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TekoIie  +   743d ago
I remember when I first looked up how old Ninty was. Got a BIG surprise when I found out they've been around for over a century :)
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Thehyph  +   743d ago
That happened to me, too.

Even more crazy for me was a Wikipedia article of the day being about some plane Mitsubishi made and how it was probably the most commonly manufactured suicide plane in WW2.
3-4-5  +   743d ago
it's weird to think that for whole generations of people, Nintendo meant something OTHER than video games.
luisvideogames  +   743d ago
Like Love Hotels LOL
-Mika-  +   743d ago
And judging from the lack of comments and heat. Noone cares.
DoctorJones  +   743d ago
You must care though, because you took the precious time out of your busy schedule to post a comment. You little Nintendo lover you.
Goku781  +   743d ago
Best times were playing NES River City Ransom with my nephew!
TheEvilWithin  +   743d ago
DoctorJones  +   743d ago
Wow, and I thought my Nan was old.
jcnba28  +   743d ago
Happy Birthday Nintendo!
Eonjay  +   743d ago
Happy Birthday Nintendo!
thomasmiller  +   743d ago
to hell with the trolls, if it wasn't for nintendo, there would be no playstation or x box, how they know nothing about the real history of video games!
gpturbo81  +   743d ago
older than anybody on earth by a year. pretty crazy. thats ancient
ZeekQuattro  +   743d ago
124 huh? Pretty good for a perpetually doomed company. rofl Good job Nintendo. Happy Birthday you earned it.
kirbyu  +   743d ago
Happy birthday.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   743d ago
If loving Nintendo is wrong I don't want to be right!!! Happy birthday Nintendo!!!!!
2EHO  +   743d ago
Nintendodoomed.... Ha!
Locksus  +   743d ago
Happy birthday! I hope you'll be around at least for another 124 years.
EliteGameKnight  +   743d ago
meh, wake me up when it's divisable by five... :)
WiiUExposed  +   742d ago
I wish Yamauchi was here to see it.... a legend will be missed.
ritsuka666  +   742d ago
Happy Birthday Nintendo, you deserve all respect of gamers.
T1125P  +   742d ago
Happy Birthday Nintendo!! Here's to another 124 years
stragomccloud  +   742d ago
Happy birthday!!!!

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