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for we are many  +   865d ago
This game is one of the most unique and fun action games I've ever played (and this is coming from someone who've been playing video games since 1984). I recommend everyone who's able to get this game to not miss it, believe me you will be pleasantly surprised by the huge fun and quality of this new IP.
I wish Nintendo and Platinum continue this as a series, despite the negative anti-Nintendo crusade by the immature game "media".
admiralvic  +   865d ago
"I wish Nintendo and Platinum continue this as a series, despite the negative anti-Nintendo crusade by the immature game "media"."

Without a doubt! I know when a game I like scores between 7 and 8 out of 10, I assume that the reviewer was filled with hate and had to make sure this game failed. Especially this review you choose to comment on, since clearly a 9/10 is clearly due to the game losing all those points for being a Nintendo title....

Sarcasm aside, there is no immature "anti-Nintendo" crusade. There are just people that speak ill of the Wii U, which is no different than the Vita hate speech, or the Xbox One messages you see. The point being, every big company is getting nailed for something, but none of it is directed exclusively at Nintendo.
Whymii  +   865d ago
I love the game to bits, but it's no game of the year.
Theyellowflash30  +   865d ago
I disagree, it's unique, innovate, and the gameplay is hands down one of the best combat systems i've ever played.
Whymii  +   865d ago
Fair enough. All valid points. But still no cigar from me. That one will probably go to Last of Us.
Neonridr  +   865d ago
It might not be game of the year because it doesn't appeal to enough people. But I would definitely award it Original Game of the Year. Regardless, it's a fantastic game.
Whymii  +   865d ago
It is certainly a fun and original game that makes plenty of amusing references to games (including the SNES superscope). But each to their own and I just can't resist a great story well told. Last if Us is my GotY because it is a landmark in games and storytelling and will be the benchmark for what follows.
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deafdani  +   865d ago
I disagree. It's GOTY for me. I played this and Last of Us, and both are absolutely fantastic games for different reasons, But I loved Wonderful 101 even more.

TheVideoGamHer  +   865d ago
Unite up!
ritsuka666  +   865d ago
Diplomacy has failed!
Xof  +   865d ago
I have a hard time believing that. I played the demo twice, and both times I had to quit because of bugs/glitches breaking the game (first time got stuck on terrain; second time, it was the camera that got stuck).

Convinced me not to buy the game.
_QQ_  +   865d ago
funny no one else has mentioned bugs/glitches in any reviews or impressions,you must have just been reaaaally unlucky. I suggest never buying lottery tickets or used products.
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Neonridr  +   865d ago
Maybe he's just special. I never heard of anyone else have game breaking bugs before. Shame that was your impression of the game. It's truly awesome.
_QQ_  +   865d ago
I agree, the game has amazing gameplay when you take the time to learn it, great and unique puzzles, Epic boss fights, great art style , great music, Hilarious and charming Characters and story.
TheDivine  +   865d ago
Its a unique game, colorful, has an awesome 80's cartoon/comic book art style, and has epic fights with tons of variety. I also have to mention the amazing humor. Much is aimed at young children but there's honest to God gut busting roll on the floor laughing moments. Its fun.

That said the game itself is good but not great. Its clunky as hell. Its not hard but annoying and frustrating. Fights that should take a minute take ten, and the variety is at the sake of fun polished mechanics. Some mini games are thrown in just to take advantage of a second screen/touchscreen. The ship flying/shooting for example is slow, not precise, clunky, and not exciting. There's a robot section that's slow as molassis and bored me to death. The fighting has depth and a lot of options but precise action using a massive group isn't precise. Drawing isn't a good idea in a fast fluid action game and the analog stick option isn't as good IMO. The game also needed more tips. Some of the solutions to move on are so out there you have resort to using a guide.

There are some really memorable moments, some epic and fun bosses (rock em sock em robo boss fight), and a whole lot of fun. Its a good game with some great ideas that lacked execution. I love new ip's and new ideas/ways to play but this just didnt come together as well as I would've liked.
Neonridr  +   865d ago
fair enough, valid points. I agree with some of your concerns, however these were not enough for me to not enjoy this game immensely. The Good outweighed the Bad significantly in my opinion. The controls definitely take some getting used to, with lots of combos and tricks to master, however I prefer a game with a learning curve.
deafdani  +   865d ago
The analog stick is a must for precise and fast fighting. Drawing on the screen is only for more casual play.
Theyellowflash30  +   865d ago
False, you can actually draw a lot faster on the touch pad than using the analog stick.

Even with the speed upgrade
_QQ_  +   865d ago
i feel if you are fast enough the touch screen is faster. i'm an artist so drawing circles,lines,curves quickly comes natural to me, also as a PC gamer moving my hand around the keyboard makes moving to the touch screen and back feel quick and natural as well.
deafdani  +   865d ago
To yellowflash and josue:

Yes, drawing on the screen is the fastest method if you want to make a GIANT unite morph. However, to chain varied combos in fast and precise sequences, the analog stick is superior. It's much easier and faster to tap in the needed directions with the stick, then move A FINGER to activate them (be that with the leader, or with the group), than it is to move YOUR HAND to the screen, input the required drawing, then move it BACK to the buttons to activate them.

I work as a art director in a ad agency, I'm used to keyboard inputs, I work with a Wacom tablet every day, all day long. None of that is relevant to the case here, it's apples to oranges.

So, the stick remains the best option for fast gameplay if you want to get good combos that deal lots of damage. And AFTER you upgrade the speed with the Speed Liner, the gap only becomes much, much wider.

EDIT: To illustrate my point further, just look at this video:

Pay attention at the 1:38 mark. You see the absurd speed at which the dude changes weapons? It's because he's using the analog stick, it's not physically possible to make the changes so fast using the touch screen, unless you're the Flash. XD

And then look at the 2:30 mark and onwards. You will see how fast the dude makes the leader use a Unite Morph, and activates other multiple Morphs simultaneously to chain combos. That speed, again, is not possible using the Gamepad screen, you need to master the analog stick to truly untap the combat potential of this game.

This is actually one thing that the majority of reviewers complaining about this game's control are ignoring, because they're too lazy to try alternatives. And Wonderful 101 even makes it clear the analog stick is the PRIMARY combat input method, and the touch screen is the alternative for more casual play.
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