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Godlovesgamers  +   868d ago
Then you know marketing has completely failed.
Tbh, Nintendo haven't really marketed the Wii U yet. Pretty much everybody I know is confused when I show them my mine. Trying to explain to them that the Xbone is the Xbox 3 is also a problem.
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mcstorm  +   868d ago
I agree and it has not really had anything to shout about this year too. It was the same with the 3DS but Nintendo relaunched the 3DS after the price drop and look what happened. Im expecting the Wiiu sales to pickup the back end of this year as it is now getting games to shout about plus its going to be £100 and over less than the one and ps4
harrisk954  +   868d ago
Absolutely... this is what they are finally realizing a YEAR after launch?? The entire internet was talking about this very problem back when the name was revealed.
Sarobi  +   868d ago
Lol it's sad but true. I know a few people who thought it was just a tablet controller for the Wii.
CaulkSlap  +   868d ago
Well they shouldn't have named it like a Wii accessory.
Eonjay  +   868d ago
Especially if the form factor of the system itself is so closely related to the original.
reaper24  +   868d ago
Just scratch the thing and put out a really innovative console. That cheap old tablet doesn't do it for me.
Eonjay  +   868d ago
I found out that if the tablet breaks you have to order directly from Nintendo. The replacement cost is $150.
LOL_WUT  +   867d ago
$150? The damn pad doesn't have multitouch, its resolution is barely 720p and don't get me started on that cheap camera. It should be $50 max
miyamoto  +   867d ago
Another problem is your account is tied to the hardware,right?
What if your console unfortunately goes kaput?
Do your digital downloaded games go kaput too?
Can they be recovered?
AbortMission  +   868d ago
Forced gimmicks never equate to innovation. Something that these drones don't understand

I remember an article where either Iwata or Miyamoto stated that they only plan to use the Wii u controller for maps and HUD. The creators of their own console can't even come up with a good excuse to use the Wii u controller in an innovative way Lol
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sashimi  +   868d ago
This is what happens when your fanbase consist mostly of casuals and you name it like an addon.
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chrissx  +   868d ago
And this is a failure on nintys part. These guys need a wake up call
Eonjay  +   868d ago
Will Nintendo exit the home console business or can they maintain these lackluster sales... Or, can they turn it around with software. Its gonna be hard to compete as a casual machine at $299. I think they saturated their market with the Wii.
MasterCornholio  +   868d ago
Wii 2 would have been a much better name for the console.

Nexus 7 2013
USMC_POLICE  +   868d ago
Agreed then people would say hey Wii 2 that must be the new one. Wii U must just be the same thing just new model mine works fine so no need to upgrade.
MasterCornholio  +   868d ago
Exactly its as simple as


This is something that anyone with half a brain can understand. And in my opinion it sounds a lot better as well.

When they first said Wii U the first question that came to my mind was, WTF does the U stand for?

Nexus 7 2013
lilbroRx  +   868d ago
Not using Wii in the name at all would have been the best option. Wii 2 would serve no other purpose than to gratify fanboys who were insisting that there would be a Wii HD.
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   867d ago
SuperWii!! :D
level 360  +   868d ago
Everything about this console honestly was half-baked.
generalthadeape  +   868d ago
Heck, NINTENDO doesn't know the WiiU is / was a new console-- hahahaha!
joeyisback  +   868d ago
know a few wii owners who didnt know wii-u was a new console
Summons75  +   868d ago
Who are you asking, complete retards who don't leave their house? I've talked to people who despise video games who know what it is so clearly people do....troll article nothing more. Another troll butthurt Nintendo is pulling out of the trenches.
LOL_WUT  +   867d ago
The only one who seems remotely bothered by this is you ;)
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Summons75  +   867d ago
I'm not bothered by trolls spreading BS. I call people out on BS as a living. Just because the people who have no social or personal lives ask others who live under a rock something they don't know doesn't make it true. That's like beliveing Fox News when they make up stats on how video games breed phsycophaths. Suck people live under rocks or can't ask simple questions when shopping but ninty has picked up the wiiu big time. People who don't know are either stupid or clueless and the trolls that spread lies are upset they can't afford it or just angry kids who have no lives are become the basement dwelling stereotype.
skydragoonity  +   868d ago
I think we all have to stop deceiving ourselves any longer. The wii u has failed.
lilbroRx  +   868d ago
It has failed only in the minds of fanboys and Nintendo haters.
blueberry  +   868d ago
Just don´t...
AbortMission  +   868d ago
So.. the Wii u failed already? Since you mentioned "fanboys", of course Lol
Hicken  +   867d ago
If there are people that don't know that the Wii U is actually a new console, and not an accessory, then it has failed in at least SOME aspects. That it's been removed from shelves in a few areas says it's more than just "in the minds of fanboys and Nintendo haters."
Vanna  +   868d ago
I disagree

Kids are not stupid, parents maybe unaware but kids know wiiu is not the wii.
blueberry  +   868d ago
To think that these people actually studied marketing....uhh...

Plus, nobody gives a damn how powerful a console could be, if no dev gives a shit to try it out, the game will never see the results.

Hope Wiuu is dying out fast - next time NINTENDO better use some brains before throwing garbage at us again.
Godlovesgamers  +   867d ago
Nintendo's biggest problem is they clearly don't listen to their customers. Nintendo is a very headstrong company and stubbornly believes they know what their customers want more than their own customers do which is usually a recipe for disaster.

It's the reason I left them for good, picked up a PS3 and never looked back for a second.
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