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2cents  +   487d ago
Sony are in a fantastic position this time round to really impress with their offering.

I cant believe how things have changed in the console gaming space in the last decade. Even though people love to hate either MS or Sony, bottom line is that we the gamers owe much to the big three (Sony, Nintendo, MS) for the amazing breath of possibilities with the new generation of gaming.

No matter the choice, there is something for everyone between the two manufacturers. This is going to be the most entertaining console generation yet!
Sh0ckWav3  +   487d ago
yeah dot forget sega..
gaelic_laoch  +   487d ago
"In the UK Xbox 360 over its lifecycle has outsold PS3 I think 4:1

That statement can be 180'd in favour of PS4 this time round!
NoLongerHereCBA  +   487d ago
Could be the case, though I think this whole console war will fade once the consoles have been released and that the overall sales won't be all that different from last gen. I think the PS4 will outsell the Xbox One when they are released, but I don't think there will be a big difference afterwards.

I for one think Kinect will help with selling the Xbox One to the normal customers/families overtime even though it is 100$ more expensive.

The fact that things like Netflix, IE and Skype are behind the paywall is one of the most idiotic ideas MS could've thought of though. Skype should be something to lure people in, because of Kinect. If it is behind the paywall I would expect to get something like Skype money or the premium service in return, where you can skype call with multiple people at the same time. One to one Skype calls should always be free in my opinion.

I think MS said something similar a while earlier didn't they? About this being a marathon and not a sprint if i'm not mistaken.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   487d ago
every new smart TV, pretty much everyone's phone, laptop, or tablet, and anything like Roku or Apple TV can do Skype, Netflix, etc. They can do these things at a cheaper price and they can connect to your big screen. They can do it at $100 while MS is offering being able to do it for $560 (after Live). A man doesn't see how these apps are a selling point given that information.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   487d ago
I understand your point, but that combined with the ability to do motion gaming (dance central, fitness, kinect sports rivals etc etc) can be interesting aspects for casual people (their children and parents).

I think that being able to Skype with your children abroad/family through Kinect could make the decision even easier, if that is what you seek.

The fact that those things offer it for free is another reason why it is stupid to ask Money for it even though it is something (Skype/IE) that you yourself provide for free on other devices. In my opinion this makes no sense business wise.
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insomnium2  +   487d ago

A 500 dollar console is not casual.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   487d ago
@Insomnium, neither is 400$ in that case. I really don't think that the 100$ price difference is that much considering the price of the machines that should provide 7'ish years of entertainment. But you know what i mean. The things that I talk about are appealing for casual (families with children etc).
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insomnium2  +   487d ago

True. Neither of those pricepoints are casual. It's just that Sony is not even trying to keep the casuals in the forefront. Casuals are right now eating up PS3 and because of that the PS3 will sell over 100 (hell even 150) million consoles easily.

History has proven that with a console the casual price is more like 150-250 dollars. Anything above that will struggle or at the very least loose sales due to it's price.
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AnteCash  +   487d ago
Its not 4:1 lol.
Xbox 360- 9mil sold UK
PS3 - 6mil sold UK

So its actually 1.6:1
chrissx  +   487d ago
With Ps4 being the strongest console to ever exist,I think we all know who is winning this marathon
ruefrak  +   487d ago
It may be a marathon, but getting a big early lead doesn't hurt. A lot of people like to be on the console that is the most popular and where their friends are playing. If PS4 can jump out early and be that console, then I think Microsoft is going to be in real trouble.
Of course with Microsoft having problems with Windows Phone, Windows 8, and investors calling for them to dump the gaming division, they have a few other problems they need to fix too.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   487d ago
Don't forget Surface failing hard despite a man seeing 50 ads for it every show he watches and on NFL today being used by all the analysts
ruefrak  +   487d ago
I always think about that when the talk of how much money a company is going to spend marketing a product and how that will somehow equal success. You're right in that Windows Phone and Surface commercials are everywhere during football. And then segments will be sponsored by "the new Windows." New Windows? Did I miss something? Are they referring to Windows 8 or is there something even "newer?" None of this worked to sell products, and the more times I saw people break-dancing with a Surface, the more I hated that device (despite initially really liking it)
Jdoki  +   487d ago
They said the same thing about the PS3 generation, so nice to hear them say it again. Means I can look forward to support throughout the entire generation and epic titles even at the end of the consoles life.

When you consider that the PS2 saw it's last title launch THIS MONTH, that's helluva marathon Sony has run!!
NateCole  +   487d ago
Its the same strategy that saw them break records and not only break the 100 million mark but also back to back. PS3 is on its way with a similar trajectory to the PS1. I will not be surprise if the PS4 will be similar to the PS2. PS2 though is a monster and i am not sure if any other console can match its sales.
CocoWolfie  +   487d ago
as long as you show your support to people, to fans, theyll support you! :)
Bluepowerzz  +   487d ago
its the chavs in the uk they play ps2 then go xbox becuase they have no respect and they think its cool becuase ms diluded them with better online n that bs and playstation is apparently for geeks lol most of them dont even play xbox exlusives they go for just fkn cod and fifa uk is terrible for gaming now days but theres still some smart guys who know the fk wat there doing when it comes to games.
Brix90  +   487d ago
"I'm delighted we've got a point of difference on the most anticipated launch next-gen title in Watch Dogs."


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