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HolyDuck  +   796d ago
"As much fun as roaming around Los Santos might be, exploring virtual Steelport is better"

Because nothing beats roaming around the same exact city you did in SR3, as opposed to GTA 5's completely rebuilt Los Santos.
deadfrag  +   796d ago
I see for you what counts is the graphics not the fun and pleasure you take by playing a game.Kids this days!Your avatar suits you well dumb people.
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HolyDuck  +   796d ago
Please guide me to where I mentioned graphics?

Heck, I didn't make them make the map look amazing, but at least it's fresh, huge and still manages to look fantastic, I take pleasure out of exploring new things, not reused assets.

Please take your "you dumb people" somewhere else. I also think it's hilarious how you've decided to personally attack the way I look, really shows how mature you are about this whole subject.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   796d ago
What they did with GTA V's world is incredible. The amount of detail is astounding.
That said, what they did with Saints Row IV and it's gameplay mechanics, it did not feel like the same city to me. Even if it was.
They gave us a whole new way to explore the city and I found it to be a vastly different experience.
Just saying.
deadfrag  +   796d ago
Great opinion piece!Take it for what it is an opinion!
The_Truth_24_7  +   796d ago
Great choice! SR4 >>> GTA5.
HammadTheBeast  +   796d ago
PhantomT1412  +   796d ago
If you think GTA V is serious, you probably did not play it...
deadfrag  +   796d ago
Your sentence says all,when you say :"GTA 5's completely rebuilt Los Santos"its more than obvious that you are targeting the graphic side of the game!Its an obvious assumption since you dont talk about anything other than rebuild visuals.This all taking in context the rest of your sentence.Not to mention that your response to the article is off the context in every way.
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spaceg0st  +   796d ago
The more you talk, the more moronic you sound. Please stop, as you've nothing intelligent to add to the conversation.

Sincerely, Everyone
josephayal  +   796d ago
SR4 is much better than GTA V
zeksta  +   796d ago
As much as I respect opinions this seems honestly bias to me.

GTA V actually has roamed away from the seriousness that IV had in it, it's made itself graphically enjoyable as well as having a pretty damn funny dialogue and gameplay mechanics that IV was missing, I do enjoy Saints Row but without online multiplayer the experience gets a bit bland afted a while, even with two player co-op it's just not as fun and missing a true sense of enjoyment once you've done everything. Thats it's main downfall imo.

I see GTA V as more of a slapstick comedy / serious tone of game, not sure you see that but hey, each to their own.
SlapHappyJesus  +   796d ago
I don't know why they are even comparing them anyway.
Very different experiences from one another.
dcj0524  +   796d ago
Erm. Infamous?
wtopez  +   796d ago
Hey guys I'm new here. What is a GTA V?
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whamlollypop7  +   796d ago
Its a kind of toaster, it only toasts one side of the bread.
whamlollypop7  +   796d ago
The concept that GTA is somehow mature or serious is beyond me.
SlapHappyJesus  +   796d ago
Definitely not mature. Though it does try to present itself in a serious manner. Balanced out by its overall satire, anyway.
Sketchy_Galore  +   796d ago
You DO know GTAV isn't the one set in a fake New York starring Niko Bellic don't you?
As lazy, soulless and shallow as I've found every Saints row game I've played I could almost see the point of somebody preferring them to GTA4. Preferring them to GTAV is insane. GTAV has variety and humour up the wazoo, it's just that some of the humour is sharply focused satire that either draws from real life issues or arises from the interplay between fully realised characters... and not just somebody going, omg look a dildo lulz.
Mugen90  +   796d ago
Steelport has to be the worst sandbox city I have ever played so far.

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