point your clothes were in the water, rumble strips on the road, people taking photos of your car if you have an awesome car, NPC's flipping you off if you cut them up, you can hear the engine of your vehicle ticking and popping after you use it as its cooling down, even the phone calls that NPC's make are actual conversations). I would love to see ND make an open world game and then compare the two.

Im not saying ND isn't good, but R* are known for their attention to detail, they include things that other devs wouldn't think of.

Fanboy rant over XD.
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-Foxtrot  +   858d ago
Oh come on, I think ND pay attention to the little details aswell. I think the graphics, character development and story are done better by ND and thats WITHOUT Rockstars budget
JeffGUNZ  +   857d ago
You're out of your mind. Uncharted had the cheesiest characters ever. TLOU was much better in character development, but nothing feels as real as a R* North game.
ZombieKiller  +   858d ago
Yeah really Lukas. I agree man. I just wish people would be a little more creative with the titles to their articles. IGN does this too....

"10 things you probably missed when..."

Haha I didn't miss shit CVG. Stop being cocky like IGN.

To be honest, I caught on to all 50 things while I was playing. I've been playing this game so damn much that I've done this all. Can't help the free roam!
N4Gguy1  +   858d ago
Yeah I missed some awesome things there the game gets better and better every day!
ArtificiallyYours  +   858d ago
I kept seeing what look like hints for future working titles....
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Gardenia  +   858d ago
You can burn off your tires by press brake and giving gas (in a fast car as far as i know)

You can shoot the gas tank on the car (just next to the rear wheel) and then drive and leave a trail of gas, which you can shoot to set it on fire
Audiggity  +   858d ago
I wish there was a replay capture/edit tool like there is for GTA IV on PC - the other day I was WOT on a pocket rocket, clipped a passing car, went face first into a stop light at 100+ Mph, and instantly died.

The slow-mo neck break and bending of the stop light was glorious.
obelix01  +   858d ago
Equip every gun they sell & Max out the ammunition. Then just start a rampage. It's so much fun using the mini gun against hordes of police.
itisallaboutps  +   858d ago
Okay so I love the game but my 120000k that I saved up for the past 3 days is gone. Nothing worse than wasted time for nothing
ZombieKiller  +   858d ago
So you didn't have fun obtaining that $120000?
Truth  +   858d ago
The other day I was driving to Sandy Shores as Trevor, I was honking at the guy in front of me, cutting him off and giving him the finger. Eventually he rammed me, stopped the car and we got into a fight. Little moments like that make it an amazing game to me.
Mr-SellJack  +   858d ago
& the overhype continues!biggest game on the planet huh?don't make me laugh..
JeffGUNZ  +   857d ago
Games been released big guy, the hype is over and the game delivered. Hands down the best sing player experience I have had this generation, very close with Mass Effect, buy GTA is open world, so it impresses me more.
ZombieKiller  +   858d ago
It's not hype after the game releases numb nuts. That actually means the game is good. Maybe you should join the hype since you are so busy commenting on this game instead of having something to be hyped about yourself.
twosolitudes  +   858d ago
I ran over someone yesterday and they got caught in my wheel-well and were dragged for a while leaving a red smear trailing behind my car... good times!
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