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kazuma999  +   609d ago
Cant wait still playing this game since day one xD
NexGen  +   609d ago
Wow, almost a whole month!

R_aVe_N  +   609d ago
Some people have been playing the game for awhile now you know that little thing called beta. There was not need to be a prick about it...
MonChiChi  +   609d ago
Now if only we could get a patch for ppl to know how to dodge AOE's.
Spenok  +   608d ago
Lol. Wouldn't that be nice. Or GLD's who know how to use shield bash!!
TeRRoR546  +   609d ago
I think they know how to dodge them but they do t want too
MooseWI  +   609d ago
Honestly the hit boxes on AoEs need to be tweaked and they also need to be fixed so you don't get hit after moving out. As a tank this happens a bit.
Spenok  +   608d ago
I don't think something like that is necessary. They give you plenty of time to jump out before it is executed. So if you don't get out before it goes away then it's your own fault.
gear  +   609d ago
finally PVP battle
maximus1985  +   609d ago
so if i decoraate a house people can see it? or is it different from each players perspective?

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